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Basia Bulat — Good Advice (February 12th, 2016)

  Basia Bulat — Good Advice (February 12th, 2016)Basia Bulat — Good Advice (February 12th, 2016)Born: April 13, 1984, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Origin: Etobicoke ~ London, Ontario
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Instruments: Vocals, guitar, autoharp, hammered dulcimer, piano, ukelele, charango
Album release: February 12th, 2016
Record Label: Secret City Records
Duration:     36:01
01 La La Lie     3:46
02 Long Goodbye     3:47
03 Let Me In     2:45
04 In the Name Of     4:18
05 Time     3:06
06 Good Advice     4:16
07 Infamous     3:43
08 Fool     2:43
09 The Garden     3:17
10 Someday Soon     4:24    
Gary Kaill | 26 Jan 2016 | Score: ****
•   The Canadian singer’s fourth album is a subtle but distinct redefining of her angular pop aesthetic. Produced by Jim James of My Morning Jacket in his Kentucky studio, its Bulat’s most soulful and engaging work to date. With, as you’d expect, increased emphasis on feel and groove, Good Advice emerges as the showcase her voice was surely waiting for all along.
•   That voice — a beautiful instrument, roughened and rangy — elevates these songs. From the crisp soul beats of In the Name Of to the haunting atmospherics of The Garden, Bulat performs with passion and authority. Ten songs and not a hint of filler. •   If the likes of Eleanor Friedberger and Joan as Policewoman have hooked you with their gift for advanced melodics and artful storytelling, here’s an artist whose newfound ambition puts her in their league. Don’t let this one slip by: Bulat is suddenly, finally, a serious contender. http://www.theskinny.co.uk/
Studio albums:
♦◊♦  Basia Bulat (2005, EP)
♦◊♦  Oh, My Darling (2007)
♦◊♦  Touch the Hem of His Garment (2008, 7”)
♦◊♦  Heart of My Own (2010)
♦◊♦  Tall Tall Shadow (2013)
♦◊♦  Good Advice (February 12th, 2016)

♦◊♦  Friends in Bellwoods II (2009): “My Heart Is a Warning”
♦◊♦  Ho! Ho! Ho! Canada Deux (2010): “You Are A Gift”

Basia Bulat — Good Advice (February 12th, 2016)



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