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Astropol — The Spin We’re In (December 4th, 2015)

Astropol — The Spin We’re In (December 4th, 2015)

     Astropol — The Spin We’re In (December 4th, 2015)
••••  Shoegaze mlhavý opar, ostré elektronické bicí, podobnost se Suicide a Willy DeVille, celkově spíše léta 90’ než 70’. Swedish pop supergroup of sorts, featuring members of Shout Out Louds and Peter Bjorn and John.
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Album release: December 4th, 2015
Record Label: Ingrid
Genre: Indie Pop, Alternative, Female Vocal
Duration:     36:25
01. Make Love Stay      3:47
02. Just Before Our Love Got Lost      3:26
03. Always You and Me      3:35
04. The Shelter of My Love      3:22
05. There Used to Be Birds      2:52
06. Little Cloud      4:06
07. In the World      3:58
08. The Sound of a Heart That Breaks (Midsummer version)      3:46
09. True Love      2:50
10. Rain Down On You      4:42
♦  Astropol, the side project of Björn Yttling (Lykke Li, Primal Scream, Peter Bjorn and John), Bebban Stenborg (Shout Out Louds) and Smash (Stockholm indie underground visionary) — will be releasing their debut album The Spin We’re In via the Swedish Artist Collective INGRID on December 4th.
♦  The album was recorded between the Ingrid Studio in Stockholm and the Golden Void and Perfect Sound studios in Los Angeles. The album was produced by Astropol with additional production help coming from Thom Monahan (Devandra Banhart, Vetiver, Fujiya & Miyagi), Måns Lundberg (The [International] Noise Conspiracy, Deportees) and Mattias Boström. Highly acclaimed mixer Lasse Mårtén (Franz Ferdinand, Chrissie Hynde, Kelly Clarkson) mixed the set and it was mastered by Henke Jonsson (Sarah Blasko).
♦  The Spin We’re In features ten traditional love songs written by the trio that revolve around Stenborg’s obsession with the idea that woman are somehow inferior, Smash’s uncanny knack for catchy pop tunes and Yttling’s infamously harsh approach to all things lovely. The result is an album of passion lost, northern comfort and the devastating predictability of being lonesome.
♦  Gearing up for the album drop, Astropol released their first song “The Sound of a Heart That Breaks” on Record Store Day, April 18th, 2015 via the INGRID compilation Volym 2. They followed that up on Friday, June 19th, with a special Midsummer’s Eve remix by Yttling dubbed “The Sound of a Heart That Breaks (midsummer version).” In August, they released their second song, “Just Before Our Love Got Lost” after the track premiered on The Guardian and this past Friday, November 13th, the band released “Make Love Stay”. On December 4th, they will release their full–length debut — The Spin We’re In.
AllMusic Review by Tim Sendra;  Score: ***½
♦  Four years in the making, Astropol’s debut album The Spin We’re In is a confident, resonant modern pop record made with precise craft and deeply felt emotions — not surprising since it was made by people responsible for some of the most impressively put–together indie pop of the last decade (Björn Yttling of Peter Bjorn and John) and some of the most dramatic (Shout Out Louds’ Bebban Stenborg). Throw in the enigmatic Smash and it’s a small–scale Swedish pop supergroup. Unlike many a bloated effort that emerges when talents this individual get together, Spin is an understated and direct album that focuses on love–lost songs, rendered in lower case with tiny tears dotting the page. Stenborg gracefully wrenches raw emotion out of the words with minimal effort, sending out icy waves of heartbreak every time she opens her mouth. The music is mostly sparse, except when it isn’t. Yttling being a master of dynamics and arrangement, the songs’ feelings are matched note for note by the music. Downbeat ballads like “There Used to Be Birds” are surrounded by subtle strings and gently strummed guitars, the more insistent tracks like “Make Love Stay” have rhythm sections that give some muscle to the sadness, and a song or two even burst out of the melancholy gloom and head toward a distant dancefloor (the peppy by comparison “The Sound of a Heart That Breaks”). Quite a few of the songs would be positive additions to the output of their main bands, especially the almost bouncy “True Love” and the beautifully morose “Just Before Our Love Got Lost.” It’s a very well–constructed album with a strong mood that never wavers or breaks; again not surprising that this crew could make an album this strong. They probably shouldn't quit their day jobs for Astropol, but if they need to have something to fall back on, they could have done a lot worse. ♦  http://www.allmusic.com/
By Chris Payne, 12/3/2015
♦  2015 is winding down, and even though the album release calendar is nearing its annual dry spell, there are still intriguing new tunes coming down the pike. Billboard presents the debut album from Astropol — one you’d be smart to keep from flying under your radar.
♦  Astropol released its first music just eight months ago, on Record Store Day 2015. Since dropping “The Sound of a Heart Breaks,” the trio of Bebban Stenborg, Björn Yttling, and Smash crafted The Spin We’re In, the ten–song debut album exclusively premiering up above one day ahead of its Dec. 4 release via the Swedish Artist Collective INGRID.
♦  The band is new, but if the contributors sound familiar, you’re right. Stenborg, the lead vocalist, is known for her work in the long–running indie pop band Shout Out Louds and Björn Yttling is the Björn from Peter Björn and John. There’s a lot of songwriting experience in Astropol, and across the album’s hazy hooks and driving beats are some gripping words that just might cause you to rethink the meaning of love. Track one — “Make Love Stay” — is a convenient place to start.
♦  As Stenborg later sings, “You can love a lie, but you can’t lie to love.”
♦  Of the new album, she tells Billboard:
♦  “I once saw a woman singing loudly to herself on the subway, and I could tell she was just about to stop having fun. It was like I was watching the ending of some kind of a sad respite from “real life.” I wanted to take her home, tuck her in, and tell her no one was judging her. But I didn’t, and we all were. I think The Spin We’re In is an offering to that old black magic time of night when you remember that there will be a tomorrow, whether that’s a good thing or not.”
♦  Offering accepted. The Spin We’re In is full of love and it’s a judge–free zone.
♦  http://www.billboard.com/

Astropol — The Spin We’re In (December 4th, 2015)



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