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Mark Nauseef, Ikue Mori, Evan Parker, Bill Laswell Near Nadir (2011)

Mark Nauseef, Ikue Mori, Evan Parker, Bill Laswell – Near Nadir
Tzadik is proud to present this historic meeting of four major figures in the new music pantheon, each a master improviser and groundbreaking instrumentalist in their own right. Their work together is symbiotic, telepathic—the music powerful and sensitive, sustaining a hypnotic mood with great attention to detail and subtle nuance. Mixed to perfection by Bill Laswell, this is a landmark recording of electro-acoustic improvisation featuring four pioneers of the genre.Mark Nauseef (born June 11, 1953, in Cortland, New York, United States), is a drummer and percussionist who has enjoyed a varied career, ranging from rock music during the 1970s with his time as a member of the Ian Gillan Band and, temporarily, Thin Lizzy, to a wide range of musical styles in more recent times, playing with many notable musicians from all over the world.

Born:  11 June 1953, Cortland, New York, United States
Website: http://adagio.calarts.edu/~snakes/nauseef/










Record Label: http://www.tzadik.com/

Bill Laswell: Basses
Ikue Mori: Electronics
Evan Parker: Soprano Sax
Mark Nauseef: Bent Metal, Meditation Bells, Chinese Drums, Woodblocks, Tom-tom
01. Majuu
02. Valhalla
03. In Gold Mesh
04. Orbs
05. Nooks
06. Funnel Drone
07. Yuga Warp
08. Near Nadir
09. Ternary Rite +
10. Flo Vi Ru Dub
Cat. # 7636
Released: Aug 2011
Length - 45:26
US Price: $16.00

Ikue Mori MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/ikuemorimusic 

photo by Minoru Hatanaka in My Photos by  Photo: Minoru Hatanaka

photo by Chippy (Heung-Heung Chin) Ikue Mori

 photo by Chippy (Heung-Heung Chin)

photo by Scott Irvine - www.scottirvine.net Ikue Mori
Photo by Scott Irvine
Mark Nauseef, Lotte Anker, Silvie Courvoisier the screens in the back are an artwork of Siegfried a. Frühauf
Mark Nauseef; Kudsi Erguner; Markus Stockhausen; Bill Laswell - No Matter (2008) / Avant - Garde, Ambient, Meditative
*Mark Nauseef: meditation bells, gongs
*Kudsi Erguner: ney
*Markus Stockhausen: trumpet, flugelhorn
*Bill Laswell: fretless bass, sitar bass, sounds

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