Califone Sometimes Good Weather Follows Bad People (Expanded Edition) (2012)

 Califone — Sometimes Good Weather Follows Bad People (Expanded Edition) (2012)

Califone – Sometimes Good Weather Follows Bad People (Expanded Edition)  We are so very pleased to announce our 100th release. Califone's Sometime Good Weather Follows Bad People on double gatefold vinyl with 4 exclusive bonus tracks. Califone is one of our very favorite bands and we have put a little extra in this package for you all, including having the first 300 copies pressed on a lovely light blue vinyl...,  here now. 
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Album release: November 6th, 012
Record Label: Dead Oceans/Jealous Butcher Records (Vinyl)
Duration:     73:24 / 2xLP
01. On the Steeple with the Shakes (X-Mas Tigers)  5:04
02. Silvermine Pictures     2:31
03. Pastry Sharp     4:30
04. To Hush a Sick Transmission     2:16
05. Dime Fangs     2:53
06. Red Food Old Heat     0:37
07. Down Eisenhower Sun Up with Mule     9:31
08. To Hush a Sick Transmission [Unedit]     2:13
09. When the Snakehandler Slips     4:54
10. Electric Fence     6:34
11. St. Martha Let It Fold     3:09
12. Beneath the Yachtsman     4:03
13. Don’t Let Me Die Nervous     3:03
14. Dock Boggs     4:36
15. Bathwater*     5:34
16. June Rat*     3:54
17. Pastry Sharp*     4:32
18. A Horse-Sized Pill*     3:30  (* all songs unreleased) 
Tim Rutili
Ben Massarella
Joe Adamik
Jim Becker
Tim Hurley
Brian Deck
Ryan Hembrey
Danni Iosello
Griffin Rodriguez
Michael Krassner
Wil Hendricks
Eric Johnson
Gillian Lisee
Reid Coker
Mike McGinley
Alan Scaplone
Matt Fields
Doug Scharin
Phil Spirito
Joe Westerlund
¶  Califone is an experimental rock band from Chicago. The band is named after Califone International, an audio equipment manufacturer. Their work has been critically acclaimed.
¶  Califone has recently released an album and feature film, both of which are titled All My Friends Are Funeral Singers. The album was released October 6, 2009 on Dead Oceans. The feature film was made available this year, and the band's current tour features a live soundtrack to the film.
¶  All My Friends Are Funeral Singers is the follow-up album to 2006's Roots & Crowns, which The New York Times called "enthralling."
Website: / Jealous Butcher:
Root Crown Arts:
¶  A combination of the band’s first 2 EPs (both titled Califone), Sometimes Good Weather Follows Bad People was first released in 2002 with the bonus tracks tacked onto the end of it, as is typical with most reissues. But this material once deemed “extra” in this edition has been interwoven into the records, sandwiched in between them to serve as a bridge from one work to the next. The opening of former bonus song “To Hush a Sick Transmission (Unedited)” shares a cello-like drone with the end of “Down Eisenhower Sun Up with Mule”, which originally ended the first EP. When placed next to each other, the transition is seamless, taking listeners farther down a pitch black rabbit hole that hits bottom with the ominous fuzz of the second bonus track, “When the Snakehandler Slips”.A tiny bit of light seeps back into the tunnel as the next EP begins with “Electric Fence”. The ramshackle ambience is still there, but grows quieter, giving way to chain-gang twang with each subsequent song. The chaos nearly disappears on the final bundle of even more bonus material. “Bathwater” powered by a steady beat and actual chorus, and “June Rat” recalls In Utero-era Nirvana with its simple, muddy chords and Tim Rutili’s unfussy vocals. Instead of merely giving fans some previously unheard goodies, these final songs drive home the reissue’s thesis: discordance giving way to cohesion. Simply put, Califone gets more focused as the reissue goes on.
¶  Listeners will note that side one is the most jumbled, Ben Massarella’s kitchen sink percussion acting as the only constant. It holds together opener “On The Steeple With The Shakes (X-Mas Tigers)”, and continues to act as an amorphous glue across the rest of the songs. A mixture of primitive drum machines, stomps, and what might just be cutlery, the beats transmogrify as Rutili waxes surrealistic through a four-track: “Stepford Wives and Christmas tigers,” “motel sex still fresh on your hand,” “punctured houseboats in punch-drunk cases.” On their own, these images read as somewhat empty and obtuse, but when strung together, they paint a warped vision of the heartland, an exploration of weird commonalities in the suburban sticks. Califone would get more unified with their poetry on later release, particularly the pseudo-concept album King Heron Blues, but Good Weather… offers a fascinating glimpse of things to come.
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Califone Sometimes Good Weather Follows Bad People (Expanded Edition) (2012)