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Paul McCartney — New (2013)

 Paul McCartney — New (2013)

Paul McCartney — New

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Ξ   "I just started knocking something out on the piano, he started drumming to it, and I stuck a bit of bass on it and we had the basis of the song worked out." — McCartney on songwriting with Epworth, BBC News, August 2013
Ξ   Former Beatle who made up half of pop music's greatest songwriting partnership, then launched a successful solo career with impressive longevity.
Birth name: James Paul McCartney
Born: 18 June 1942, Liverpool, England
Location: UK
Notable instruments:
Höfner 500/1
Rickenbacker 4001S
Epiphone Texan
Fender Jazz Bass
Gibson Les Paul
Epiphone Casino
Martin D-28
Wal 5-String Bass
Album release: October 14th, 2013 (UK)
Recorded: Henson Recording Studios, Los Angeles; Avatar Studios, New York; Abbey Road Studios, Air Studios, Wolf Tone Studios, London; The Mill, East Sussex
Record Label: Virgin EMI Records (UK)/Hear Music (US)
Duration:     52:20
01 Save us     2:39
02 Alligator     3:27
03 On my way to work     3:43
04 Queenie eye     3:48
05 Early days     4:08
06 New     2:57
07 Appreciate     4:29
08 Everybody out there     3:21
09 Hosanna     3:30
10 I can bet     3:22
11 Looking at her     3:05
12 Road     4:36
13 Turned out     3:00
14 Get me out of here     3:28
15 Scared     2:49
Producer: Mark Ronson, Ethan Johns, Paul Epworth, Giles Martin
Editorial Reviews
Deluxe edition includes two bonus tracks. 2013 album from the singer/songwriter, former Beatle and the most successful musician in popular music history. New is Sir Paul's first album of new solo material in six years. The album was produced by Marc Ronson, Paul Epworth, Giles Martin and Ethan Johns. Features 'Save Us', 'Early Days', 'Everybody Out There' and 'New'.
Website: http://www.paulmccartney.com/
'NEW' by Paul McCartney:
01. Save Us (produced by Paul Epworth)
02. Alligator (produced by Mark Ronson)
03. On My Way To Work (produced by Giles Martin)
04. Queenie Eye (produced by Paul Epworth)
05. Early Days (produced by Ethan Johns with additional production by Giles Martin)
06. New (produced by Mark Ronson with additional production by Giles Martin)
07. Appreciate (produced by Giles Martin)
08. Everybody Out There (produced by Giles Martin)
09. Hosanna (produced by Ethan Johns)
10. I Can Bet (produced by Giles Martin)
11. Looking At Her (produced by Giles Martin)
12. Road (produced by Paul Epworth)
Deluxe includes bonus tracks:
13. Turned Out (produced by Ethan Johns with additional production by Giles Martin)
14. Get Me Out Of Here (produced by Giles Martin)
"It's funny, when I play people the album they’re surprised it’s me," McCartney said of the project. "A lot of the tracks are quite varied and not necessarily in a style you'd recognize as mine. I didn't want it to all sound the same. I really enjoyed making this album. It's always great to get a chance to get into the studio with a bunch of new songs and I was lucky to work with some very cool producers. We had a lot of fun." — Paul
Review by Stephen Thomas ErlewineRating: ****½
At its quietest moments, 2007's Memory Almost Full played like a coda to Paul McCartney's illustrious career; he seemed comfortable residing in the final act of his legend, happy to reflect and riff upon his achievements. Such measured meditation is largely absent from 2013's New, the first collection of original material he's released since 2007. New lives up to its title, finding McCartney eager, even anxious, to engage with modern music while simultaneously laying claim to the candied, intricate psychedelia of latter-day Beatles. Five decades into his career, reinvention isn't expected from McCartney, so the shock arrives in the avenues Paul chooses to follow and, here, he's enthusiastically embracing modernism and pop art. He brings in Mark Ronson, the producer best-known for hits by Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen, to add a bit of modern snazz, but sharp guy that he is, McCartney knows that contemporary pop albums are created by a fleet of producers, so Paul Epworth, a collaborator of Adele, Foster the People, and Florence & the Machine, is hired along with Ethan Johns (a veteran of Kings of Leon and Laura Marling) and Giles Martin (the son of Beatles producer George Martin), each enlisted to give New a crisp, clean sheen. There are a lot of cooks in the kitchen but the chef is undoubtedly McCartney, with every song — from the kaleidoscopic title track to the delicate folk of "Hosanna" and the pounding, overstuffed "I Can Bet" — bearing his unmistakable stamp. From the moment it opens with the insistent, propulsive "Save Us," this is a bright, vivid pop album, robust with color and so confident in its swagger that its assurance is almost distracting. Macca is determined to dazzle: not only are the melodies bold but the production is over-saturated so his pop pops in a way it hasn't in years, not since the days when a Top 40 single was a genuine possibility. Paul isn't chasing a hit single but rather embracing pop as a vital, vivacious life force, which makes the presence of "Early Days" all the more baffling. A stark acoustic recounting of the dawn of the Beatles, McCartney seems uncharacteristically defensive here as he wonders how anybody who wasn't in Hamburg could possibly tell tales of the Fab's origins, strangely tone-deaf to how he and his band have turned into myth. But that unwillingness to accept his role in history books also gives New its nerve, letting McCartney create music that is thoroughly within his lineage but cleverly modern, eschewing nostalgia for a vibrant present. That's why New is one of the best of McCartney's latter-day records: it is aware of his legacy but not beholden to it even as it builds upon it.

Paul McCartney — New (2013)




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