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Black Mare Death Magick Mother
Magic Bullet September 15, 2017

Black Mare — Death Magick Mother (September 15, 2017)    Black Mare — Death Magick Mother (September 15, 2017)   Black Mare — Death Magick Mother (September 15, 2017)♦ο      Lead single “Femme Couverte”: this song was written through the eyes of the Femme Couverte, which means veiled woman. She is an archetype which dwells inside all of humanity but is not easy to digest because she carries death as well as creation. She is the keeper of the black void of all potentiality and transcends duality. While she values life and wants to see her children experience love and harmony, she mourns not for death, as it’s simply a return from the prismatic human experience back into the Mother cave which holds the unified diamond mind of totality.
Location: Los Angeles, California
Genre: Ethereal Wave, Gothic Rock, Dreampop
Album release: September 15, 2017
Record Label: Magic Bullet
Duration:     36:33
1. Ingress to Form     6:46
2. Femme Couverte     5:27
3. Death by Desire     3:51
4. Coral Vaults     3:47
5. Babylon’s Fold     6:46
6. Kala     3:41
7. Inverted Tower     6:15
℗ 2017 Magic Bullet Records          
ι•ιι   All songs written, performed and recorded by Sera Timms
ι•ιι   “Babylon’s Fold” written by Sera Timms, Bryan Tulao, Jason Bennett, and Andrew Clinco
ι•ιι   Mixed by Andrew Clinco
ι•ιι   Mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering
ι•ιι   BLACK MARE is the solo project of Sera Timms, vocalist and bassist for Ides Of Gemini and of the now~disbanded Black Math Horseman. With a focus on rhythmic repetition and atmospheric simplicity, BLACK MARE steps outside the collaborative dynamic to reveal a creative process that is all Sera’s own. Her songs traverse hidden realms, fragments of dreams, submerged memories, and mythical imagery. Where Black Math Horseman and Ides Of Gemini demand volume and collusion, BLACK MARE requires quiet contemplation. If Black Math Horseman and Ides Of Gemini seek to summon the deafening roar of inevitability, BLACK MARE delivers its verdicts on cresting waves and solemn whispers. And yet each operates, in its own way, within the darkened spheres of oceanic hypnosis.
ι•ιι   Later this week, Los Angeles, California’s BLACK MARE will unleash the consuming bounty of Death Magick Mother. Seven songs in length, this documentation captures driving force, Sera Timms, amidst a dynamic cohesion and confluence of inspiration unlike any prior. Whereas previous output operated under a founding principle of rhythmic repetition and atmospheric simplicity toward trace~like escapism, Death Magick Mother is Timms stepping right in front of the lens for a closeup.
ι•ιι   In advance of the release of Death Magick Mother, today Cvlt Nation is hosting an exclusive premiere of “Ingress To Form.” Issues Timms of the track, “This song started out with the idea to illustrate a raw life force energy coming into material form…I was thinking about Genesis in the bible, and the Big Bang and many other creation theories. Chaos organized into a human form seen through the eternal Mother’s eye.  Then there is harmony, and relationships form, and our bodies are like cauldrons carrying our raw life force around through these relationships which are like ingredients in the cauldron. Personally, this is about an experience of pure innocent love with someone that truly humbles you… to love someone so deeply and unconditionally that you allow your ego to be decimated over and over until all that remains in your body is love.”
ι•ιι   Adds Cvlt Nation, “Death Magick Mother embodies the power of music to create, effect and destroy, and is a stunning sophomore release and a must have in your record collection. Listening to Timms’ ethereal voice on ‘Ingress To Form,’ it’s no surprise that BLACK MARE was invited to perform at the recent Women’s Mass benefit hosted by The Satanic Temple ~ there is an electric atmosphere to her music that makes my hairs stand on end and my skin break out in goose bumps, as if she’s harnessing the electromagnetic waves traversing the earth with her voice and directing them with purpose at our self~harming species.”

♦ο      Amidst a backdrop of political strife wherein such fundamental principles as the health, safety, and common decency toward women continue to erode more with each executive order and Twitter fit, the spirit of BLACK MARE stands unbridled under the singular vision and limitless purview of its driving force, one Sera Timms.
♦ο      “Death Magick Mother” is the second proper full length album from Los Angeles, California’s BLACK MARE. Seven songs in length, this documentation captures Timms amidst a dynamic cohesion and confluence of inspiration unlike any prior. Whereas previous output operated under a founding principle of rhythmic repetition and atmospheric simplicity toward trace~like escapism, “Death Magick Mother” is Timms stepping right in front of the lens for a closeup. Mixed by Andrew Clinco (of Drab Majesty), bolder arrangements lend themselves toward soaring, dynamic vocal melodies and nuanced harmonization to highly~satisfying effect. Spot~on performances and command of all instrumentation across the spectrum further propels the sense of arrival in mastery over her chosen craft. In many ways, this album is an awakening for both its creator and listeners alike.
♦ο      “Death Magick Mother” releases digitally everywhere on September 15, 2017 with LP’s not far behind. Live appearances are robust in conjunction with the album’s release and range from a midnight ceremony in celebration of a total eclipse with France’s CELESTE, a women’s mass replete with a bloodletting ritual, and even a traditional tour of the western United States in direct support of JUNIUS.
♦ο      Like a Halloween night spent in bed with pneumonia. Like a candle burning out, the flame usurped by a thin line of smoke. Like groans of pleasure resounding in a mausoleum. Like a place in the woods where the trees grow in eerie rows and the stillness is not of this Earth. Like a glass of red wine to wash down the sleeping pill. Like a spiderless web, intricate and pointless. Like a trail of autumn leaves blowing in through a door left open. (Like a witchless broom, good for nothing but sweeping up dead leaves.)
♦ο      Like the love~song of the maggots and the carcass. Like an empty~headed stroll through a crepuscular graveyard where time and the elements have rendered the stones illegible.  Like a lucid dream about a dead friend in which the part of you that participates is the same part that knows it isn’t real. Like a book of horror stories you only started because an old lover gave it to you~and one which, now that you are no longer lovers, you know you will never finish.
♦ο♦ο      http://www.toiletovhell.com/
Website: http://theblackmare.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheBlackMare
Label: http://www.magicbulletrecords.com/site/Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.


Black Mare Death Magick Mother
Magic Bullet September 15, 2017



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