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Aldous Harding — Party (19 May 2017)

Aldous Harding — Party (19 May 2017)

                           Aldous Harding — Party (19 May 2017)   Aldous Harding — Party (19 May 2017)ΕΠ   První charakteristikou je hlas: Hanna Claynails Harding. Možná by některé posluchače mohl odradit, ale pro ty, kteří se netají sympatiemi k Vashti Bunyan, Karen Dalton nebo nověji Beth Gibbons (Portishead), to bude lahůdka. Je to styl zpěvu ozdobený důrazem každého slova se stejnou naléhavostí. Je to jak z jiného světa. Trochu mystické, disciplinovaně a odhodlaně znějící, k tomu náležitě intimní. Královská disciplína hudby má i zde podobu písně. Jedná se o speciální album v tom smyslu, že jeho ladné a jemné vlastnosti vytvářejí silně emotivní zážitek z poslechu jen pozvolna. Harding používá známé hudební formy k vytvoření něčeho zcela elektrizujícího a uchvacujícího (a to jsou ty vlastnosti, které nutí posluchače opakovaně hluboce rozjímat nad celkovým smyslem toho, co děláme). Nebo takhle: je zde povzbuzení k činnosti, ke změnám. Nejsilnější moment přichází s “Party”: dotek křehké hranice smrti, když mluví o vztahu dvou lidí, žijících v malém domku poblíž pláže, je tu klid pro mnohé téměř nedosažitelný..., oddanost, porozumění, ethereal.
ΕΠ   Shifting moods and voices effortlessly, Harding is an often technically astonishing performer, and Party is a work of quiet power. An inviting, captivating darkness.Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.Location: Lyttelton, New Zealand
Album release: 19 May 2017
Record Label: 4AD
Duration:     38:49
01 Blend     2:29
02 Imagining My Man     5:51
03 Living the Classics     2:46
04 Party     5:44
05 I’m So Sorry     3:48
06 Horizon     4:09
07 What If Birds Aren’t Singing They’re Screaming     3:04
08 The World Is Looking for You     5:08
09 Swell Does the Skull     5:50Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.≡★≡  For those who like: Jolie Holland meets Nick Drake...                                             „Party”      (5:44)
Aldous Harding
Produced by John Parish & Aldous Harding
[Verse 1]
He took me to a clearing
The grass was warm
And the air was soft
[Verse 2]
He had me sit like a baby
I looked just twelve
With his thumb in my mouth
I was as happy as I will ever be
Believe in me
I will never break from you
If there is a party, will you wait for me?
[Verse 3]
I felt slow on the journey you planned
I was ashamed
When you yelled my name
Stones smell good when you cuddle them
All in a stack
I was as happy as I will ever be
Believe in me
I will never break from you
If there is a party, will you wait for me?
[Verse 4]
I wander off the journey I’ve planned
The doom I felt
And the death I smelled
I see now that he understands
He cannot be helped
I was as happy as I will ever be
Believe in me
I will never break from you
If there is a party, will you wait for me?

Personnel: Hanna Claynails Harding
Aldous Harding: Party review — New Zealander’s hypnotic second album.
Kitty Empire, Sunday 21 May 2017 08.00 BST / Score: ****
≡★≡  Americana might need a new name, so many sterling exemplars have been rolling in off the South Pacific: Nadia Reid and Julia Jacklin, for two. The latest is Aldous Harding, whose second album of hypnotic folk flowers into something far more opaque and artistically evolved. Producer John Parish’s long association with PJ Harvey is a reference point, but Harding is her own woman, an arresting vocalist whose mannered deliveries — from chanteuse to jazzy — and intense themes defy obvious influence. Titles such as What If Birds Aren’t Singing They’re Screaming and Swell Does the Skull (featuring Perfume Genius) evince the best kind of gothic bent, but there is much else to get lost in here: stones that feel, instruments barely caressed.
ΕΠ   https://www.theguardian.com/
Website: http://www.aldousharding.com/
Label: http://4ad.com/artists/aldoushardingFotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.
By Rob Mesure | 21 May 2017 | Score: ****½
ΕΠ   Peering out beneath the peak of a blue baseball cap, Christchurch, New Zealand’s Aldous Harding cut a fairly unassuming figure on the sleeve of her 2014 debut. Often tagged — and by the artist herself — as ‘gothic folk’, the music inside was brittle, spartan and, in places, beautiful.
ΕΠ   There was darkness, and hints of the fantastic — particularly on the brace of songs named for Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast trilogy — but Harding’s voice was an eerie, feather~light thing, with raw, quavering hints of Kate Bush, Melanie Safka or Jessica Pratt’s unearthly warble.
ΕΠ   Now signed to 4AD — an ideal home for such a spectral and distinctive sound — Party is unmistakeably darker in hue. That cover shot of Harding for instance: a sepulchral glow behind a dusty veil, her eyes little more than smears.
ΕΠ   Beginning typically, with a rolling classical guitar and a melancholy, whispered plea of a vocal, full of oblique asides (“I really need you back again…somewhere, I have a watercolour you did”), the opening Blend quickly ups the tension with the tick~tick~punch of a drum machine and faint, alien shimmers of electronics. It’s these extra elements, these extra colours in the palette, which set Party apart from Harding’s debut, along with a marked difference to her singing style, all evident from the remarkable second track, Imaging My Man.
ΕΠ   An octave down, Harding’s voice takes on a rich, smooth, but icily deadpan quality. The absolute clarity with which she picks through the verse, over~punctuating (“It can be, so hard, to forgive/It’s not what I thought. And it’s not what I pictured.”) over calm, circling piano chords in the verse, contrasts with the almost jarringly joyous chorus — complete with backing yelps of “Hey!” and “Yes!” — her lines, almost imperceptibly, doubled by Mike Hadreas (aka Perfume Genius). And when you think you know where she’s taking you, she’ll jump back up in range, taking her time over single, piercing lines (“If you get dooo~ooown”), which burst the tranquil bubble (a trick repeated on the high, heady interjection in I’m So Sorry).
ΕΠ   The gorgeous dual saxophone lines at the end are provided by multi~instrumentalist Enrico Gabrielli, a member of PJ Harvey’s band. Harvey’s longtime collaborator John Parish produced Party with Harding, bringing her over to Bristol for the sessions, and the partnership has added layers of detail and colour to the songs which often belie the stark, unsettling imagery within.
ΕΠ   Both Harding and her lyrics resist easy explanation, and humorous fragments — a passage in Living the Classics about wanting to “take Mom to Paris” and “jump on the big beds”, or the rambling, pondering What If Birds Aren’t Singing, They’re Screaming — jostle for focus with disquieting, solitary lines. Party’s opening “He took me to a clearing/the grass was warm/and the air was soft” could be to a love song or a murder ballad, while Horizon starts with a biblical gravity — “Let me put the water in the bowl for your wounds, babe”. And the closing Swell Does The Skull, although abstract and inscrutable, is the nearest she gets to a straightforward confessional (“Don’t want to be a sinner/but Bourbon… always Bourbon”), while also being the closest in style to her debut.
ΕΠ   Shifting moods and voices effortlessly, Harding is an often technically astonishing performer, and Party is a work of quiet power. An inviting, captivating darkness.
ΕΠ   https://www.musicomh.com/
By: George Fenwick, Score: ****
Entertainment writer for the New Zealand Herald.
ΕΠ   http://www.nzherald.co.nz/entertainment/news/article.cfm?c_id=1501119&objectid=11861523
ΕΠ   An artist of rare calibre, Aldous Harding does more than sing; she conjures a singular intensity.  Her body and face a weapon of theatre, Harding dances with steeled fervor, baring her teeth like a Bunraku puppet’s gnashing grin.
ΕΠ   Her debut release with 4AD, Party (produced with the award~winning John Parish; PJ Harvey, Sparklehorse) introduces a new pulse to the stark and unpopulated dramatic realm where the likes of Kate Bush and Scott Walker reside.
ΕΠ   Igniting interest with her eponymous debut album released just two years ago, Aldous Harding quickly became known for her charismatic combination of talent, tenacity and shrewd wit.  The album drew attention and accolades from some of the most illustrious corners of the music industry, receiving 4 stars in MOJO and Uncut, while UK blog The 405 hailed her a “toweringly talented song writer”.
ΕΠ   Comprising a formidable clutch of songs, 2017’s Party sees Harding shape~shift through a variety of roles: chanteuse, folk singer and balladeer ~ all executed with her twisted touch of humour, hubris and quiet horror.  In other words, she’s having a good time.  Stretching her limbs with playful cunning; every note, word and arrangement posed with intellect and inventiveness.
ΕΠ   Created in Parish’s hometown of Bristol, Party saw Harding depart her New Zealand base in the antipodes for an intensive two~week immersion in the studio.  Articulating her ambitions for Party to Parish was a galvanizing process for Harding, met with stunning results.  The pair developed a near non~verbal shorthand, audibly evident in a raft of musical contributions from Parish.  Alongside such special guests as Perfume Genius’ Mike Hadreas (having worked with Parish and toured with Aldous, it only took asking once), there is an exhilarating sense of risk throughout the record as Harding’s muscular wingspan extends.  Teased out with inflections of experimental instrumentation and arrangements; Party is always anchored by Aldous’s intimidating command of her own songs.
ΕΠ   First single ‘Horizon’ is a lover’s call to arms, powerful for its brutal simplicity and rawness of feeling, love and loathing colliding to devastating effect.  “Aldous Harding repeats the line as a mantra, as a truth, as a reality.  It’s as if the gift of life is right here, with all its beauty and its limitations”, said NPR.
ΕΠ   ‘Imagining My Man’ commands an air of delicacy as Aldous explores the curiosity of a lover’s idiosyncrasies; steering listeners into a state of intense intimacy laced with hyperactive shots, dirgey saxophone and Harding’s aching voice.  The track is one of two that Mike Hadreas lends his inimitably sultry vocals to, the other being the intimate Party closer ‘Swell Does The Skull’.
ΕΠ   ‘Blend’ sensitively ushers the mood of Harding’s flourishment throughout Party.  Its opening lines a nod to the mood of Harding’s last record; sameness is quickly quashed with an electronic drumbeat and the announcement of Aldous Harding as an artist of stirring ambition and trajectory.
ΕΠ   The album’s eponymous single ‘Party’ harks to Aldous’ earlier work; delicately pulling at the threads of a seemingly late~night love affair.  Again, it’s not long until the rug is pulled out, with a searing chorus ~ Harding’s electrifying vocal accompanied by a choir of women and waves of percussive bass clarinet ~ piercing the balloon of expectations around Harding’s new record with effortless vigour.
ΕΠ   Renowned for the captivating state of possession she occupies in live performance, Aldous Harding has won crowds the world over playing alongside Deerhunter, Frankie Cosmos and Perfume Genius, as well as to hoards of eager crowds at SXSW, Festival Les Indisciplinées, Rolling Stone Weekender, Visions Festival, The Great Escape, Golden Plains and more.  Aldous’ 2017 touring schedule spans Europe, the US and the United Kingdom for much of the year, with Green Man, End of the Road Festival, Latitude Festival, Nelsonville Music Festival and more on the horizon.

Aldous Harding — Party (19 May 2017)



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