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Brasstronaut — Brasstronaut (November 11, 2016)

Brasstronaut — Brasstronaut (11 novembre 2016)

                     Brasstronaut — Brasstronaut (11 novembre 2016)  Brasstronaut — Brasstronaut (11 novembre 2016)⦿►   From Vancouver, BC, Canada, Brasstronaut, at a fundamental level, are good friends who find inspiration and cohesion through the seeming disparity of their individual influences. In addition to extensive North American touring, Brasstronaut has a strong international audience, touring European venues & festivals on numerous occasions.
⦿►   They have 2 EP’s and 3 LP — Old World Lies EP (2008), Mount Chimaera (2010) and the Opportunity EP (2011).
⦿►   Brasstronaut is a band from Vancouver, Canada. Formed in 2007, their current line~up consists of Bryan Davis on trumpet, Edo Van Breemen on piano and vocals, Sam Davidson on clarinet and EWI, Tariq Hussain on lap steel & electric guitar, Brennan Saul on drums and John Walsh on bass. Their last record Mean Sun was released in 2012. In 2016 the band is set to release a new record, once again combining new into new directions, while not losing the warm and luminous sound Brasstronaut is known for.
⦿►   After mentions on Pitchfork and Hypem #1 listings, appearances at festivals such as SXSW and Iceland Airwaves were quick to follow. In 2010, the band released their first full~length album Mount Chimaera, which gained the band a lot of international acclaim and glowing reviews from notable critics such as Gilles Peterson, from BBC1 and the UK’s Independent newspaper, who called the band’s sound “a new way forward”. Not long after, the band won the 2010 SOCAN Echo Songwriting Prize and was long listed for the Polaris Music Prize.Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Genre: Alternative, Indie Pop, Indie Rock
Album release: 11 novembre 2016
Record Label: Tin Angel Records (UK)/Hybridity Music (CAN)
Duration:     39:18
01. Hawk     4:17
02. Paris     3:31
03. Raveshadow     4:21
04. Tricky     5:31
05. Whitney     4:59
06. Desert Rock     3:51
07. Old Pan     4:01
08. Sooner Or Later     3:49
09. Climb     4:58
♦   Bryan Davies (trumpet)
♦   Edo Van Breemen (piano, vocals)
♦   Brennan Saul (drums)
♦   John Walsh (bass)
♦   Tariq Hussain (guitar)
♦   Sam Davidson (clarinet)
⦿►   Edo Van Breeman grew up next to the everglades in Dade County, Florida, dreaming of flying away to foreign worlds. “I’m a seeker of other places,” the Brasstronaut pianist and singer explains, borrowing a phrase from Norwegian author Karl Ove Knausgard: “Happy to be rearranged but with no real inclination in that direction.” The same could be said of his cult Canadian crew’s eclectic music, which darts thrillingly in countless directions over the course of their brilliant new self~titled album. Their third and most collaborative release yet, Brasstronaut spans everything from Broken Social Scene~ish clouds of orchestral indie~pop (‘Hawk’) to Afrobeat jams sung from the perspective of a NASA Curiosity Rover, adventuring across the red plains of Mars alone in search of life (‘Desert Rock’). Diverse, daring and unstoppably catchy, it’s a record that can take you to other places, the ones Edo used to dream about.
⦿►   Having formed in Vancouver in 2007, the six~piece ~ completed by guitarist Tariq Hussain, Bryan Davies on trumpet, Brennan Saul on drums, John Walsh on bass and Sam Davidson on clarinet ~ unlocked a brave new sound on this record by taking a new democratic approach. “Not that we weren't collaborating before, but this time, it just felt more like everyone was in on the ideas from the ground up,” says Tariq. “The agreement we made prior to starting the record was that everyone should bring in two song ‘seeds’ ~ in other words, two rough song sketches.”
⦿►   From that approach, sprung tracks including the Radiohead~ish ‘Paris’ (about a “morning trapped in a sprawling traffic jam, dozens of cars, bumper to bumper, all stuck encircling a huge roundabout” in the French capital), a smoky piano instrumental that erupts into chaos called ‘Whitney’, and a “Frankenstein pop song” called ‘Sooner Or Later’, which comments on the culture of disposable music created by the internet. “We wanted to have some more uptempo songs,” says Tariq, explaining the band wanted to get away from the “dark mid~tempos” of their cult acclaimed 2012 album Mean Sun. “We love that record, of course, but thought ~ hey, nothing wrong if people want to dance to a thing or two.”
⦿►   “That was a creation which I like the pelican fed with the blood of my own heart,” once said Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, about the toll it took to write his 1774 novel The Sorrows of Young Werther. Brasstronaut, whose new album closes with fragments of Young Werther sung over dancey guitars, probably wouldn’t describe it so dramatically. They do, however, similarly know a thing or two about suffering for your art. “We’ve been to the edge and back as a band,” says Sam, explaining that after Mean Sun “we all really needed to take a step back.” They eventually summoned “a lot more open mindedness, even a light heartedness about why we are all in it” to emerge with what the clarinet player calls “a great new album and even stronger friendships.” Some things are worth all the blood, sweat and tears. A vast, ambitious career~peak release, Brasstronut is one of them.Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.Review
By Yasmine Shemesh, Published Nov 11, 2016 / Score: 8
⦿►   Brasstronaut’s third studio album — their first in four years — was created with members of the sextet based in Vancouver, Winnipeg and New York. In theory, such distance would make it quite difficult for a band to pull off a cohesive~sounding record. For Brasstronaut, though, both time and space worked to their advantage.
⦿►   Picking up on the group’s constant evolution — from the effortless fusion of jazz, pop and ambiance on their critically acclaimed 2010 debut, Mount Chimaera, to 2012’s decidedly more mellow Mean Sun — the new album features brighter and richer arrangements. Experimental touches of electronica are still present, but they’re gently subdued in a way that both enhances and elevates the fuller~bodied instrumentation.
⦿►   It works beautifully. While the tracks are wholly distinct from one another, Brasstronaut’s foundation of eclectic influence creates a backbone that allows the songs to feel constantly unified. “Desert Rock,” for example, with its sun~bleached riffs, is in a completely different sonic realm than the instrumental “Whitney,” where anticipatory keys and screaming horns move from evocative to ambient — but the two are united by thick, jazzy bass lines and dynamic tempos.
⦿►   Altogether, the songs are like little vignettes, telling stories through vibrant composition and affecting lyrics. On “Climb,” a song about finding hope in love, lines like “I’ve been swimming in golden oceans of courage” paint gorgeous imagery against pitter~patter percussion and sweet blasts of brass and, as the album’s closer, leaves the tone on a suitably positive note — indeed, much like the record does as a whole.  
⦿►   On Brasstronaut, the band show they are truly the sum of their parts: dexterous musicians, artful composers and poetic lyricists. In this way, perhaps it’s only appropriate that the album is self~titled — here, the music speaks for itself.
⦿►   http://exclaim.ca/
Studio albums:
► 2010   Mount Chimaera (Unfamiliar Records)
► 2012   Mean Sun (Unfamiliar Records)
► 2016  Brasstronaut (Hybridity Music)
Extended plays:
 ►  2008 Old World Lies EP (Unfamiliar Records)
 ►  2011 ► Opportunity EP (Digital Kunstrasen)
⦿ Mount Chimaera was longlisted for the 2010 Polaris Music Prize.
⦿ “Hearts Trompet” from Mount Chimaera won the SOCAN Songwriting Prize in 2010.
Website: http://www.brasstronaut.com/#brasstronaut
Contact: + +
Bandcamp: https://brasstronaut.bandcamp.com/
MySpace: https://myspace.com/brasstronaut
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/BrasstronautMedia
Twitter: https://twitter.com/brasstronaut
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Brasstronaut/
Label: http://www.tinangelrecords.com/

Brasstronaut — Brasstronaut (November 11, 2016)



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