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Cage the Elephant Unpeeled (28 Jul, 2017)

Cage the Elephant — Unpeeled (28 Jul, 2017)

             Cage the Elephant — Unpeeled (28 Jul, 2017)   Cage the Elephant — Unpeeled (28 Jul, 2017)δ¦δ       Je to odvážné, protože se zbavili drsných, špinavých a povětšinou speciálních elektrických efektů, díky nimž je kapela tak lákavá. Sonické vrstvy byly odloupnuty, čímž ještě více melodie vypluly na povrch — síla písničkářství teď stojí sama za sebe. Kentucky~based alternative rockers that earned surprising chart success in Britain, partly due to their Madchester sound. Popularita je tvrdohlavá bestie, nechť tak kapela překvapí prvoposluchače.
Location: Bowling Green, KY
Genre: Indie Rock
Album release: 28 Jul, 2017
Record Label: RCA
Duration:     81:38
01. Cry Baby     4:21
02. Whole Wide World     3:26
03. Sweetie Little Jean     3:26
04. Spiderhead     3:34
05. Take It Or Leave It     3:25
06. Too Late to Say Goodbye     4:00
07. Punchin’ Bag     3:35
08. Shake Me Down     3:30
09. Telescope     3:51
10. Instant Crush     5:09
11. Trouble     4:11
12. Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked     2:59
13. Rubber Ball     4:05
14. Aberdeen     2:54
15. Golden Brown     3:57
16. Cold Cold Cold     3:35
17. How Are You True     4:41
18. Come a Little Closer     3:45
19. Back Against the Wall     3:47
20. Cigarette Daydreams     3:27
21. Right Before My Eyes     4:40
•    Dan Auerbach Composer
•    Thomas Bangalter Composer
•    Ben Baptie Engineer, Mixing, Producer
•    Preston Barbare Strings
•    Jet Black Composer
•    Nick Bockrath Guitar (Ac), Pedal Steel, String Arrangements, Vocals (Background)
•    Avery Bright Strings
•    Jean Jacques Burnel Composer
•    Cage the Elephant Composer, Producer
•    Charles Callahan Strings
•    Julian Casablancas Composer
•    Jared Champion Drums
•    Dan Chertoff A&R
•    Hugh Cornwell Composer
•    Gina Corso Leader, Strings
•    Kyle Davis Percussion
•    Guy~Manuel de Homem~Christo Composer
•    Eric Goulden Composer
•    Dave Greenfield Composer
•    Alexander F. Grimes Strings
•    Austin Hoke Strings
•    Ryan Knotl Strings
•    Neil Krug Cover Art, Photography
•    Carl Larson Strings
•    Randy Merrill Mastering
•    Matthan Minster Guitar (Ac), Keyboards, Percussion, Vibraphone, Vocals (Bckground)
•    Kaitlin Moreno Strings
•    Emily Nelson Strings
•    Michael Polonchak Strings
•    Brad Shultz Guitar (Acoustic)
•    Matt Shultz Art Direction, Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals
•    Emma Kleinberg Singers Choir/Chorus
•    Natalie Spehar Strings
•    Daniel Tichenor Bass, Guitar (Acoustic)
•    Steve Trudell Choir Contractor, String Contractor
•    Andrea Vogt Strings
•    Kristin Weber Strings
•    Canadian Albums (Billboard)     #50
•    New Zealand Heatseekers Albums (RMNZ)     #10
•    US Billboard 200     #61
•    US Top Alternative Albums (Billboard)     #9
•    US Top Rock Albums (Billboard)     #11
•    Unpeeled features twenty~one tracks: eighteen curated songs from their past four albums plus three reimagined versions of existing songs.
•    The new album was recorded over a series of intimate shows in cities including Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Nashville where the band performed in a stripped down arrangement with a string quartet and additional percussion. Check out the new photo galleries by Citizen Kane Wayne from each show now.
•    Matt on the inspiration behind the album: “Many times you’re adding sonic layers looking for something to hide behind, and what you don’t realize is that that vulnerability and that nakedness might be the most compelling and interesting thing about the song.”
Album Review by Corrie Innes | 24 Jul 2017 | Score: ***
•    Recorded on Cage the Elephant’s “stripped down” Live and Unpeeled tour, with the new sound leading to mixed results.
•    Unpeeled was recorded on Cage the Elephant’s “stripped down” Live & Unpeeled tour, accompanied by a string section. It’s on their newer material, drawn from 2015’s Tell Me I’m Pretty and 2013’s Melophobia, that this approach proves most interesting; tracks like “Punching Bag” and “Spiderhead” gain an urgency and energy they just don’t have on record. Unpeeled gives the impression that these are the songs the way they were meant to sound first time around, breathing new life into tracks which are, to be honest, unremarkable in their original form.
•    Three covers make it onto the album. Wreckless Eric’s “Whole Wide World” is as infectious as the original but sped up slightly and given an injection of euphoric strings. Their reworking of “Golden Brown” by The Stranglers sounds lovely, but doesn’t really add much to the thousands of other versions out there, and Daft Punk’s “Instant Crush” is very pretty but a little too close to “overly sincere live~lounge effort” for comfort.
Listen to: Punching Bag, Spiderhead     •    http://www.theskinny.co.uk/
By Matt the Raven, Aug 07, 2017, Score: 8/10
•    http://www.undertheradarmag.com/reviews/cage_the_elephant_unpeeled
Website: https://www.cagetheelephant.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cagetheelephant
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cagetheelephant

Cage the Elephant Unpeeled (28 Jul, 2017)



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