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Casey Mecija
Psychic Materials (2016)

Casey Mecija — Psychic Materials (January 12, 2016)

     Casey Mecija — Psychic Materials (January 12, 2016) Casey Mecija — Psychic Materials (January 12, 2016)•   “[It’s] is about loosening a tight grip on what you think you know about yourself,” she writes in an email to Chart Attack. “This song is about how the pursuit of knowledge can, in fact, be a pursuit of ignorance. Ignorance can admittedly makes us feel good, whereas reassessing what we think we know about something is sometimes frightening.  The more I attempt to know myself the more I come apart. Making this album taught me that coming apart is not necessarily a bad thing...it is a consequence of growth.”  When understanding fails, music consoles. There is always the chance that a dream revisits us, but there is also the impossibility of holding onto or recalling its details. These songs assemble emotions that live in disparate locations. They are pieces of dreams about queerness, memory, diaspora, history and love. Like an attempt to make sense of the residue of a dream, I hope that the imposition of a coherent narrative onto them is a necessary act but does not undermine their enigmatic qualities. These songs contain materials that help me to know who I am, all the while finding comfort in the places where knowing is not possible.
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Album release: January 12, 2016
Record Label: Independent
Duration:     34:33
1. This War Is More Than Us     3:36
2. Palms Lose      4:10
3. Gonna Gun      4:17
4. We Feel The Same      4:14
5. Condo City      3:57
6. Sounds That Mark Our Words      4:14
7. The Otherside of Concrete      4:59
8. Busted Heel      5:06
•   Produced by: Casey Mecija with Kieran Adams and Marcel Ramagnano
•   Mixed by: Marcel Ramagnano
•   Engineering and Recording: Marcel Ramagnano, Casey Mecija, Heather Kirby and Ryan Carley
•   Mastered by: Gavin Gardiner
•   Casey Mecija: Vox, Synths, Piano, Guitar, Sounds
•   Kieran Adams: Drums, Programming, Percussion, Sounds
•   Heather Kirby: Bass
•   Jeff Debutte: Guitar, Phonogene, Clarinet, Sounds
•   Ryan Carley: Piano, Synths
•   Jenny Mecija: Violin
•   Anissa Hart: Cello
•   Marcel Ramagnano: Programming
•   Casey Mecija has been a fixture in Toronto’s music scene for the last decade fronting the orchestral–pop band, Ohbijou.
•   Psychic Materials, Mecija’s first solo album, is a return to the DIY aesthetic that she long ago began to craft. It is brave in its address of queerness, diaspora, history and love. She offers her listeners assurance that music can give language to emotions not yet named.
By Joseph Mathieu • Published Jan 18, 2016 •  Score: 8
•   As if her melodious voice, emotive lyrics and songwriting weren’t beguiling enough, Casey Mecija has released her solo debut Psychic Materials with GIF artwork elements, too. Every song pulses with visual life to the beat of memories, mystery and love, and the poetry that so many Ohbijou fans have missed is woven throughout.
•   Psychic Materials is an atmospheric saga that envelops the senses with guitar, synths, percussion and violin. Although the essence of previous group work comes through (the album features frequent musical contributors Jeff DeButte, Heather Kirby, Anissa Hart, and Mecija’s sister Jenny) on tracks like “Palms Lose” and “Condo City,” this electro–pop delivery is much more personal — no doubt the product of Mecija writing the entire album alone. The opening verse on “Busted Heel” features a phone–recorded demo of piano and alternate lyrics that lend the song intimacy, and the excellent “Gonna Gun” finds its final form here after being released three years ago by Warm Myth, the project of Mecija and DIANA’s Kieran Adams. It’s on “Sounds That Mark Our Words,” though, that the album reaches its peak, starting with a sample of Mecija’s mother reflecting on her experiences of the Philippines, social class and labour as they are landing in Manila.
•   “To land in the Philippines beside my mother was an important moment for me as second–generation Filipino. This was one of my first visits to the country my parents call home and to a geography I’ve come to imagine as being integral to how I understand myself,” Mecija has said of the experience.
•   As Psychic Materials suggests, patience is the hard–won key to knowing one’s own mind, a place Mecija explores and allows us intimate access to on her wonderful new album. •   http://exclaim.ca/
Website: http://www.caseymecija.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/caseymecija
Bandcamp: https://caseymecija.bandcamp.com/releases

Casey Mecija
Psychic Materials (2016)



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