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Catherine MacLellan
The Raven’s Sun

Catherine MacLellan – The Raven’s Sun (August 19, 2014)

Canada Catherine MacLellan — The Raven’s Sun
ξ→   The Raven’s je plná jemných melodií a působivého skládání. Je tu trochu víc, než kytary, housle, zvuk nějaké slabší stopy mandolíny a lehké bicí. Kritici chválili její emocionální upřímnost jako textařky, ucho pro podmanivé melodie a komplexní směs důvěry a křehkosti v jejím hlase.
Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada
Album release: August 19, 2014
Record Label: IDLA/True North Records
Duration:     43:47
01 The Raven’s Sun     3:19
02 Don’t Call Me Stranger     3:36
03 Tell Me Luella     5:09
04 Gone Too Soon     2:36
05 Jack’s Song     4:16
06 Beneath The Lindens     4:42
07 Rushing Winding Wind     3:54
08 Left On My Own     4:55
09 Frost In The Hollows     4:05
10 Hold On     3:35
11 Winter Spring     3:40
2014 Catherine MacLellan
ξ→  The Raven’s Sun takes the listener further along Catherine’s journey in song, delving deeper into the territories of life, death and transformation. Produced by her long–time musical partner Chris Gauthier, The Raven’s Sun shines a light on their musical chemistry and catches them both at their best.
ξ→  Recorded in the woods outside of Woodstock, NY by GRAMMY Award–winning Danny Blume, it features stellar guest performances by Nashville fiddler Andy Leftwich. This album is another reminder that Catherine’s songwriting and musicianship are unparalleled among performers of her generation.
ξ→  Well it feels like a long time since my last album came out and we’ve been working hard on making the new one everything we wanted it to be…
ξ→  Recorded mostly in Woodstock NY with the wonderful and talented Danny Blume, Chris and I traveled down with our bass player hero — Remi Arsenault…
ξ→  We kept the album sparsely instrumented, Chris and I on guitars and vocals, Remi on bass and Nashville fiddler Andy Leftwich on a few tracks.
ξ→  We’re so happy with how it has all turned out and hope you will enjoy it!
Our first shows to celebrate the new release are:
ξ→  August 26, Halifax NS — The Carleton
ξ→  August 30, Charlottetown, PE — The Mack
Here is our press release for the Raven’s Sun:
ξ→  In the creation stories of many Pacific Coast First Nations, the Raven is the being who brings light to the world.
ξ→  For Catherine MacLellan, the allusion of light-into-darkness was so perfectly suited to the theme of her new album that she borrowed the reference for the album’s title.
ξ→  The Raven’s Sun is a collection of songs that reflect the brighter place Catherine finds herself in these days, thanks in part to her happy musical and personal partnership with guitarist Chris Gauthier and an emerging sense that she’s gaining the upper hand in her lifelong battle with depression.
ξ→  Songs such as “Winter Spring,” about the beauty in the changing of the seasons; “Rushing Winding Wind,” a toast to the support network that gets us through hard times; and the title track, about having the confidence to find a healthy romance, all contribute to the album’s breezy summery feel. “Hold On” even sees Catherine reaching out to support a friend going through a hard time — a testament to her own relative sense of sure-footedness these days.
ξ→  It’s the first album she and Chris have made together without a band — just the two of them with Chris at the helm as producer. It was recorded to tape using analogue gear.
ξ→  Catherine’s wistful, unadorned vocals and Chris’ sublime fret-work create a profoundly intimate sound, one that at last captures the easygoing acoustic feel of their live show on record. There’s just a hint of bass and fiddle as accents. Nothing to distract from the seemingly effortless beauty of Catherine’s song-craft.
ξ→  The daughter of Canadian song-writing royalty, Catherine has proven herself a deserving heir to her father’s legacy ever since being named the Favourite New Discovery of 2008 in the Penguin Eggs folk magazine Critic’s Poll. She’s won two East Coast Music Awards, a Canadian Folk Music Award and four Music PEI Awards, and she’s topped the iTunes folk charts.
ξ→  Critics have praised her emotional honesty as a songwriter, her ear for a captivating melody, and the complex mixture of confidence and fragility heard in her voice.
ξ→  “Quiet soulfulness” is how the Boston Herald described her sound.
ξ→  “A bluesy low-soprano with a refreshing lack of pop artifice,” said Vintage Guitar magazine.
ξ→  “She pens lyrics which speak simply but most eloquently to matters of heart and mind,” wrote the Guardian, “and sets those lyrics to melody lines that are often hauntingly beautiful, but which can, when she’s in a lighter mood, literally dance across the senses.”
ξ→  Exclaim wrote of her last album, Silhouette, “the fact that this is a near-hour-long album devoid of filler is a testimony to MacLellan’s ascent to greatness.”
Canadian Catherine MacLellan's album The Raven's Sun is full of fine melodies and impressive songwriting.
By Martin Chilton, Culture Editor online, 7:59AM BST 18 Aug 2014
Score: ****
ξ→  Catherine MacLellan, the daughter of the late Canadian folk giant Gene MacLellan (who wrote Snowbird), has an impressive haul of awards for her songwriting and she is as impressive as ever on Don't Call Me A Stranger, one of 11 songs on her fine new album The Raven's Sun.
ξ→  MacLellan has a sweet and powerfully expressive voice and she combines really well with the excellent guitar playing of producer Chris Gauthier (acoustic and electric). ξ→  Don't sink too far into their beautiful melodies, though, because the lyrics throughout are deft and moving, as on Gone Too Soon. Rémi Arsenault plays bass and Andy Leftwich and Jay Ungar guest on fiddles on The Raven's Sun.
MacLellan deserves wider recognition. (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/)
Reviewer: Greg Johnson
ξ→  Hailing from Prince Edward Sound in Canada Catherine MacLellan sounds as though she has absorbed some of that lost wilderness deep into her soul. What we have here is eleven simple songs that just beg to be played on those lazy Sunday mornings before you go off for your afternoon stroll. There’s little more on this album other than guitars, fiddle, voice some traces of mandolin and light percussion.
ξ→  Don’t let that put you off though as Catherine’s smokey sultry voice will draw you into these songs and you’ll soon find yourself absorbed by the tales of lost and dispossessed souls set in some simple musical textures like ‘Jack’s Song’ that begins with some sinister sounding guitar with a slinky fiddle alongside and a suggestion that ξ→  “You’ve got to own what you do because you cannot take it back” with some echoey guitar reinforcing the idea. The fiddle playing is light and dexterous and the song has a nice dream like feel to it that will bring you back for repeated listens.
ξ→  The following tune ‘Beneath the Lindens’ is a delicate number with some aching fiddle playing and a gentle acoustic guitar that brings an implicit sadness to this solemn song of death and loss. ‘Frost in the Hollows’ is a beautiful tune with just a Mexican style acoustic guitar enhancing the lovely melody and an aching vocal. With images of the ‘moon shining on a silver breeze’ and an understated backing voice it’s one the highlights of this charming album and demonstrates Catherine’s stunning clear voice. ξ→  ‘Hold on’ continues in much the same vein with a steely vocal and a song of determination to get you through the hard times with the help of those you love ‘I’ll do my best to catch you when you fall’ sings Catherine with just a lilting guitar to support her supple voice.
ξ→  For a testament to all the good points of this album look no further than the title track, ‘The Raven’s Sun’, that highlights the excellent acoustic playing of Chris Gauthier who’s been playing alongside Catherine for some time now. The track just features guitar and voice and is all the better for that real simplicity that allows you to just lean back into that lovely melody. It’s that combination that holds this fine record together and it’s that combination that will have me making return trips to this one.
Fortaken: http://nemmblog.com/
Website: http://www.catherinemaclellan.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CatMacLellan
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/catherinemaclellanmusic
Label: http://www.truenorthrecords.com
Press: Cristin North Records
Agent: Bob Wilson


Catherine MacLellan
The Raven’s Sun




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