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Black Vines
Black Vines

Black Vines — Black Vines (December 11, 2014)United States                 Black Vines — Black Vines 
♠   Birthed between the burning fields of Kansas and the surreal landscape of the New Mexican desert, Black Vines is a dense layering of monophonic drones, delayed sitar and large scale cello arrangements. 
Location: Oakland, California/Topeka, Kansas/Gothenburg, Sweden
Album release: December 11, 2014
Record Label: Fluid Audio
01. Willow Choir      7:36
02. Fields Burning at Dusk      6:34
03. The Shadows We Cast      5:45
04. Glass Memory      6:54
05. Fields      9:28
06. Glass      8:13
07. Willow      5:13
08. Shadows     11:54
♠   All music by Joseph Angelo and Aaron Martin.
♠   Joseph Angelo: ARP Odyssey, sitar
♠   Aaron Martin: singing bowls, organ, voice, cello, bass, field recordings, bowed cymbal, saw, glockenspiel, banjo, lap steel guitar
♠   Tracks 5–8 reworked from the original parts by Dag Rosenqvist.
♠   Mastered by James Plotkin.
♠   Artwork by Chris Koelle.
♠   Since 2005 Dag Rosenqvist has released 30 albums, EP’s and cassette tapes in different constellations, the main one being Jasper TX that was put to rest 2012. Other constellations include From The Mouth of The Sun, de la Mancha and The Silence Set. He has also collaborated with Machinefabriek, Mike Weis and Simon Scott and released albums on Miasmah, Fang Bomb, Experimedia and Kning Disk.
♠   Birthed between the burning fields of Kansas and the surreal landscape of the New Mexican desert, Black Vines is a dense layering of monophonic drones, delayed sitar and large scale cello arrangements.
♠   Combining the distorted and blackened influence of Aaron Martin’s recent solo and collaborative work with Joseph Angelo’s love of ragas, industrial noise and meditative minimalism, the eight elegiac strands of Black Vines are tribute to redemptive growth that occurs in the shadows.
♠   Mastered by James Plotkin, featuring tracks reworked from the original parts by Dag Rosenqvist with stunning artwork by Chris Koell.
♠   Packaging includes letter–pressed covers, glass mastered CD, 10 x limited edition prints on heavy card stock with glassine bags, all resting inside hand numbered, scented black envelopes. Limited edition of 200 copies!
♠   Aaron Martin and Joseph Angelo join forces under the suitably cryptic Black Vines moniker for this self–titled, hour–long set of deep dronescaping. More precisely, the two are responsible for four originals while Dag Rosenqvist is credited with reworking them into four additional settings. Martin's a bit of a known quantity in these parts, as a number of his recordings have received coverage in textura's pages before, among them his solo album Worried About the Fire and collaborations with Christoph Berg (Day Has Ended), Machinefabriek (Cello Recycling / Cello Drowning), and Justin Wright (Light Poured Out of Our Bones). A less familiar presence is Angelo, a multi–instrumentalist who performs under the name Luperci and brings his love of Indian ragas, meditative minimalism, and industrial noise to the collaboration. On Black Vines, Angelo plays sitar (his primary instrument) and ARP Odyssey and Martin cello, bass, glockenspiel, banjo, organ, lap steel guitar, and percussion (singing bowls, bowed cymbal, saw).
♠   The recording's tone is established by the slow–burn of “Willow Choir,” a dark, immolating meditation so enveloping it feels like a shroud; the primary focal point is Martin's stirring cello playing, even if it sometimes threatens to be consumed by the rumbling mass around it. Plunging even deeper, “Fields Burning at Dusk” drops us into the center of a post–apocalyptic industrial zone still spiked by explosive ruptures, after which “The Shadows We Cast” sings a searing elegy for the dead in a style that calls to mind the lethal howl of La Monte Young's Theatre of Eternal Music. In a piece that spotlights the collaborators in equal measure, “Glass Memory” punctuates Martin's plaintive vocal and cello expressions with Angelo's sitar strums.
♠   Each of Rosenqvist's versions of Black Vines' material turns out to be different from the others in terms of dynamics and mood. “Fields” initially brings the volume level down for a clinical treatment so disturbing it suggests insects crawling under one's skin, but gradually swells until it reaches a combustible pitch that feels like a detonation about to go off. Offsetting its dark tone, “Glass” oozes melodic uplift and even unexpectedly works a thrusting beat pattern into its arrangement, but it's the treatment of “The Shadows We Cast” that is Rosenqvist's finest moment. Working his way methodically through the material, the producer pushes his way upwards through dense foliage and then, with the music growing quieter, takes his triumphant place at the summit to breathe in the air and ponder the spectacular view. On a final note, too much shouldn't be made of the fact that in time–related terms, Rosenqvist's versions take up a slightly larger share of the album's total minutes, as the material is still Black Vine's from start to finish, despite the fact that four are makeovers. January 2015. :: http://www.textura.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blackvinesclub
Dag Rosenqvist: http://dagrosenqvist.bandcamp.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dag-rosenqvist
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DagRosenqvist
Joseph Angelo: http://josephangelo.bandcamp.com/
Aaron Martin: http://aaronmartin.bandcamp.com/
♠   Aaron Martin began his musical life at age 11, switching between guitar and drums. At the age of 17, he decided to change paths and learn how to play the cello, which he went on to study in college. While earning his music degree, he began to experiment with recording.
♠   After creating several self–released collections of music, and graduating college, he recorded Almond, which caught the attention of the Australian label Preservation, and became his debut release. He has gone on to record two more albums for Preservation, River Water and Chautauqua, as well as collaborating with a variety of other musicians, including Machinefabriek, Part Timer, and Tan or Boil, with releases on Type, mobeer, and Under the Spire Recordings.
♠   Aaron Martin lives and records in Topeka, Kansas. :: http://www.experimedia.net/index.php?main_page=product_music_info&products_id=1291




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