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Arcade Island — Arcade Island (13th Jan., 2017)

Arcade Island — Arcade Island (13th Jan., 2017)

       Arcade Island — Arcade Island (13th Jan., 2017)Arcade Island — Arcade Island (13th Jan., 2017)•   Hello to my loyal fan. Not a typo, I’m speaking to you DIRECTLY through the magic of internet. My whole thing here with the music is no gimmicks, no cash grabs, no demographic mining, no bullshit. I just want to make music I like and say whatever I feel. If one person listens, I’ll be happy. So enjoy, and I hope my candor is refreshing or at the very least grinding and irritating.  — Alex
Location: Columbia, Maryland, United States of America
Album release: 13th Jan., 2017
Record Label: Arcade Island Recordings
Duration:     54:46
01. Event Horizon      3:12
02. The 21st Century Man      3:29
03. Kill Shot      4:37
04. Undeserved      4:31
05. Until Death      4:16
06. Infatuation      4:20
07. Reference Frame [Feat. Yann Marc]      1:12
08. Life Is Not A Race      3:40
09. Tribalism      4:11
10. Indivisible      3:58
11. A Glimpse      5:12
12. Granite Quarry Road      3:40
13. I’ve Seen Things You People Wouldn’t Believe      8:28
•   All songs composed, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Alex Bew.
•   Cello on track 7 performed by Yann Marc.
•   Intro on track 13 inspired by Vangelis.
•   Remember all of the stupid stuff you used to gripe about when you were sixteen? Friends, the opposite sex, the man, etc. Yeah, that doesn’t really change even 10 or 20 years later. I’m hopeful that one day I can think beyond myself and care for the larger picture. At the least, I believe I’ll achieve that at the very end.
•   That’s what this album is about. Coming to that realization as you pass on.
•   Yes, super heavy stuff. You should probably sit down or something.
•   Would you like a drink? Maybe some wine? I can’t physically get it for you, get it yourself. But when you get a glass goin’, remember it was my idea.
•   I’ve worked on this for almost 3 years. It was made in a basement, an apartment, and back to a basement. I tried to make it sound like it wasn’t.
•   Please enjoy, and pass this on to anyone you can.
•   I just want people to hear it; so share this as much as you want. Bootleg it, copy and paste it, whatever.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArcadeIsland/
Bandcamp: https://arcadeisland.bandcamp.com/

Arcade Island — Arcade Island (13th Jan., 2017)



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