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Animal Years — Sun Will Rise [Deluxe Ed.][2014]

 Animal Years — Sun Will Rise [Deluxe Edition: May 6, 2014]

USA Flag           Animal Years — Sun Will Rise 
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Album release: May 6, 2014
Record Label: Mike McFadden Music
Duration:     53:08
01. Meet Me       4:05
02. Heart On Heart       3:30
03. Rapture       4:25
04. Let Go Of Your Head       3:22
05. Sun Will Rise       3:49
06. Forget What They're Telling You       3:39
07. Poor Boy       4:03
08. Worried Mind       3:50
09. Walking Slow       3:47
10. Leah       4:43
11. Fear Of Falling       3:10
12. Got Nowhere To Go       3:46
13. Heartbeat       6:59
2014 Mike McFadden Music
♦  Mike McFadden: Vocals, Guitar
♦  Anthony Spinnato: Drums
♦  Matthew Indellicati: Guitar
♦  Anthony Saladino: Bass
​♣♦  "No fanfare, no major push, just wonderful songs...McFadden sounds like a seasoned veteran with major–label experience." — Direct Current Music.
​♣♦  Animal Years is the adopted stage name of Brooklyn–based singer/songwriter and multi–instrumentalist Mike McFadden. Having moved to New York in 2012 from his hometown of Baltimore, MD, McFadden recently put together a new backing band and has already sold out venues including The Delancey and the Bowery Electric. Animal Years' first LP, "Sun Will Rise," will be released in the Fall of 2013.
♣♦  "With a rock anthem's arc, and a sprinkling of Americana thrown in for good measure, Brooklyn–by–way–of–Baltimore band Animal Years is making rock sound big again.These songs stand as large, immovable mountains built on a solid foundation of blazing guitars in the back, and singer Mike McFadden's barnstorming tenor up front.”
In french:
♣♦  Un bon premier album de rock US. C'est la version "Deluxe", les 4 derniers titres sont des "B–Sides". A découvrir. 
Website: http://www.animalyearsmusic.com/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/AnimalYearsMusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AnimalYearsBand
Soundcloud: Brooklyn, NY
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnimalYears?ref=hl
Press: Jillian Santella: Phone: 212-777-6727 Extension: 204
Agent: Patrick Ermlich:

Animal Years — Sun Will Rise [Deluxe Ed.][2014]




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