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Arovane — Ve Palor (2013)

 Arovane — Ve Palor (2013)

Arovane — Ve Palor
≠   Arovane is the recording name of German electronic music artist Uwe Zahn (born 1965 in Hameln, Germany). He also releases under the moniker Nedjev.
Location: Hameln ~ Berlin, Germany
Album release: October 8, 2013
Record Label: n5md
Duration:     82:02
01 Audiofragment     2:30
02 Scrai-n     3:16
03 Ve Palor     7:41
04 Scaabl     3:45
05 C Il It     6:45
06 Cleiy     6:59
07 Ccale Eqou     7:07
08 Gniddt     5:00
09 Leptr     4:56
10 Deev     7:14
11 Cae Nij     5:35
12 Foldt     4:25
13 Gaed Ventr (download bonus)     6:55
14 Ioqu (download bonus)     6:10
15 Vendt (download bonus)     4:44
≠   The 2003-2004 time-frame was a rough period for experimental electronic music. The shuttering of DIN Records in 2003 delivered a blow to the music scene that left a void which is still evident even today. Just a year later DIN Records bastion and IDM luminary Arovane rather cryptically decides to close up shop on his studio and call it a day. It was a bleak time for those of us into Uwe Zahn's stirringly melodic approach to experimental electronic music. That last note on Lilies' "Good Bye Forever" seemed to resonate infinitely.
≠   Fast forward to May 2013: Out of nowhere Arovane announces his return and to much excitement details of a new album, Ve Palor. The original version of Ve Palor, pretty much in title alone, was to be released via the DIN imprint in 2003 however Ve Palor just seemed to be the album that was never to'be'. Now n5MD in conjunction with Zahn has welded together an all new album comprising of tracks from as far back as 2002 and as recent of spring 2013. Despite the different time periods in which the tracks were created the album sounds as if it was made in the same era/headspace and is very much in the stylistic vein of Arovane's DIN releases. Zahn's ever stretching yet lurching swing-time beats envelop his signature less-is-more melodies like never before. ≠   Ve Palor is here, Arovane is back!
≠   Ve Palor is available on CD, MP3 and FLAC as well as limited edition 140g 2 X LP (100 red / 200 black + download card). All direct sales come with three bonus tracks not available on the CD / LP.
≠   In what’s bound to be the most under-celebrated comeback of 2013, German electronica producer Uwe Zahn has returned with a new album as Arovane.
≠   Literally vanished since 2004, he was last seen with the gorgeous Lilies, whose sleek, crunchy sounds were inspired by a trip to Japan. Its final track, the gorgeous piano piece ‘Good Bye Forever’ turned out to be something of an omen: as soon as the album was released Zahn dismantled his studio, kissed goodbye to Berlin and took off on his Supermoto bike for the horizon. Luckily he either ran out of juice or developed severe ball ache, and earlier this year an Arovane account appeared on Soundcloud with Zahn teasing clips of Ve Palor, a mix of new material and leftovers from before the big ride.
≠   And what is it Arovane’s discovered while he was off finding himself on a motorbike? Not much: Ve Palor is like breaking open a time capsule from 2003, when Bush was in charge, phone screens glowed green and EDM meant music that sounded like a fax machine’s death rattle. Autechre nuts will lap up the likes of ‘Scrai-N’, where looping guitar competes with beats that thud and skip like ball bearings, and ‘Gniddt’, which recalls the Sheffield duo’s landmark Amber with its cavernous synths and icy, ambient air. It’s not just Autechre’s spelling and sound Zahn’s channelling — it’s their desire to twist their own formula, with church organs swallowing popcorn percussion on ‘Cleiy’, and ‘Foldt’ pitting delicate digital drums against a string section. Envelope pushing stuff, although the envelope is definitely postmarked 1995.
≠   Once you accept that fact, however, Ve Palor reveals its complex production, and shows itself to be an extremely detailed headphone adventure. Really not enough people know good Zahn is at the crunchy-blippy stuff, and how 83 minutes of new Arovane material is like discovering a previously unheard but on-par Pixies album. Under the spray of drums on ‘C Il It’ Zahn’s trademarks are everywhere: harpsichord-like pads and fragments of strings, everything fading down until only the prettiest elements remain. It’s the madcap, emotionally fractured stuff IDM fans will beg for, and Zahn spices it with moments such as the calmer ‘Leptr’, where malfunctioning keyboards, bass chords and escaping air paint a picture of digital heartbreak.
≠   In short, anyone who’s been watching the horizon since Arovane rode over it will love Ve Palor — it’s the sound of him returning with a huge hit of what he does best, despite the world having turned a little in his absence. These sad but rigid little vignettes sound as intricate as they did ten years ago, though perhaps a little more indebted to their influences, and perhaps a slight stretch at the movie-length runtime he’s accorded them here. Throw in the even crunchier bonus tracks and you’ve got a wedding cake-sized album that even n5MD evangelists might struggle to force down; that said, as long as you take it on in pieces it’s one twisting, emotionally rewarding LP, and a welcome return for the most technology savvy motorcycle rider since Street Hawk.
≠   Atol Scrap (Din, 2000)
≠   Tides (City Centre Offices, 2000)
≠   AER (Valid) (Vertical Form, 2001. A collaboration with Phonem)
≠   Lilies (City Centre Offices, Indigo, 2004)
Singles & EPs:
≠   Icol Diston (Din, 1998)
≠   I.O. (Din, 1998)
≠   Pint (FWD:, 1999)
≠   AMX (Din, 1999)
≠   Occer / Silicad (City Centre Offices, 1999)
≠   Yeer / Disper (Awkward Silence Recordings, 2000) Split EP with Christian Kleine
≠   Cycliph (Din, 2002)
≠   Minth / Neel (City Centre Offices, 2003)
≠   Icol Diston (Din, 2002. A collection of early releases)
The Arovane Sound:
≠   Arovane's sound can be characterized as ethereal, melodic, organic, warm and ambient yet technically involved with structured, often heavy, breakbeat and hip hop influenced beats. It is richly layered with synths and textured distortions and focuses more on generating a melancholy nostalgic feeling than four-on-the-floor dance beats. ≠   The tempos are midrange and Arovane has been labeled as IDM by many.
≠   Although the melodic richness remains intact, the resulting sound from the Arovane and Phonem collaboration Aer (Valid) is perhaps more robotic and cold than what could be considered typical Arovane and harkens back to some facets of Arovanes early works, such as Icol Diston.
≠   Arovane can possibly be compared to a blend between the robotic glitch sound of early Autechre and the expansive open synth-laden fields of Boards of Canada. Zahn and his music are often referred to as being melodically advanced.
≠   Tracks throughout Tides contain the gentle washing sounds of waves and tides and summer nights seamlessly comingling and modulating with arpeggieted-type synths and instruments backed with smooth distant organic and synthetic drums and basslines.
Website: http://arovane.net/ or http://www.arovane.de/
Last.fm: http://www.last.fm/music/Arovane
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/arovane-1
Label: http://n5md.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/AROVANE/114847245413
We Are The Music Makers: http://forum.watmm.com/topic/78204-arovane-ve-palor/

Arovane — Ve Palor (2013)




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