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Casual Strangers — Pink Panther (February 26, 2016)

Casual Strangers — Pink Panther (February 26, 2016)

  Casual Strangers — Pink Panther (February 26, 2016) 
)°—  As casual as you want to be. In a time of fragmented virtual reality, reduced privacy, more information, and less personal freedom, let your mind free with the natural psychedelics of Casual Strangers.
Recommended if You Like: Daniel Lanois, Harmonia, Oneohtrix Point Never. Casual music for the wandering mind. Instrumental sound panoramas and minimal electronic experiments that use synthesized textures to create back–to–nature moods where vintage electronics are counterbalanced by lap steel and acoustic guitar.
Location:  (AUSTIN, TX)
Genre/Style: Psychedelic / Avante–Garde
Album release: February 26, 2016
Record Label: Split Pursuit Records
Duration:     46:30
01. Holocene Dream     3:56
02. Cosmic Spaghetti     5:01
03. Kangarang     4:12
04. Brinca! Brinca!     2:45
05. Turing Test     7:12
06. Cosmic Jokers     3:20
07. Pink Panther     3:32
08. Lost Coast     2:39
09. Future Passed     3:10
10. Little Lids     10:44
)°—  Katey Gunn, lap steel guitar, synthesizers, triwave
)°—  Paul Waclawsky, electric & 12–string acoustic guitar, synthesizers, tape, drumulator 
)°—  Jaylinn Davidson, synthesizers, bass
)°—  Jake Mitchell, drums, machinedrum
♠   Casual Strangers are something of an enigma. Rather than scripting out the precise why’s and how’s, the band lets loose their creative energy to present a raw and independent performance moving from extended psychedelic solos to avant garde spoken word, interwoven with shoegaze reverb. After successfully self–releasing their debut record in 2014, Casual Strangers headed into a new direction, composing live instrumental sound panoramas and minimal ambient experiments for the wandering mind. The new album, Pink Panther, showcases the use of synthesized textures to create back–to–nature moods where vintage electronics are counterbalanced by lap steel and acoustic guitar. The album moves from full–on psychedelic instrumental rock to relaxed experimental ambient minimalism. Pink Panther will be released on a run of pink cassettes.
BY KEVIN CURTIN, 11:15AM, TUE. JAN. 19, 2016
)°—  “We gave ourselves space,” proclaims Paul Waclawsky, tracing Casual Strangers’ palpable evolution from experimental rockers to ambient instrumentalists. “Space from each other, from a recording studio, from the instruments we normally play in our live show.”
)°—  The Strangers’ second movement, a rose–colored cassette called Pink Panther, forgoes the skin–melting psychedelia and cheeky art–rock lyrics of the quartet’s eponymous 2014 debut in favor of meandering synth compositions and uncharted atmospheric jams. Credit the methodology: The bulk of the album resulted from analog home recording experiments in which tracks were constructed via round–robin improvisation on unusual instruments like a Farfisa synthesizer and 12–string guitar.
)°—  “It was like a game of telephone,” offers Waclawsky of Pink Panther’s minimalist rhapsodies. “This is what I hear, and this is what I put on the track.”
)°—  Another thread on the album draws from live sessions in which the entire band — Boxing Lesson alumni Waclawsky (guitars), Jaylinn Davidson (synths), and Jake Mitchell (percussion), plus ringer Katey Gunn (lap steel, synths) — embarks in off–the–cuff musical voyages in their loud, live band setup. Lead single “Holocene Dream,” the soundtrack to this oceanic color–trip video, draws from those recordings. Pink Panther, named after a potent formula of LSD, takes an instrumental spirit quest, and like all trips, the feeling lingers and informs everything thereafter.
)°—  “Perhaps this has been a detour so extreme it’s become a new direction,” allows Gunn. “We hope to incorporate this relaxed sound into our future projects.” — Austin Chronicle “Casual Strangers Trip Rhapsodic” January 19, 2016 )°—  http://www.austinchronicle.com/
Tumblr: http://casualstrangers.tumblr.com/
CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/casualstrangers2
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CasualStrangers

Casual Strangers — Pink Panther (February 26, 2016)



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