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Brooke Waggoner — Originator (2013)

 Brooke Waggoner — Originator (2013)

Brooke Waggoner — Originator
Birth name: Bethany Brooke Waggoner
Born: May 30, 1984
Origin: Houston, Texas
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Album release: March 5, 2013
Record Label: Swoon Moon Music
Duration:     34:38
01. Shiftshape     4:33
02. Rumble     2:12
03. From the nest     3:49
04. Ink Slinger     3:02
05. Squint     3:07
06. Perish     3:15
07. Welspryng     3:42
08. Waterlogged     2:58
09. Canticle     1:34
10. Mixin' with the birdies     1:21
11. To love     5:06
Dan Brigham  Producer
Chad Howat  Mixing, Producer
Brooke Waggoner  Composer, Primary Artist, Producer
Website: http://www.brookewaggoner.com/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/brookewaggoner
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/brookewaggoner
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/brookewaggoner Neumos, Seattle, Washington, October 16, 2009
Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine  (Editor rating: ****)
Released in the spring of 2013, a few months after a stint in Jack White's touring band helped raise her profile, The Originator is a startling original second album from Brooke Waggoner. Previously, she flirted with tuneful singer/songwriter pop on her debut Heal for the Honey, then she got softer and grander on Go Easy Little Doves, but on The Originator gets weird, taking considerable risks with her compositions and arrangements. At first, the ornate yet rustic accouterments in the production are what are notable, but as their odd, halting rhythms start to make sense, the strong construction of the songs becomes apparent. There are hints of Fiona Apple, Tori Amos, and, yes, Jack White, yet Waggoner doesn't copy, she synthesizes, creating a gently wild, wholly compelling statement of purpose with her third album.
Biography by William Ruhlmann
Nashville-based pop/rock singer, songwriter, and keyboardist Brooke Waggoner self-released her debut EP, Fresh Pair of Eyes, in 2007. The same year, she sang on Kyle Andrews' EP Find Love, Let Go. Swoon Moon Music released her first full-length album, Heal for the Honey, in September 2008. The "post-evangelical" magazine Patrol named it the best "faith-inspired" album of the year. She followed with the self-produced Go Easy Little Doves on October 6, 2009, a record that performed well via digital mediums and the she toured behind the album, gaining attention through appearances on NPR's Mountain Stage and placements on television shows. A DVD called And the World Opened Up appeared in 2010, and while she gathered material for a third album, she teamed up with Jack White, who had her play on his 2012 solo debut Blunderbuss. Waggoner toured with White throughout 2012 and early in 2013 she released her third album, Originator.
REVIEW by D. Patrick Rodgers @dpatrickrodgers
A quick Google search reveals that the solo material of local singer-songwriter and Jack White sidewoman Brooke Waggoner has been tagged with the term "piano pop" on more than one occasion. And sure, she plays piano and delivers viciously infectious and proficiently sung hooks. But Waggoner lacks the sort of banality that the phrase "piano pop" might suggest. She's not making wedding-music-style schlock, or recycling Billy Joel or the quirky bounce-along poppery of Ben Folds or even Regina Spektor, and the closest she comes to a sappy or vaguely McCartney-esque ballad is the down-tempo "Squint." Even the longest, most dramatic moments on her brand-new Originator — as in album-closer "To Love," for instance — are just unpredictable and ominous enough to remain original.
With Originator, Waggoner favors action over inaction. "Don't believe in talking, useless talking," she warns in the punchy anti-pop burst of "Rumble." There's graceful tenacity here, and technical proficiency that's endless — yes, that's a clarinet, and that's a harp, and those are some rather impressive choral backing vocals in "From the Nest" and "Perish" — but not exhausting. Originator is ambitious, with asymmetrical arrangements adorned with playful piano runs and occasionally bombastic drums. But as multifaceted as it gets, and as much as its energy waxes and wanes, Originator is never overwrought or overplayed, and it always remains cohesive. Whether she's being plucky and defiant or playfully experimental, Brooke Waggoner sounds like Brooke Waggoner, and that's not something that can be adequately summed up with a simple "piano pop" tag.
Fortaken: http://www.nashvillescene.com
Heal for the Honey (2008)
Go Easy Little Doves (2009)
Originator (2013)
Fresh Pair of Eyes (2007)
And the World Opened Up (2010)
"Christmas Moon" (2008)
"Red-Robin Hood" (2010)
"Baby Shake-em" (2010)
"I Am Mine (remix)" (2010)
"So-So (original demo)" (2010)
"Rumble" (2013)

 © Photo credit: Owen Humphreys

Brooke Waggoner — Originator (2013)




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