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Cat. N° 2 - Band  (Part II.)


 Žánr / Genre: Free

Členové / Members:
Markéta Foukalová * vox
Miroslav Hloucal * trumpet
Viliam Béreš * piano
Mirek Šmilauer * guitar
Rastislav Uhrik * bass
Martin Kopřiva * drums
Lukáš Martinek * sound
Petr Kalfus * sax
Vladan Maliniak String Quartet
Petr Ostrouchov * animal
Aleš Najbrt * design
Václav Jirásek * photos
Rodné město / Location: Prague
Nahrávací společnost / Record label: Animal Music
Lanugo’s music is a mosaic of all the musical forces which have influenced the individual members, a blend of the music which they all listen to, once played and now create. It is color, creativity and room for improvisation, but also a clear direction determined by the power of the musical personalities of all the members, including the one whose neck is most on the line, frontwoman Markéta Foukalová. Like every mature artist, she lends a touch of originality to any group she works with, making her name a guarantee of a unique experience.

The band is currently concentrating on preparing material for their first album, which is planned for release in 2009.



Rezervační agent:
Nejbližší koncerty skupiny Lanugo:
29. 01. 2011

Jazz Dock

07. 04. 2011


08. 04. 2011


09. 04. 2011
Český Těšín


10. 04. 2011


12. 04. 2011


13. 04. 2011

Dundee Jam

14. 04. 2011
Kuřim u Brna  
15. 04. 2011
Sato-San To
Author: Pavel Tichý
by Pavel Tichý
Jaromír Honzák
by Nicky / Veronika Vlachová
New wind from jazz scenery
 Experimental jungle nu-jazz with oriental influences

TOM HERIAN alias Drama Jacqua comes from a family of musicians. He was born on August 7, 1980 in Teplice, Czech Republic, where he also graduated from musical conservatory, specializing in drums and percussion. He has been beating the drum set since early childhood and is currently involved in several musical projects (S.O.I.L, Segundo, Feng Jung Song & Trio PUO, Montage, WNP, Sketa Fotr..). He currently lives and makes music in Prague. It may be said that Jacqua's drumming specialty are grooves of broken fast-paced beats, often described as Jungle or D'n'B. He is inspired by players deeply rooted in today's rather broad and undefined style of jazz music. Furthermore, Tom Herian is extensively engaged in composition of electronic music and working with sound. He has experimented in this field since the end of the 90's. Herian's solo project in experimental electronic music, Drama Jacqua, is turning out to be the theme of the day. Yet another range of electronic experiment possibilities opens with the up and coming formation Montage, a balanced duet of samples and the voice of a young and promising singer, Klára Vytisková. In the future, Montage is to perform as a live band, combined with an electronic backbone. It would be most unfair not to mention the Segundo band, Drama being one of its founding members, employing the skills of an electronic magician here as well. The band is built on live performance (sax, bass, drums) and computer electronic music played out of a single audio deck. Nowadays, Jacqua focuses mainly on an electro-jazz-pop band called S.O.I.L. It is nothing new on Prague"s jazz scene. A new album is being released in spring.

OSKAR TÖRÖK was born 1980 in Humenné (SVK). After studies at the Classical Conservatory of Kosice and Bratislava, Slovakia moved to Prague where he studied at the Jaroslav Jezek Musical Conservatory. He has been engaged in many different projects ranging from dance music to bebop: NUO, Vertigo Quintet, MUFF, DJ Blue, Jaromir Honzak, Alan Vitous, Miriam Bayle, Ondrej Stveracek quintet, Zuzana Dumkova Band, Pavel Fajt, Bucinatores tentet, Musica Vizita, Karel Ruzicka, Martin Zbrozek etc. Apart from playing the trumpet, Oskar is a fine piano player and composer.
His diskography:
Vertigo Quintet – Vertigo Quintet (Amplión Records, 2005)
Vertigo Quintet – Live U Staré Paní (Amplión Records, 2006)
NUO – Multimusic Minibigband (Arta 2HP, 2004)
Triny – Aven (Indies Records, 2006)
Jan Burian – Dívčí Válka (Indies Records, 2006)
Tara Fuki – Auris (Indies Records, 2007)

JAROMÍR HONZÁK graduated from the Conservatory of Teplice in 1982, and completed additional studies at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. He has performed with virtually all of the major figures of the Czech jazz scene and with many international artists such as Bill Hardman, Phil Wilson, Art Farmer, Victor Lewis, Amina Claudine Myers and Jorge Rossy. He has performed at a number of international festivals including Sea Jazz Helsinki, Ingolstadter Jazztage, Leverkusener Jazztage, the Jazz Jamboree Warsaw, and the Montreal International Jazz.
Jaromír has documented his work as a bandleader, bassist and composer on four recordings. His compositions and recordings have been awarded numerous prizes both in the Czech Republic and abroad. His last two CD's "A Question to All Your Answers" (Animal Music) and "Present Past" (Indies records) were both awarded the Angel prize for the best Czech jazz CD of the year (2007 and 2003). Jaromir's composition "Constant Struggle" from Present Past is featured in The European Real Book (Sher Music).
Jaromír leads two bands - the Czech-Polish group, the Jaromír Honzák Quartet, and quartet called Face of the Bass, and is the chairman of the jazz department (VOŠ JAZZ) at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory in Prague.
Žánr / Genre:
experimental jungle nu-jazz with oriental influences
Členové / Members:
THOM HERIAN aka Drama Jacqua - drums, samples & synthesizers, composer
OSKAR TÖRÖK - trumpet, keys, composer
JAROMÍR HONZÁK - bass, composer
občasní hosté / additional guests:
Rodné město / Origin: Teplice, Humenné, Prague


Management & booking.
Veronika Vlachová
[email protected],
tel.: 775 977 866
Genre: Celtic / Folk Rock / Roots Music
Location: Prague

Taliesyn produkuje osobitou esenci world music, folku, rocku, keltské hudby a jazzu a těží z tradice angloamerického písničkářství i českomoravského folkloru. To vše za podpory „tradičních" akustických nástrojů, jako jsou bouzouki, akustická kytara, mandolína, flétna, či housle, ale také elektrických kláves (hammondky, fender piano, syntezátory) a hutné jazz-rockové rytmiky. Základním stavebním kamenem je přirozený skladatelský talent frontmana Jana Bičovského, pokusy o ohlas středoevropského folkloru druhého ze zakladatelů skupiny Vojtěcha Jindry (také Before Breakfast, Irish Dew a Bran) a aranžerský vklad kapelníka a flétnisty Roberta Fischmanna (Before Breakfast, Irish Dew, Bran atd.). V současné sestavě skupiny také účinkuje ústřední aktér českého zpracování velké hudební show The Wall od Pink Floyd - basista Filip Benešovský (také Neřež, Marie Rottrová, Roman Dragoun and his Angels...a jiné) a profesor Konzervatoře Jaroslava Ježka Jiří Neužil.


The Prague-based TALIESYN, named for the semi-mythical Welsh bard and patron of wizards, got together in the late 90’s with the aim of taking up the best of the anglophone folk scene of the 60’s and 70’s -- namely the legendary British outfit Pentangle. Gradually, TALIESYN steered in the direction of an idiosyncratic folk-rock fusion.

The band draws heavily on the songwriting talents of the lead singer Jan Bicovsky, the echoes of Central European folklore in the songs by Vojtech Jindra and the arrangements by the bandleader Robert Fischmann. In 2000 and 2001, the demo disks titled “Taliesyn” and “Four Flavours” came out. The line-up then underwent some changes, including the adoption of a drum kit, as opposed to the percussion set used in the previous years, which ultimately led to a more vigorous sound, fusing elements of folk, Celtic music, Czech and Moravian folklore, jazz and rock. The instrumentation remains largely “traditional”, with staple instruments such as acoustic guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, flute and violin, later complemented by the electric colours of the synthesizers, Hammond organ and Fender Rhodes. The current line-up includes Filip Benesovsky on the bass and vocals, Jiri Neuzil on the keyboards and Radim Chrobok on the drums. The brand-new album "Zvesela!" is about to be released in spring/summer 2010.

 Jan Bičovský - zpěv, bouzouki
Robert Fischmann - flétny, píšťaly, ewi, zpěv
Vojtěch Jindra - kytary
Filip Benešovský - baskytara, zpěv
Jiří Neužil - klávesy
Radim Chrobok - bicí

Vojtech Jindra - music agency
phone: +420603390194
web: www.keltskahudba.cz


Daniela Slezáková
phone: +420736712720

phone: +420777293840

MZ Trio

„Markéta Zdeňková s kapelou“

Balbínka zima 2009


Balbínka zima 09_5

Genre: Folk, Jazz, World

Location: Prague

Members: Markéta Zdeňková (zpěv, kytara, pohádky)
Zdeněk Zdeněk (klávesy, vtipy)
Vašek Mašek (basová kytara, taky vtipy)
Kateřina Janálová (housle, chrastítko)




Nejbližší koncerty:

28. 12. 2010 - 21h Blues Sklep (Liliová 10, Praha 1, http://www.bluessklep.cz/); Markéta jako host u Elišky Ptáčkové; piano Zdeněk Zdeněk; trombon, zpěv Štěpán Janoušek 

7. 1. 2011 21,30 U Malého Glena (Karmelitská 23, http://malyglen.cz)

26. 1. 2011 20h Rybanaruby (Mánesova 87, Praha 2, www.rybanaruby.net), host: houslistka Katka Janálová

News & Actualities

Leona Naess – Thirteens
Gang of Four – Content [2011]
Emily Elbert – Proof [2010]
PJ Harvey - Let England Shake (track-by-track)
Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson
Prodávat svou hudbu snadno online?
J. Roddy Walston and the Business
Adrienne Pauly
Pro-Ject Audio / Pro-Ject RM 1.3 Turntable
Adele – 21 (German Ltd. Ed./Incl. Bon. Trcks)
Simon Raymonde – Blame Someone Else
Vladivojna La Chia


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