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Dora Juárez Kiczkovsky — Cantos Para Una Diáspora (2013)

 Dora Juárez Kiczkovsky — Cantos Para Una Diáspora (2013)

Dora Juárez Kiczkovsky Cantos Para Una DiásporaOfficial logo Tais Awards 2014 NOMINATED ALBUMS
Ξ  Radical Jewish Culture
Ξ  Vocalist Dora Juarez in her second Tzadik album, a collection of intriguing and beautiful songs tracing her lineage from her parent's roots in Eastern Europe and Spain, on to Argentina, Israel (where Dora was born) and finally to Mexico.
Location: Mexico City
Album release: February 2013/April 15, 2013
Recorded by Juan Sosa Rosell at La Cueva del Oso, Mexico City, Mexico. Additional recording by Rodrigo Robles.
Record Label: Tzadik
Catalog ID: 8173
Duration:     56:20
01 A La Una Yo Nací     4:19
02 Una Tarde De Verano     4:23
03 Una Matica De Ruda     4:19
04 Por Qué Yorash?     5:57
05 La Serena     7:26
06 La Rana     2:59
07 Hixa Mía     3:10
08 Yo M'enamorí D'un Aire     4:02
09 Las Tres Morillas     5:05
10 Morenica     4:08
11 Durme     10:32
•  Dora Juárez Kiczkovsky: Voice, Kalimba, Thai Mouth Harp, Kazoo, Cymbals, Whales, Waves, Frogs, Wind
•  Francisco Bringas: Drums, Percussion, Throat Singing, Toads, Vocal Tabla
•  Fernando Vigueras: Guitar, Vocal Percussion
Special Guests:
•  Carlos Maldonado: Double Bass
•  Yurief Nieves: Accordion
•  Leo Soqui: Accordion, Vocal Percussion
•  Juan Pablo Villa: Vocals
•  Francisco Bringas  Drums, Percussion, Throat Singing
•  Heung-Heung Chin  Design
•  Scott Hull  Mastering
•  Dora Juárez Kiczkovsky  Arranger, Cymbals, Kalimba, Kazoo, Producer, Vocals, Wind
•  Carlos Maldonado  Double Bass, Guest Artist
•  Yurief Nieves  Accordion, Guest Artist
•  Rodrigo Robles  Engineer, Mixing
•  Juan Sosa Rosell  Engineer, Mixing
•  Leo Soqui  Accordion, Guest Artist, Vocal Percussion
•  Kazunori Sugiyama  Associate Producer
•  Pedro Roquero Tejeda  Photography
•  Traditional  Composer
•  Fernando Vigueras  Arranger, Guitar, Producer, Vocal Percussion
•  Juan Pablo Villa  Guest Artist, Vocals
•  John Zorn  Executive Producer
Ξ   Dora Juárez Kiczkovsky is a brilliant young vocalist whose first CD on Tzadik with the trio Muna Zul was released to great acclaim in 2003.
Ξ   On Cantos Para Una Diáspora she steps out on her own to create a fascinating musical journey exploring her own Jewish identity.
Ξ   Tracing her lineage from her parent’s roots in Eastern Europe and Spain, on to Argentina, Israel (where Dora was born) and finally to Mexico where she was raised and still lives, this is an intensely personal and passionate Jewish story told through traditional Sephardic songs in Ladino and Yiddish.
Ξ   About their first album John Zorn said: “FEATURING THREE BEAUTIFUL YOUNG WOMEN SINGING CREATIVE NEW LATINO MUSIC, MUNA ZUL IS AN EXCITING A CAPELLA VOCAL TRIO FROM MEXICO CITY. SEAMLESSLY INTERWEAVING MEXICAN FOLK THEMES WITH POP ROCK AND WORLD BEAT, THEIR MUSIC IS CHARMING AND INFECTIOUS. THIS IS A CD YOU WILL RETURN TO AGAIN AND AGAIN, FINDING NEW DELIGHTS WITH EACH LISTENING." Muna Zul es un trío de mujeres que cantan juntas desde el 2001. Su género musical se define como indefinible… Pero ellas con sus voces cantan, susurran, gritan, ríen, maullan, percuten, estiran y encogen.
Website: http://www.dorajuarezkiczkovsky.com/
Label: http://www.tzadik.com/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58uzw9mybg4
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dora-Ju%C3%A1rez-Kiczkovsky/337866293001439?fref=ts

Dora Juárez Kiczkovsky — Cantos Para Una Diáspora (2013)




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