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Amelia Curran
They Promised You Mercy

Amelia Curran — They Promised You Mercy (November 4, 2014)

     Amelia Curran — They Promised You Mercy 
   They Promised You Mercy, the fourth Six Shooter Records album from Amelia Curran, songwriter extraordinaire and pride of Newfoundland. They Promised You Mercy will be out on November 4, 2014.
   On They Promised You Mercy, Amelia’s knife–sharp lyrics find peace and even cheerfulness amidst lush layers provided by award–winning producer Michael Phillip Wojewoda’s nuanced studio vision. The album is a poised, focused and consummate work that showcases Amelia’s singular songwriting talent. They Promised You Mercy raises the lyrical bar yet again with its unrivalled eloquence. They Promised You Mercy heralds an impressive list of accomplished Canadian players that include guitarist Martin Tielli of the Rheostatics who also painted the portrait for the albums cover artwork, lap steel guitarist Christine Bougie (Bahamas), trombonist William Carn (Elton John), saxophonist Gene Hardy (Michael Bublé), pianist Aaron Davis (Holly Cole Trio), guitarist Dean Drouillard (Sarah Harmer) and drummer Joshua Van Tassel (Great Lake Swimmers). 
   Juno Award Winner 2010; Juno Nominee 2013
Location: St. John
Album release: November 4, 2014
Record Label: Six Shooter
Duration:     42:10
01. Somebody Somewhere     3:54
02. Coming For You     3:49
03. I Am The Night     3:34
04. Never Say Goodbye     3:55
05. Time, Time     3:55
06. Song On The Radio     4:03
07. The Reverie     3:33
08. The Matador     3:24     
09. Fables & Troubles     3:46
10. Strike The Band     4:15
11. You've Changed     4:02
2014 Six Shooter Records
By Sarah Towle; Score: 8
   Amelia Curran brings something different to the table on her seventh album, They Promised You Mercy. The St. John’s–based singer–songwriter has often stuck with her tried and true methods of gut–your–heart lyrics and sparse instrumentation, but this time around, with the help of producer Michael Phillip Wojewoda, Curran dishes up a louder but still palatable rock sound that maintains her seasoned lyrical integrity (She’s been compared to Leonard Cohen).
   Opener “Somebody Somewhere,” showcases that noisier new sound, with Hammond organ, rousing–rock harmonies, sing–along–able “na–nas” and fuller bass and drums than on Curran’s previous albums. This tone carries through the first four tracks, including the almost Tom Petty–esque (in a good way) “Never Say Goodbye.”    It’s not until track five that we get a rearview mirror look into the melancholic Curran we know from Spectators and Hunter Hunter with the softer tune “Time, time,” complete with finger–picked guitar and soaring strings (and those knife–edged lyrics: “You only promised me pages/ I promised you books/ Oh time, time/ Break the boundaries /In the lines of time”). But it’s a brief glance, and Curran continues and concludes the album with more toe–tapping, horn sections and drums.
   All in all, They Promised You Mercy is a refreshing departure for Curran. It balances her growth into a fuller sound with her raw and well–honed lyrics. :: http://exclaim.ca/
   Curran started playing guitar and writing songs as a teenager and eventually dropped out of university in order to busk on the streets of St. John’s. That led to her first album release in 2000, and since then she has released four more.
   Her 2006 release, War Brides, was initially released independently and was later given a European and national Canadian release by Six Shooter Records. She describes her signing to Six Shooter Records as a “promotion” and goes on to say “I have a lot more work to do, more often, as a result of which I will make some more money and sell some more records. But it is the same job that I have been doing for ten years.”
   War Brides was nominated for two East Coast Music Awards: Folk Recording of the Year and Female Solo Recording of the Year.
   In 2009, Curran released Hunter, Hunter. She describes this album as “a little tougher than War Brides but it’s still minimal”. She explains that the title is “Hunter Hunter as opposed to hunter–gatherer.” This is the first album that she recorded in her home–town of St. John’s.
   Curran’s lyrics have been described as "evocative" by Spinner Canada who, referring to Curran’s song “The Mistress”, wrote that “Like the best poets, Curran packs so much meaning into each line that the listener barely has time to register each clever lyric before the next zinger comes along.”
   Hunter Hunter earned Curran four nominations at the 2010 East Coast Music Awards; Female Solo Recording of the Year, FACTOR Recording of the Year, SOCAN Songwriter of the Year and Folk Recording of the Year.
   In addition to being a musician, Curran is also a playwright and actor, and has had her plays performed in fringe festivals.
   On April 17, 2010, Curran won a Juno Award in the category of Roots and Traditional Album of the Year: Solo for Hunter Hunter. Curran also won first prize (Folk category) of the prestigious 15th Annual USA Songwriting Competition.
   Curran's newest album, They Promised You Mercy, was released on November 8, 2014. Shortly before the album's release, Curran also performed music for a public service video advocating awareness and service improvements on mental health issues, which also featured the participation of figures including actors Allan Hawco and Krystin Pellerin, author Michael Crummey and Newfoundland and Labrador MLA Gerry Rogers.
Website: http://www.ameliacurran.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Amelia_Curran
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AmeliaCurranMusic
Agent: Heather Gibson —
Design: http://jamesmejia.com/
KHG Management Inc.
Heather Gibson
Six Shooter Records
Shauna de Cartier
• Amelia Curran received her first Juno Award for Hunter, Hunter in front of an adoring hometown crowd in St. John’s, NL, in April 2010. The album, which solidified Amelia’s reputation as an heir to Leonard Cohen’s songwriting throne, also received a total of four ECMA nominations, 4 Music NL awards, 3 Music NS awards, a spot on Exclaim’s Wood, Wires & Whiskey coveted year–end and a place on the 2010 Polaris Long List. With the release of Spectators in 2012, Amelia was once again nominated for a Juno Award for Roots and Traditional Album of the Year. The album is a meditation on frailty, restlessness, time and its finitudes, and is both storm and harbour to Amelia’s celebrated lyricism. The record received rave reviews, and found its way on to many Best Of 2012 lists across Canada.
They Promised You Mercy is the newest collection of songs by Amelia Curran, Canada’s master contemporary songstress. On this album, Amelia’s knife–sharp lyrics find peace and even cheerfulness amidst lush layers provided by producer Michael Phillip Wojewoda’s nuanced studio vision. The album is a poised, focused and consummate work that showcases Amelia’s singular songwriting talent. They Promised You Mercy raises the lyrical bar yet again with its unrivaled eloquence.  

Amelia Curran
They Promised You Mercy




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