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Ane Brun — Songs 2003-2013 [2CDs]

 Ane Brun — Songs 2003-2013 [2CDs]

Ane Brun — Songs 2003-2013 [2CDs]
◊  Norwegian singer-songwriter blends acoustic folk with wide-ranging experimental elements.
Birth name: Ane Brunvoll
Born: March 10, 1976 in Molde, Norway
Location: 11826 Stockholm, Sweden
Album release: May 31, 2013
Record Label: Balloon Ranger Recordings
Duration:     57:41 + 70:03
01. Humming One Of Your Songs    (4:55)
02. Are They Saying Goodbye?     (3:58)
03. My Lover Will Go     (4:41)
04. To Let Myself Go     (3:19)
05. Temporary Dive     (4:25)
06. Song No.6 (feat. Ron Sexsmith)     (3:59)
07. Rubber & Soul (feat. Teitur)     (3:11)
08. The Dancer (Live)     (5:08)
09. The Puzzle     (2:54)
10. The Treehouse Song     (3:21)
11. Changing Of The Seasons     (4:47)
12. Gillian     (3:30)
13. Don't Leave     (4:02)
14. True Colors     (2:22)
15. Big In Japan     (3:09)
01. Ten Seconds (Sketches Version)     (3:15)
02. Lullaby For Grown-Ups (Sketches Version)    (2:18)
03. My Star (Live)     (3:06)
04. Lift Me (Live - feat. Sivert Hoyem)     (4:36)
05. The Fall (Live)     (3:40)
06. Don't Give Up (Peter Gabriel & Ane Brun)    (6:36)
07. Do You Remember     (3:12)
08. These Days     (4:39)
09. Worship (feat. Jose Gonzalez)     (6:01)
10. One     (3:19)
11. Oh Love     (4:18)
12. Undertow     (6:31)
13. Du Gråter Så Store Tåra - Norwegian Version    (3:19)
14. Alfonsina Y El Mar     (4:22)
15. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)     (3:42)
16. This Voice 2013     (4:04)
17. Feeling Good     (3:05)
◊  Leslie Bricusse  Composer 
◊  Ane Brun  Composer, Primary Artist 
◊  William Butler  Composer 
◊  Win Butler  Composer 
◊  Régine Chassagne  Composer 
◊  Peter Gabriel  Composer, Primary Artist 
◊  Marian Gold  Composer 
◊  José González  Primary Artist 
◊  Sivert Høyem  Primary Artist 
◊  Tom Kelly  Composer 
◊  Timothy Kingsbury  Composer 
◊  Bernhard Lloyd  Composer 
◊  Syd Matters  Composer 
◊  Frank Mertens  Composer 
◊  Anthony Newley  Composer 
◊  Richard Reed Parry  Composer 
◊  Ariel Ramírez  Composer 
◊  Ron Sexsmith  Primary Artist 
◊  William Steinberg  Composer 
◊  Teitur  Primary Artist
Spending Time With Morgan:
◊  CD (2003) - DetErMine / V2 / Bonnier Amigo
◊  (VVR 1023772)
Involverte band og personer:
■ Ane Brun - vokal, gitar
■ Katharina Nuttall - vokal, piano, miksing
■ Thomas Dawidowski - bass, kontrabass
■ Jonatan Fast - saksofon
■ Anders Rydman - gitar, pedal steel
■ Steffan Johansson - lap steel
■ Leo Svensson - cello
■ Lisa Rydberg - fiolin
■ Emma de Fruerie - fiolin
■ Andreas Westerdahl - bratsj
■ Linus Larsson - mastering
■ Bjørn Brunvoll - foto
■ Ane Brun
Produsert av:
■ Katharina Nuttall
■ Kim Nelson
■ Cecile Grudet
Website: http://anebrun.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anebrunofficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/anebrun
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/BalloonRange...
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/se/artist/ane-b...
In french:
◊  Un peu de fraîcheur scandinave pour atténuer la canicule prochaine. Une très belle compil d'Ane Brun.
◊  Bonne vacances à toutes et à tous. I take a little break, i'll be back soon...
◊  Ten years after the release of her debut album, Spending Time With Morgan, Ane Brun releases Songs 2003-2013, an anthology of her previous work.
◊  The 32-song collection will be released September 10 on Brun's own label, Balloon Ranger. Songs 2003-2013 is more than a hits compilation-it is a celebration of Brun's musical accomplishments from the last decade.
◊  The opening track, 'Humming One Of Your Songs,' was also the opening track on Brun's debut, which speaks to the constancy of her message. The two-disc set also includes live arrangements of some of her most popular songs, original studio versions and rare, previously unreleased material.
◊  Brun is well known for her covers, which reinterpret songs to make them uniquely hers. For Songs Brun recorded 'Feeling Good,' the Newley/Bricusse classic popularized by Nina Simone, which she strips down to its basic chords. In that same vein of reinterpretation Brun turns her lens on herself, presenting a new version of 'This Voice' from her 2005 album A Temporary Dive. ◊  The 2013 version of 'This Voice' is based on her recent live performances, and it shows her evolution as a performer. The album also includes her take on Arcade Fire's 'Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels).'
◊  Songs also draws from another part of Brun's oeuvre: her duets-of which she released an entire album in 2005. This retrospective includes an orchestral version of her duet with Peter Gabriel (with whom she toured worldwide) on his song 'Don't Give Up,' from his album New Blood.
◊  Wow, that’s quite a statement of intent and confidence. Releasing a compilation album of your first decade in music with a whopping 32 songs across two discs isn’t the usual way of doing things, especially when it’s not even the requisite special edition version. But three number one albums in her native Norway, most of which were never officially released in the UK, have given Ane Brun a level of confidence that there’s a wider audience for Songs 2003-2013. Released on her own label, Balloon Ranger, this collection mixes tracks from her studio and live albums and includes updated versions of her own songs and covers, all drawn from her surprisingly large back catalogue.
◊  Hidden away at the end of disc two, dramatic lead single ‘This Voice (2013)’ is a good indication of Brun’s style, both vocally and musically. With an almost operatic, showtune kind of feel, Brun’s writing is epitomised by ‘My Lover Will Go’ and ‘Temporary Drive’. Her greatest strength is highlighted on the first live track ‘The Dancer’, a powerful demonstration of the tone and clarity of her amazing voice. These live tracks are a welcome inclusion somehow sounding live and studio recorded. Her cover versions are pretty perfunctory (‘True Colours’, ‘Feeling Good’), although Brun’s contribution to Peter Gabriel’s reinterpretation of ‘Don’t Give Up’ helps lift it higher than you’d expect. Live song ‘The Fall’ is the Bond theme that never was. With some light pruning this collection could have been essential but, nevertheless, Ane Brun’s career retrospective is just the thing to open British ears to this little known, in the UK at least, Norwegian treasure.
Fortaken: http://music.thedigitalfix.com/
Tyesha Litz June 18, 2013  Score: 10
◊  There is no voice in the folk world today that has purer beauty of singer-songwriter ANE BRUN. Adding to the impacted of her vocals is poetic nature of her lyrical content. Though Brun’s 2011 album It All Starts With One gained international acclaim most outside of Scandinavia would be surprised to learn that ANE BRUN has an impressive 8 albums, including one a collection of ducts under her belt. It is this sizable body of work that displays her diverse talent as songwriter, guitarist and vocalist and illustrates her influence on so many indie-folk artists. This year marks the ten anniversary of ANE BRUN’s first album Spending Time With Morgan and to celebrate she has released a retrospective compilation album on her own label Balloon Ranger Recording.
◊  In her new Thirty-two track compilation Songs 2003-2013, ANE BRUN beautifully mixes classic songs, rare unreleased tracks, live recordings, new material and some truly impressive cover songs. This ecollectic mix features not only ANE BRUN’s favorites tracks but fan picks as well and is brought together stunningly by the unique quality of her voice. Among the covers are CYNDI LAUPER’s True Colors, ALPHAVILLE’s Big in Japan, ARCADE FIRE’s Neighbourhood and NINA SIMONE’s Feeling Good. It’s ANE BRUN’s fresh interpretation of these tracks that gives them a new-found significance for the listeners. There is also a re-mastered version of her own classic song This Voice that give it whole new feel from the 2011 original. Also featured on the album is a number of ducts most notably a stirring rendition of Don’t Give Up with PETER GABRIEL. It is this assorted blend of tracks that showcases BRUN’s talent as a singer and gives the album a quality that appeals to diehard fans and newcomers alike.
◊  One listen to Songs 2003-2013 and it’s clear that ANE BRUN is a truly underrated artist that deserves international notoriety. ANE BRUN stands out as a key influence on the recent influx of Scandinavian indie-folk bands from NIKI AND THE DOVE to FIRST AID KIT. In addition to that compilation fans can also look forward to a short film called One based on the music from her last album It All Starts With One and a winter tour. Hopefully Songs 2003-2013 will propel ANE BRUN into global fame where she belongs.
Fortaken: http://nbhap.com/
Artist Biography by MacKenzie Wilson
◊  With her lilting vocals, theatrical arrangements, and delicate indie folk craft, Norwegian singer/songwriter Ane Brun (pronounced Ah-na Broon) remained a regional secret until 2003, when she made her European debut with the release of Spending Time with Morgan. Released on the DetErMine label, a company that Brun co-founded the previous year with the Tiny's Ellekari Larsson, Spending Time with Morgan won local praise for its cinematic sound and was later championed at the Swedish Independent Music Awards. One year later, Brun released the My Lover Will Go EP, as well as the romantic songbook A Temporary Dive. The latter album featured collaborations with Canadian artist Ron Sexsmith, Teitur, and Syd Matters, while its sound drew comparisons to early Neko Case, Feist, and Nick Drake. Three weeks after its release, A Temporary Dive went platinum in Brun's native country. A slew of awards followed, including the country's Grammy equivalent -- the Norwegian Spellemannsprisen -- for Best Female Artist and Hit of the Year in 2005. Brun closed out the year with yet another release, Duets, which found her collaborating with ten different songwriters. A remixed/remastered version of A Temporary Dive arrived in America via the V2 label in May 2006. Brun followed its release with Live in Scandinavia, her first live album, before setting to work on a new studio effort. Released in 2008, Changing of the Seasons dealt with shifting climates and evolving relationships, while Sketches (also released in 2008) compiled Brun's home recordings into an attractive package of demos. She appeared on Peter Gabriel's 2011 album New Blood, and later that year released her sixth album, It All Starts with One, produced by Tobias Fröberg.

Ane Brun — Songs 2003-2013 [2CDs]




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