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Cattle & Cane — Mirrors (5 May 2017)

Cattle & Cane — Mirrors (Friday 5th May, 2017)

             Cattle & Cane — Mirrors (Friday 5th May, 2017)   Cattle & Cane — Mirrors (Friday 5th May, 2017)→↔★   Indie folk band made up of family members, producing rich melodies amidst heartfelt songs.
→↔★   The band have been building their reputation via radio and live shows across the UK, including an appearance at Hyde Park. They’re even launching their own brand of tea with an award~winning tea house from their native Middlesbrough.
Formed: 2009 in Middlesbrough, Yorkshire, England
Location: Middlesbrough ~ Teesside, England, UK
Styles: Alternative Singer/Songwriter, Indie Folk, Alternative/Indie Rock
Album release: Friday 5th May, 2017
Record Label: Quiet Crown Recordings
Duration:     41:47
01 Love on Your Hands     4:15  
02 7 Hours     3:38  
03 Fool for You     3:13  
04 Dealing with the Devil     4:59  
05 Time to Get It over With     4:08  
06 Make Your Vision     4:05  
07 Paper Man     5:55  
08 Saviour     3:43  
09 I’ve Been Silent     3:39  
10 Tonight We Dance (Cleveland Hills)     4:12
≡   Cattle & Cane are comprised of singer~songwriter
♠•♠   Joseph Hammill and three other Hammills: his sister
♠•♠   Helen (Vocals), brothers
♠•♠   Fran (Guitar) and
♠•♠   Vin (Bass), and “outsider”
♠•♠   Tom Chapman (drums).
›    Mixed — ICP Recording Studios
›    Produced — ICP Recording Studios
›    Mastered — Abbey Road Studios
›    Mastered — Frank Arkwright
›    Mixed — Patrick Jordan (2) (tracks: 3)
›    Producer — Joe Hammill (tracks: 3)
›    Producer, Mixed — Luuk Cox (tracks: 1,2,4~10)
›    Cream vinyl limited to 500. Only available from the band or sound it out records Stockton~on~Tees.
›    “You can say things in an unfiltered way to your siblings which you never could with non~siblings. It’s a good thing because there’s no skirting around an issue — you just tackle it straight on. None of us get too upset and generally we are nice to each other!“ said Joe. “Being siblings in a band has its pros and cons, but there’s definitely more pros. We’re best friends most of the time…” added Helen.
›    Joe, Helen, Fran and Vin grew up together listening to a lot of different music at home and that upbringing has undoubtedly helped shape the band’s sound. “I remember listening to lots of 70s stuff like Gerry Rafferty, 10CC, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell and still love all that stuff now. I absolutely loved — and still do — Sinatra. The songwriters, arrangements and his voice are just incredible and still stand out today,” said Joe.
›    “My favourite era is the 60s — I love Bridget Bardot, Pattie Boyd, Jane Birkin, the Supremes and anyone that wore their hair big and skirts short! They look so glamourous, yet effortless. Musically, I’ve always been a big Fleetwood Mac and Beatles fan,” explained Helen.
→↔★   A room full of Mirrors can be the most illuminating tool, it can capture light and throw it around like truths in a wilderness of tangled lies, it can show the flaws and imperfections, it can enhance the reflection and make it whole; depending on which way you look at anything in one, you can see yourself clearly and all that you are.
→↔★   Mirrors and art, two sides of the same but hefty coin, both require the foresight to believe in what is being created is not an illusion, not a representation of fantasy, it is the deep down fear that we have got it right all along, that what we portray for others, is actually us, that what see in the mirror is the person and the skin we inhabit is actually the fantasy. Cattle & Cane’s album Mirrors is a luxuriant affair, a seamless weave, the polished symbol of the intimate and the illustrated desire, all brought to life in reflection and addition to the cause. It is the cause that has seen Cattle & Cane become not just hot property, but the sizzling delight of the little black dress and the fully kitted out tartan ensemble being seen arm in arm on a couple in love. Mirrors don’t distort the truth, they don’t enhance it, they just simply show allegiance to what is there; the representation of truth is accuracy and one that Cattle & Cane fully utilise and offer as an honest mark of musical enlightenment.
→↔★   In tracks such as 7 Hours, Fool For You, Make Your Vision and I’ve Been Silent, Joe and Helen Hammill show with natural grace the absolute point of harmony and the rare ability to make sure it is heard beyond the whisper that wind carries in the darkness. Such is the projection of natural light, of the endeavour of purpose that the songs sing with classic poise and never let go of the thought that it is the reflection of the band’s imagination that makes the songs absolutely real.
→↔★   Mirrors is the founding stone in which this sophomore album rests and climbs onwards, it is the preciseness of the songs and their sharp unflinching tones that make it a joy and one that cannot be dimmed.
Artist Biography by Daniel Clancy
→↔★   Officially formed in 2009, Cattle & Cane included four members of the same family, meaning their musical bond — in a household rich with musical talent — went way beyond that of your regular indie folk band. With Joe Hammill providing intricately picked guitars and soaring vocals alongside the keys and softer voice of his sister Helen, Cattle & Cane caught the ear of radio stations in and around the area of Teeside in the north east of England, following the release of the debut EP Sold My Soul. The group, which also includes Fran and Vinny Hammill on electric guitar and bass, respectively, and drummer Paul Wilson — who isn’t family member but did grow up across the road from the Hammills — were then chosen by the BBC to play Scotland’s T in The Park Festival in 2010. A string of airplay from the likes of BBC 6Music followed in 2011 once the band had released their self~titled EP. In 2012, Cattle & Cane traveled to Beijing to play for an audience of thousands for the Chinese New Year, before signing to Sentric Publishing and going into the studio to work on their debut full~length.
Interview, Roisin O’Connor:
→↔★   http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/features/new-music-to-listen-to-this-week-cattle-cane-10503643.html
By Leigh Sanders | Music | Published: May 3, 2017 | Score: 4/5
→↔★   https://www.expressandstar.com/entertainment/music/2017/05/03/cattle--cane-mirrors---album-review/
Website: https://www.cattleandcane.co.uk/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cattleandcane
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cattleandcane

Cattle & Cane — Mirrors (5 May 2017)



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