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AnnaMy — Woodpecker (2013)

 AnnaMy — Woodpecker (2013)

AnnaMy — Woodpecker

The official logo by B.T. Amundssen´s Harvest Prize/Tais Awards 2014 for NOMINATED ARTISTS & WORKS
Birth name: Anna Myrsten
Location: Varmland, Stockholm, Sweden
Album release: January 30, 2013
Record Label: Subliminal Sounds (SUB-094-LP)
Duration:     38:04
1 Snowflakes     3:51 
2 Care     4:37 
3 Stegen     5:15 
4 Woodpecker     6:32 
5 Dig My Grave     3:14 
6 Come and Sit     4:27 
7 Lovely Words     4:47 
8 Too Fast Too Far Too Fun     5:21
Line-up / Musicians:
★   Anna Myrsten / lead vocals, acoustic guitar
★   Reine Fiske / electric guitar
★   Alexis Benson / bass guitar
★   David Svedmyr / piano, organ
★   Johan Svedmyr / drums
★   Mattias Gustavsson / percussion, backing vocals
★   Caisa Ami Saxerbo Sjöberg / backing vocals
★   Simon Hedelin / cello
★   Erik Lundin / flute
★   AnnaMy  Primary Artist
★   Alexis Benson  Bass
★   Reine Fiske  Guitar (Electric)
★   Mattias Gustavsson  Mixing, Percussion, Vocals (Background)
★   Markus Hedelin  Engineer
★   Stefan Kéry  Executive Producer, Layout
★   Anders Lind  Mastering
★   Anna Myrsten  Composer, Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals
★   David Svedmyr  Mixing, Organ, Piano Foto: Heather Ferrigan
Rudie Humphrey | Tuesday, 14 May 2013 | Score: ★★★★★★★★
★   It’s unclear if AnnaMy was actually raised by bears, but this slice of bird chirpy melancholia, deep from the woods of Varmland, Sweden is what you’d expect from one who had been. From the click click click of the metronome introduction, it is a tumbling cascade of acoustic guitar, multi-layer vocal, lush, like a dawn chorus. It is a Sunday morning under the covers of a record. The sleeve, full of kook, pretty birds and a CD print like a lovely lickable lolly, hides an ethereal Cocteau Twins / Laura Marlin sound-a-like, as she utters “snowflakes falling down” you find yourself sticking out your tongue to catch one.
★   “When I’m scrolling through my book of men” shows her confidence, ‘Care’ is a thunderous hippy affair, like waves crashing on the shore, her voice like chiming bells, she tells us “if you don’t care for nobody, nobody will care for you”, and this record I do care for. Back to her native tongue for the flute driven third track, ‘Stegen’, it’s a bit Jethro Tull, flitting about like a butterfly looking to warm its wings. ★   Not sure if it’s the lack of light, then an abundance of light, the proximity of wild, untamed spaces but this slice of Scandi-folk has a feel of the countryside about it, crouched amongst the pine seeking woodland folk. It is odd. In a good way, some creaky, murder scene, horror flick noises create a haunting start for the title track — ‘Woodpecker’. Crashing shimmering gongs, some Roy Harper guitar and an ebb/flow pattern, giving a mystical feel, like Praed’s Robin Hood. She does an excellent chilly, crystal cold, like the fresh taste of water dripping from an icicle, bone cold she chirps, ★   “I search along the highway for a place to dig my grave”, it’s dark yes, it is also cold, hard, unflinching — despite her tweety voice. We almost get a crackle of logs, and a campfire tune with ‘Come & sit’, it tumbles out of her, and boom — the band leap in, rich in harmonies, warm tones pervade, Joan Baez-esq, she is glorious. ★   We get Boo Hewardine flourishes, or when at least when Reader does him, and some great Neil Clarke style guitar, tinged with country on ‘Lovely Words’, and who doesn’t love a cheeky reprise. It feels like a subway train rumbling through the suburbs, breaking out of the city, warm sun on the windows and finally seeing trees! It is not a chipper album, it’s not Regina Spektors happy oddness, it is moaning, a bit loathing, the self-doubting of a pretty girl who wants to hear how good looking see is, it’s quirky Rufus Wainwright or Ed Harcourt, it is odd nevertheless — and all the better for it. (http://www.americana-uk.com/)
Website: http://www.anna-my.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AnnaMymusic
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/anna-myrsten
Label: http://www.subliminalsounds.se/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnnaMymusic?fref=ts
★   Vinyl LP limited edition of 500 copies. Spellbinding debut album of Swedish femme psych-folk-rock delight. Top notch song writing and stellar musicianship in a style reminiscent of the masters of the early 1970s; (like Fairport Convention, Pentangle, Mellow Candle, Trees, Comus, Vasthi Bunyan, CSN, Linda Perhacs and others). But yet AnnaMy performs in an unmistakable style all of her own that is both fully rooted in the now and timeless, and ultimately leaves any comparison futile. Full electric band setting with guitars, bass, organ, flute, cello, drums and percussion with Annas crystalline and heartfelt voice soaring on top. Electric guitar duties handled by the grand wizard of the craft; Reine Fiske. The AnnaMy band also consist of musicians from The Amazing, Dungen, Life on Earth!, Lisa o Piu, Anna Järvinen and many more. The band went in to the legendary Silence studios situated in the mysterious, deep and wintry forests of Koppom, Värmland . During the next couple of days recording the full album was committed to tape. I’d never been as extraordinarily productive, says Anna. Today I am no longer in the protected environment of the Värmland woods but in the hustle and bustle of my hometown Stockholm inner city, which can sometimes drive me crazy. Every song on her debut album ‘Woodpecker’ came to Anna when she listened to her deepest feelings and each song has its own story. What kind of feelings they might be are up to listeners to feel for themselves.  //  INTERVIEW
AnnaMy — Alla har vi en Woodpecker i oss
★ TEXT:   Heather Ferrigan
★ Foto: Heather Ferrigan
★ Jag har ett bagage som är lite trassligt och har inte varit så lycklig på alla sätt och vis, att släppa en debutskiva har gjort att det känns som att jag lyckats åstadkomma något jag vill. Det blir som en typ av revansch av det som en gång var.
★ Under artistnamnet AnnaMy har Sthlms-baserade folksångerskan Anna Myrsten blivit aktuell med sin debutskiva Woodpecker som släpps idag via Subliminal Sounds. Genom skivans låtar följer man med på en personlig resa genom artistens samvetskval där årstider skiftar och känslor av skuld blandas med en tidigare upplevd hjärtesorg samt texter som uppmanar till solidaritet i tillvaron. Med rösten och gitarren som instrument har AnnaMy rannsakat sig själv och lyckats förmedla en uppriktig sårbarhet i sin sång, som väcker en känsla av igenkännande och ro hos lyssnaren. Woodpecker är en tillflykt som presenterar artistens folkrocks-nischade musikaliska alster och ger ett andrum när man vill stanna till i vardagen och vara eftertänksam.
Link: http://popmani.se/blog/2013/01/30/annamy-alla-har-vi-en-woodpecker-i-oss/Popmani.se


AnnaMy — Woodpecker (2013)




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