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Cajsa Siik — Contra

Cajsa Siik — Contra (22 okt 2014)

Sweden                                                Cajsa Siik — Contra 
♠     Potřebuje populární hudba více eklektický zvuk ve snaze setřást řetězení scény a zároveň dát věci do pořádku? Jeden kandidát povýšil tento problém na výše uvedenou otázku. Je to švédská umělkyně jménem Cajsa Siik.
♠     “Sometimes it’s hard to talk about how I write because it’s so intuitive.”
♠     “I may use the words in a different way than a native speaker would do, but you work with what you’ve got.” — CS
Location: Stockholm, Umeå, Sweden
Album release: 22 okt 2014
Record Label: Birds Will Sing For You Enterprises / X5 Music Group
Duration:     27:33
01 Higher     2:59
02 Hollow     3:38
03 The Fix     3:23
04 Birds     4:00
05 Inside a Box     3:08
06 Kill It     2:39
07 Relentless Delight     2:38
08 Cold and Clear     5:08
09 Follow you down (Noisey Exclusive)
℗ 2014 Birds Will Sing For You Enterprises — X5 Music Group
♠     Foto: Elinor Wermeling
♠     "It's about the time. It takes for you to listen to your own beat. It's about trusting and getting to know the fear and the guts. To learn how to trust. It's about looking at your youth with the oldest of eyes. Seeing things in different lights. Getting to know the weight of the past that made us grow way to fast."
♠     Does popular music need a more eclectic sound in an effort to shake things up? One candidate to elevate this problem to the above question is Swedish artist Cajsa Siik. Deserting the predictable pounding dance sound of contemporary pop Siik has unleashed her album Contra to critical acclaim. Exuding the same haunting appeal as Kate Bush/Florence Welsh/Tori Amos and even a small bit of Madonna, Contra is a good example of modern art pop as a “commercial vehicle” its not trying to be overly artsy for the sake of it.
♠     The lead single Higher is a good choice to reel the new listener in, then unveiling the rest of the album with all of its masterful sonic moments. Birds is a beautiful song it is a very mellow ballad, it’s a sad song lamenting lost love but not in a predicable way.
♠     If you were expecting Caijsa to follow in the footsteps of fellow country women Robyn and Neneah Cherry with there dance/hip hop sound or even the bubble gum factory pop of Sweden of the past fifteen years or so — forget it! This album is a breath of fresh air in a very subtle way, yet the album has a very sombre overtone the dance beats don’t pulsate and the guitars don’t soar making it a nice mix.
♠     Relentless Delight is a jaunty number that shakes the album up a bit, the drums are dramatic and the song has a xylophone element to it which switches it up a bit leaving the sombre tone behind and adds more aggression to it. Cold and Clear is back to a slower mood her voice is clear and precise and is quite pleasant to listen to.
♠     Highlights of this collection are — Higer, Birds and Relentless Delight. ♠     http://www.puremzine.com/
♠     Swedish chanteuse Casja Siik is something of a unsung gem in Nordic music. With glitter–gulleted vox and indie panache she churns out stunning melodic content and rocky twinges. She’s on the brink of releasing her second long–player Contra, a record with glistening pop charm that might drag her from the murky undergrounds into the bright lights and bigger cities.
♠     Contra follows 2012's Plastic House. Like its predecessor, it's a pretty short–and–sweet full–length, numbering only eight tracks (one more than Plastic House), meaning it's easily digestible in one sitting. It's gone before you know it.
♠     Almost certainly the highlight of Contra is “Higher”, a single that preceded the LP proper. Her half–hushed whisper croon bounds across moonlit funk guitars and choppy percussion, bursting with earworm–y wiggles. The motorik pace and addictive calibre is more than enough to keep your mouse cursor hovering over the repeat button. It's pop, pure and simple, but it's intelligent enough to know when restraint can deliver a KO–blow as opposed to a limp thwack of perpetual beltery.
♠     There are plenty of other giant beacons of pop on the record though: “Inside A Box” melds Britpop guitars with '80s anthemics and Siik's breezy coo, and lead single “Relentless Delight” brandishes the jury–rigged trip–pop clank of dank piano jabs and stabs of swoony silk electro. “The Fix” — once more using a subtle funk to excellent effect — is less ostentatious, and despite sounding a bit much like Bon Iver's “Skinny Love” in the chorus, is more charming noise.
♠     The Stockholm–based artist can tone down the timbres too. “Birds” tugs at your heartstrings like First Aid Kit at their most traumatic. Flickering guitar harmonics and sparse percussion build the foundation from which Siik can sing along with strings, and despite the clear path for the track to follow and ramp up into epic grandeur, it halts just short, showing restraint. It's uncharacteristic compared to the rest of the record and her penchant for yanking the ripcord on huge sound, but it works well as a counterpoint to the energy of the rest of Contra. One might say that it's a nice... Contrast.
♠     Casja Siik's smorgasbord of wonderful audio delights is likely to pique interest. The calibre of the pop is fantastic, her ear for a sticky hook is as good as any other Scandinavian electro artist of the current era, and she manages to convey genuine emotion in her music. All the pieces are in the right place, ready to strike — they just need the signal. ♠  http://www.thelineofbestfit.com/
Website: http://www.cajsasiik.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CajsaSiik
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cajsasiik
Management: || Booking:
Interview: Tilly Dowman
♠     http://www.songwritingmagazine.co.uk/interviews/interview-cajsa-siik/21816
♠     Cajsa Siik is a Swedish artist hailing all the way from Stockholm. Her music has already been included in various American shows, such as Criminal Minds, The Michael J Fox Show, Awkward, Degrassi and Ravenswood. She has also recently teamed up with Tiger Lou’s producers Rolf Klinth and Calle Ekerstam, in order to work on and co–produce her latest album Contra, which got support from the likes of NME, Clash, Vice, Indie Shuffle, The Line of Best Fit, USA Today and numerous blogs around the world, as well as making it into the playlists of BBC6 Music, BBC2 and Amazing Radio.
♠     Contra is a great example of bringing the essence of art–pop to its full notion and restlessness. Cajsa Siik knows exactly how to remain sonically insatiable whilst still giving her listeners a solid foothold. Her sensual vocals are a clear contrast to the enigmatic and textured arrangements. They fit perfectly with the minimalistic orchestration that supports her every word from the very first bar.
♠     The overall production is contained yet exciting, with a steady rhythm of lead single “Higher pulsating in the background resembling somewhat Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know. The hand–tapping beats and Cajsa Siik’s captivating lyrics both leave the listener charmed and incapable of resisting the repeat button.
♠     This spring finds Cajsa releasing three new singles: “Follow You Down” (February), “State of Low” (March) and “Change of Heart” (April) as well as touring in Scandinavia and the UK.
♠     "Det handlar om tid. Det handlar om att våga rusa mot det vi inte vet något om. Det handlar om att växa upp för snabbt och om flykten som kanske leder oss hem."
♠     Så säger Cajsa Siik själv om ”Follow You Down”, en helt fristående singel som släpps bara drygt 3 månader efter studioalbumet ”Contra” (2014), vars ledsingel ”Higher” snurrade 9 veckor i rotation på P3 i höstas, nådde #1 på Studentradiolistan och nyss passerade 185 000 streams på Spotify.
♠     Sedan releasen har Cajsa hyllats i stora delar av världens stora musikmedia: NME: s ”buzz”–avdelning, Clash Magazine, BBC6, Vice/Noisey, The Line Of Best Fit, Under The Radar, USA Today, svenska storheter som P3 Musikguiden, Gaffa, PSL, ett snittbetyg på 4,1 på Kritiker.se.
♠     Debutalbumet ”Plastic House” (2012), som bland annat innehöll P3–roterande singeln "Was I Supposed To", gav Cajsa Siik ett mindre genombrott. Hennes musik har sedan dess fått spridning internationellt via radio, blogg och TV–serier som ”Criminal Minds”, ”The Royals”, "The Michael J Fox Show”, ”Awkward”, ”Degrassi” och ”Ravenswood”. De senaste åren har också innehållit turnédatum i både England, Tyskland och Frankrike.
♠     Under våren 2015 är Cajsa aktuell med Sverige–turné, som bland annat innehåller festivalstopp på Where’s The Music och Umeå Open.

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