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Alex Burey
Family Stone & Inside World

Alex Burey — Family Stone & Inside World (February 6/22 June 2015)              Alex Burey — Family Stone & Inside WorldAlex Burey — Family Stone & Inside World (February 6/22 June 2015)FOR FANS OF: Devendra Banhart, Scott Walker, Shuggie Otis, King Krule, Tobias Jesso Jr.
Location: London, England, UK
Album release: February 6/22 June, 2015
Record Label: Pling Recordings
Duration:     26:24
Family Stone
1. Family Stone      3:47
2. You Won't Even Dream      3:02
3. Come Over      4:41
4. Mother      2:26
Inside World
1. Dome Creed      1:50
2. Amen      2:43
3. Inside World      3:40
4. The Intimidator      4:11
℗ 2015 Pling Recordings
♦   All songs written & produced by Alex Burey.
♦   All songs mixed by Neil Comber.
Inside World:
♦   All songs written & produced by Alex Burey.
♦   1 & 4 mixed by Neil Comber / 2 & 3 mixed by Al Stone.♦   Inspired by the production work of Charles Stepney and the magic of intimacy that you find in the work of Terry Callier, Scott Walker & Devendra Banhart, the ’Family Stone EP' was written & produced by Alex Burey in his tiny home studio in South London, UK. The four tracks are mixed by Neil Comber (MIA, Django Django).
♦   Bringing the warmth of psychedelic soul together with the detail and instrumentation of 70s folk, ‘Family Stone’ weaves poignant tales of family life with Alex's never–ending search for moments of euphoria amidst the barren fringes of suburban London.
♦   Written & self–produced at his home studio, the 'Inside World' EP is a kaleidoscopic introduction to a brave new musical force. Lifting effortlessly from diverse musical worlds — 70's psychedelic soul, sun–kissed folk–rock & jazz fusion to name just a few — Alex's songwriting sits gently in its warm cloak of production as he confides stories from the fringes of London life.Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/alexburey
Bandcamp: https://alexburey.bandcamp.com/releases
Contact: Matt Brown, Stay Loose ♦
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alexbureyy
Press: Radio: Greg Wells /
Agent: UK & Europe: Jason Edwards & Olly Hodgson @ Coda ()
Website: http://alexburey.com/
Noise Trade: https://noisetrade.com/alexburey
Twitter: https://twitter.com/alexbureyyABOUT
♦ Alex Burey’s unique musical background has led to an expressive, enthralling and extraordinary style that reshapes the music of countless leftfield influences - from Aphex Twin to Shuggie Otis & Pink Floyd to Outkast — and shades it with stories from the fringes of London life.
♦ Burey started playing the piano when he was seven. His classical training led him to write songs on the piano as a young child before moving on to learn guitar and bass. Once at school, he soon turned his attention to grime music. “Loads of people in the area were MCs but no one was making the music,” he remembers. So he taught himself how to use software starting with a mixer his Dad had brought home to fix up lights for a Halloween party. Soon his house became the local studio. “All these 17–year–old MCs, rowdy guys, would come around to the house.” He remembers some of the local upcoming rappers having to hide their dogs in Just Do It bags — his parents house was a dog–free zone — while Alex, aged 11, played the Rick Rubin of Sanderstead, a random village outside Croydon.
♦   Today Alex works in a self–made studio at the end o f his parent’s garden, often making music in there all throughout the night, emerging only when the sun comes up. “When I'm feeling happy I can work all day and all night, I don't have a time zone,” he explains.
♦   You can particularly hear the Californian warmth and sun–kissed soul of key influence Shuggie Otis in Alex's style, but his inspirations are wide–ranging and eclectic. He draws from 60s/70s psychedelia and the production and lyrics of Pink Floyd but also the focused, tight production of Aphex Twin (he listened almost exclusively to 'Sele cted Ambient Works Volume II' for two years in his mid–teens.) He's a long–time fan of legendary Chess Records affiliate Charles Stepney and particularly the Rotary Connection album, and also cites the grand, overwhelming production on Scott Walker's records. Dr John, The Lovin' Spoonfu l were key too as well as the avant–garde Art Of Noise's 'The Seduction Of Claude Debussy' and the jokey wit of Devendra Banhart and André 3000.
♦   If there's one thing that makes Alex stand out from his contemporaries, it's his artful skill at creating music that brims with reveries of warmth and comfort twinned with an honest expression of human experience. “I always aim for my music to be comforting,” he says. And you can hear that promise in the warm synths and sequenced sounds he employs: the bird caws, the sunrise horns, the hazy, sun–blushed production filters and the gorgeous, layered harmonies that hang effortlessly in the breeze.

Alex Burey
Family Stone & Inside World




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