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Austin Lucas — Stay Reckless (2013)

 Austin Lucas — Stay Reckless (2013)

Austin Lucas — Stay Reckless
•  Former punk rocker who returned to the country-flavored Americana of his roots.
Born: Bloomington, Indiana, United States
Similar to: Rodney Crowell, Gary Allan, Guy Clark
Location: Monroe County, Indiana
Album release: August 27th, 2013
Record Label: New West Records
Duration:     39:53
01. Let Me In      (3:27)
02. Alone In Memphis      (3:39)
03. Four Wheels      (3:38)
04. Small Town Heart      (3:32)
05. Rings      (3:54)
06. Save It For Yourself      (4:10)
07. Different Shade Of Red      (4:12)
08. Stay Reckless      (3:12)
09. So Much More Than Lonely      (2:21)
10. Gift And A Gamble      (3:15)
11. Splinters      (4:33)
•  Bingham Barnes  Bass
•  Todd Beene  Guitars, Pedal Steel, Percussion
•  Cory Branan  Guitar, Organ
•  Jeremy Clark  Cover Art
•  Eric Giles  Drums
•  Hoot Hester  Fiddle, Mandolin
•  Joey Knieser  Guitars, Organ, Piano
•  Kelly Knieser  Vocals (Background)
•  Austin Lucas  Composer, Guitars, Percussion, Piano, Producer, Vocals
•  Gavin Lurssen  Mastering
•  Paul Moore  Design, Photography
•  Mark Nevers  Engineer, Producer
•  Chris Scruggs  Lap Steel Guitar, Percussion, Vocals (Background)
Website: http://www.austinlucasmusic.com/
•  "Austin Lucas' release of Stay Reckless marks an important moment for this young troubadour who has amassed fans from Bloomington, IN to Prague. Inspired by X, producer Mark Nevers (Lambchop, Jason Isbell) captures an alt-country album brimming with punk rock energy and heartland earnestness. In 2007 Lucas began to entwine his punk rock nature with his bluegrass upbringing eventually collaborating and touring with Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music and traveling the country on The Warped Tour, Willie Nelson's Country Throwdown Tour and The Revival Tour."
Review by Steve LeggettScore: ***½
•  A former punk rocker who rediscovered and returned to the country-flavored Americana of his childhood roots, Austin Lucas, the son of bluegrass producer and songwriter Bob Lucas, best known for his work with Alison Krauss, is a sort of tattoo-covered prodigal son public relations bonanza. The story wouldn't matter much, though, if he weren't also immensely talented. Lucas is a finely tuned and intelligent songwriter, his best songs taking on larger themes within smaller ones, and he sings with an easy, just slightly ragged voice that would make any Nashville hopeful proud. Oh, and he plays pretty good guitar, piano, and bass, too. His latest solo effort, Stay Reckless, which he co-produced with Mark Nevers, is a folk-country gem, more country than anything else, good enough and catchy enough to be played in heavy rotation on contemporary country stations, but way too maverick, smart, and outlaw to have that ever happen, at least unless things change, which doesn't seem likely anytime soon. The best songs here, including the radio-ready and infectious "Small Town Heart" and the striking album closer, "Splinters," a country ballad that manages to explore the harsh truths of an emotional breakup while also touching on cultural divisions, lifestyle choices, and God and religion with an accessible yet intense focus, carry the kind of smart, straight honesty that one wishes more contemporary country songs had. This is a solid album, and although not every song hits home immediately, the intelligence of Lucas' songwriting is there in all of them.
Website: http://www.austinlucasmusic.com/
MySpace: https://myspace.com/austinlucas1
Management: Frank Hill —
Publicist: Tim Plumley —
Rest of World Booking: Phil Battiato —
European Booking: Sylvia —
•  Raised in the backwoods country of Monroe County, Indiana, Austin Lucas was born into a folk and bluegrass lineage. His father, Bob Lucas, is an accomplished musician and performer in his own right, having earned songwriting credits on two of Allison Krauss’ albums. Learning to harmonize before learning to read, Lucas honed his vocal control as a member of the nationally-acclaimed Indiana University Children’s Choir. In a narrative as well-worn as it is true, Lucas rebelled against his upbringing, leaving his Americana roots for the catharsis of punk rock. After the better part of a decade spent criss-crossing the globe with a series of bands in broken-down vans, Lucas hit a musical glass-ceiling, eventually finding respite for his ringing ears in the delicacy of traditional songcraft.
•  Singing with the conviction of a preacher bereft of his faith, Lucas tackles recurrent themes of the soul, sin as personal purgatory, and the possibility of finding redemption in this life. The fallacies of man take center stage as the righteous false prophet is denounced as a “hollow vessel with unsteady hands.” Turning the harsh light of hindsight on himself, Lucas addresses the hard lessons learned in the passing of youth, ruminating on the failures and missed opportunities, pledging, “If there’s a light shining/ Point the way there/ A straight way of walking/ I’ll be like an arrow.”
•  Following his solo debut, The Common Cold (2006), Lucas has steadily built upon his recorded output, releasing Putting The Hammer Down (2007), the Bristle Ridge (2008) collaboration with Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music, and Somebody Loves You (2009), which debuted at #7 on the Billboard Bluegrass chart. Culminating with his fourth album, A New Home In The Old World (2011), Lucas has consistently evolved and grown as a musician and songwriter, resting on no laurels and developing the songs’ framework further with each successive album.
•  Having raised his profile on the road with Willie Nelson’s Country Throwdown tour, the troubadour-packed Revival tour, and in support of Pennsylvania’s Langhorne Slim, Lucas has also bolstered his loyal grassroots following with appearances at the Philadelphia Folk Festival, Canada’s Sled Island Festival, Florida’s Harvest of Hope, and a 2011 European tour. Folk music is for the common folk, and Lucas delivers, often ending his shows playing on the floor amidst the crowd. Lucas will tour extensively through 2013, sweeping through Australia in January before heading to SXSW Music Festival in Austin, TX in March, then to Europe in March/April, followed by a US headlining tour with dates to be announced in the coming weeks.
2006: The Common Cold by Austin Lucas
2007: A Split 7" Chuck Ragan/Austin Lucas
2007: Putting the Hammer Down by Austin Lucas
2008: Bristle Ridge by Chuck Ragan and Austin Lucas
2008: At War With Freak Folk by Austin Lucas
2009: Somebody Loves You by Austin Lucas
2010: Two Songs EP by Austin Lucas (Limited 7" on Dog Lovers records)
2010: Collection by Austin Lucas
2011: A New Home In The Old World by Austin Lucas
2013: Stay Reckless by Austin Lucas

Austin Lucas — Stay Reckless (2013)




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