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 BRIAN ENO — ANOTHER GREEN WORLD — VINYL   BRIAN ENO — ANOTHER GREEN WORLD — VINYL♣   UMC/Virgin present an outstanding and utterly essential reissue of Brian Eno’s incredible Another Green World.
♣   Originally released in 1975, Another Green World is widely considered to be one of Eno’s greatest records ever, in the intervening decades since its release its status has continually garnered wide attention as one of the finest recordings ever made and has continued to find new audiences year after year.
♣   We can’t really give this one enough praise really, highest recommendations.
°   Rolling Stone The 500 Best Albums of All Time 2004      #48
°   Robert Christgau Personal 40 Best Albums from the ‘70s 1979      #12
°   Pitchfork Top 100 Albums of the 1970s 2004      #10
Professional ratings:
Retrospective reviews:
Review scores: Source... Rating
°   AllMusic      5/5 stars
°   Blender      5/5 stars
°   Christgau’s Record Guide      A+
°   Entertainment Weekly      A
°   Mojo      5/5 stars
°   MusicHound      4.5/5
°   Pitchfork      10/10
°   The Rolling Stone Album Guide      5/5 stars
°   Spin Alternative Record Guide      10/10
°   Uncut      5/5 stars
Born: 15 May 1948 in Woodbridge, Suffolk, England
Birth name: Brian Peter George Eno
Released: September 1975
Recorded: July~August 1975
Studio: Island Studios in London, England
Genre: Art pop ambient avant~pop
Album release: 4th August 2017
Record Label: UMC/Virgin
Duration:     54:00
♣      From November 1975, ‘Another Green World’ represents the bridge between Brian’s ground~breaking pop career and his early experiments with ambient music. ♣      This time around he was ably assisted in the studio by Robert Fripp from King Crimson, Phil Collins and Percy Jones from Brand X and, on viola, The Velvet Underground’s John Cale. The album features 5 vocal and 9 instrumental songs including the title track which will be known to many as the theme to the BBC arts programme, ‘Arena’.
♣      This new gatefold 2LP vinyl edition of ‘Another Green World’ is presented over two 180GM discs which play at 45rpm for optimum sound quality. High resolution mastering from the best known sources and half~speed cutting were supervised by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios. Each album contains an Obi, Download Voucher and Abbey Road Half Speed Master certificate.
Side 1
1. Sky Saw     3:30
2. Over Fire Island     1:51
3. St. Elmo’s Fire     3:02
4. In Dark Trees     2:32
Total running time side 1     10:55
Side 2
1. The Big Ship     3:02
2. I’ll Come Running (To Tie Your Shoes)     3:50
3. Another Green World     1:41
Total running time side 2     8:33
Side 3
1. Sombre Reptiles     2:21
2. Little Fishes     1:34
3. Golden Hours     4:00
4. Becalmed     3:37
Total running time side 3     11:32
Side 4
1. Zawinul / Lava     3:00
2. Everything Merges With The Night     3:54
3. Spirits Drifting     2:37
Total running time side 4      9:31
♠°♠   All songs written by Brian Eno.
Credits adapted from Another Green World back cover.
Sky Saw
°   Phil Collins — drums
°   Percy Jones — fretless bass
°   Paul Rudolph — anchor bass
°   Rod Melvin — rhodes piano
°   John Cale — viola section
°   Eno — snake guitar, digital guitar, vocals
Over Fire Island
°   Phil Collins — drums
°   Percy Jones — fretless bass
°   Brian Eno — vocals, synthesizer, guitars, tapes
St. Elmo’s Fire
°   Robert Fripp — wimshurst guitar
°   Brian Enoorgan, piano, yamaha bass pedals, synthetic percussion, desert guitars, vocals
In Dark Trees
°   Brian Eno — guitars, synthesizer, electric percussion and treated rhythm generator
The Big Ship
°   Brian Eno — synthesizer, synthetic percussion and treated rhythm generator
I’ll Come Running
°   Robert Fripp — restrained lead guitar
°   Paul Rudolph — bass, snare drums, bass guitar, assistant castanet guitars
°   Rod Melvin — lead piano
°   Brian Eno — vocals, castanet guitars, chord piano, synthesizer, synthetic percussion
Another Green World
°   Brian Eno — desert guitars, farfisa organ, piano
Sombre Reptiles
°   Brian EnoHammond organ, guitars, synthetic and Peruvian percussion, electric elements and unnatural sounds
Little Fishes
°   Brian Eno — prepared piano, farfisa organ
Golden Hours
°   Robert Fripp — Wimborne guitar
°   John Cale — viola
°   Brian Enochoppy organs, spasmodic percussion, club guitars, uncertain piano, vocals
°   Brian Eno — Leslie piano, synthesizer
°   Phil Collins — percussion
°   Percy Jones — fretless bass
°   Paul Rudolph — guitar
°   Rod Melvin — rhodes piano
°   Brian Eno — grand piano, synthesizer, organ and tape
Everything Merges with the Night
°   Brian Turrington — bass guitar, pianos
°   Brian Eno — guitar, vocals
Spirits Drifting
°   Brian Eno — bass guitar, organ, synthesizer
°   Brian Eno — production
°   Rhett Davies — production, engineering
°   Guy Bidmead — engineering assistance
°   Barry Sage — engineering assistance
°   Robert Ash — engineering assistance
°   Bob Bowkett — sleeve typography
°   Ritva Saarikko — back cover photography
°   Bob Bowkett — typography
°   Tom Phillips — cover art (detail from After Raphael)
♠°♠   Another Green World, released in 1975, moves away from the experimental style of the previous albums and toward the synth~oriented instrumental minimalism of his subsequent work. Notably, it includes six songs in which he plays all the instruments himself. Co~produced with Rhett Davies, it’s been hailed as one of Eno’s most important albums.
♠°♠   Another Green World is the third studio album by English musician Brian Eno, released by Island Records in September 1975. Produced by Eno and Rhett Davies, it featured contributions from several guest musicians including Robert Fripp, Phil Collins, and John Cale. The album marked a transition from the rock~based music of Eno’s previous releases toward the minimalist sensibility of his late ‘70s ambient work. Employing tactics derived from his Oblique Strategies cards for guidance, the album utilized a variety of unconventional recording techniques and instrumental approaches, and made use of fewer lyrics.
♠°♠   Though the album failed to chart in the United States or the United Kingdom, Another Green World was initially met with high praise from critics. Contemporary reception of Another Green World has been very positive; several critics and publications have placed the album on lists of the top albums of all time.
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