Alina Hardin — Alina Hardin (2012) 

Alina Hardin – Alina Hardin (2012)

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Location: Nevada City (County), CA ~ Portland, Oregon, USA
Album release: April 1, 2012
Record Label: Self-released
Hailing from the fabled Nevada County, CA, home of the Gold Rush, countless natural remedies and the snow-fed waters of the Yuba River, Alina Hardin carries with her a notebook of folk songs, penned and played with wisdom and grace beyond her 23 years. Whether in the rear view mirror (where the past is always closer than it appears) or the fingerprinted mind “looking through the whiskey glass,” as mentioned in the song “Down the Line,” Hardin leads her listeners through personal chronicles of lifetimes and lovers passed. However, much like songwriting hero Townes Van Zandt, you can find familiar feelings and kindred spirits in the songs she writes, so long as you’re willing to take a trip to the places she knows best. Wrought with images of the startling Northern California terrain, where she grew tall beneath the sparse shade of the Ponderosa pines and atop the rugged, damned-near deserted cliffs of the Sonoma coast, Alina’s songs will place you on a dusty canyon road, flanked by sagebrush and live oak, that seems to wind up and on into the sweet hereafter. And she does so with a voice so beautifully finespun and soothing–like watching the wind blow that first layer of sand clear off the dunes–that those sturdy melodies and nasally harmonies of mountain ballads, the very foundation of her preferred genre, seem simply obsolete.
To catch one of Alina’s performances is to stare into a glowing hearth for a good long while, long enough to become entranced and lulled to an overwhelming calm. Usually, it’s just her and a guitar, though sometimes she adds a dash of pedal steel here or lead guitar there, with an arsenal of talented friends to choose from. And while she’s making a name for herself through solo performance and various collaborative works–namely, years worth of lending harmonies and touring with friend and fellow folk songstress Alela Diane–it’s only a matter of time until Alina blazes a clear path for herself and her music, and one to be well worn by traveling feet.
1. Highway [2:18]
2. Amber Vision [2:44]
3. Eden [3:05]
4. Bad News [3:48]
5. Lowlands [4:36]
6. The Month [4:18]
7. Balance [3:05]
8. One Horse Town [3:24]
9. Sweetness [3:47]
all songs written by Alina Hardin
vocals and acoustic guitar - Alina Hardin
piano on The Month and Lowlands - Laurel Simmons
all other musical elements created by Eric Earley
Dreaming up a future filled to the brim with songs and a constant flow of sharing them seems easy to do. It takes a little imagination and a lot of persistence. Having always taken life in small but hopeful steps, it is usually time that sees dreams like these through for me. I discovered the wonderful world of song writing about five years ago. It was then I realized that often, the only way I am able to fully and honestly release the going-ons in my brain is on the open ended path of a song where the possibilities are endless. Over the past two years of both being on the constant go and staying very still, I have taken my songs by their ropes and steered them to a comfortable place in my head. I am ready and able to share them with more ears and minds. I recorded one nine-song album in 2009 after a long year of touring and lending harmonies to my friend Alela Diane. Since then, I have been creating and experimenting with new sounds and melodies. I feel ready for the leap into this wide space of possibility. My goal is to take this handful of songs, both new and old, and create a means in which others can listen to and be a part of my journey. I would like to go into the studio and make a full length record that emanates the journeys i've taken in a way that others can relate to and travel along with. Because the society that most of us live in these days is tightly woven with the necessity of the dollar bill, I am asking for your help. Any amount of donation at all will be tremendously appreciated.
After spending ten months in France formulating melodies in her mind, Alina Estelle Hardin bought her first guitar when she was eighteen years old. One year penned a dozen songs. Though she currently resides in Oakland, most of her inspiration comes from her years spent growing up in Nevada City, United States (along with Alela Diane or Mariee Sioux for example) and her visits to her home away from home on the coastal cliffs of Northern California. Her melodies and words exist in a far off stare where lace hanging in an open window gives rise to questions of birth, love, marriage, death and other dilemmas of the human spirit. Alina’s songs are folkloric, storytelling, sometimes dreamy and dark, and other times poetic and reminiscent of childhood. She grew up singing songs with her mother and sister out of Allan Lomax’s book of American folk songs. Her voice is completely captivating and entrancing, and her complex song structures seem effortless and natural. Her first single Cotton White is avalaible on Grass Roots Record Company’s Family Album.
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Alina Hardin Alina Hardin (2012) 




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