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The Green Room

Chelsey Green & The Green Project — The Green Room (September 23rd, 2014)

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♠   University of Maryland College Park je místo, kde je v současné době doktorandem.
♠   Summary : The Green Project tears down all stereotypes of the violin and viola by fusing traditional classical technique with popular and enticing original songs in various genres. ****½
Location: Houston, Austin, Texas ~ The University of Maryland College Park, Takoma Park, MD
Album release: September 23rd, 2014
Record Label: Chelsey Green and The Green Project
Duration:     50:29
01 “Dr. Funk”     2:55
02 “Road Trip”     4:59
03 “Cheryl Ann”     3:59
04 “People Make the World Go Round”      6:42
05 “Autumn Leaves”     6:19
06 “Party Song”     5:12
07 “1am”     5:18
08 “My Favorite Things”     5:37
09 “Pizzicato Part III”     4:50
10 “My Tribute (To God Be the Glory)”     4:38
2014 Chelsey Green
♠   Chelsey Green — violin, viola and vocals,
♠   Ignatius Perry, Jr. — keyboards and piano,
♠   Lorenzo Johnson — auxiliary organ, keyboards, and sine pad,
♠   Kevin Powe, Jr. — electric bass and additional production,
♠   Brian “Spyda” Wheatley — drums,
♠   Monique Brooks–Roberts — auxiliary violin,
♠   Marvin Thompson — trombone,
♠   Will Spence — alto saxophone,
♠   Theljon Allen — trumpet,
♠   Steven Walker — guitar,
♠   Mathew Chase — guitar,
♠   Daryl L.A. Hunt — piano,
♠   Joshua Thomas — clavier
The Green Room
♠   Just like her career has taken an unconventional path to the present, so does her second CD, and first full album, The Green Room! Chelsey Green and The Green Project showcase melodically appealing songwriting and arranging abilities honed to a new level, showcasing her unique twist on violin, viola and contemporary jazz.
Kicking off the album is the uptempo and funky tune, “Dr. Funk.” An opener that gets you on the edge of your seat, Dr. Funk highlights The Green Project’s unique group sound and unified tightness as it tears through corporate runs and funky syncopated rhythmic patterns from start to finish.
♠   The second track, appropriately named “Road Trip,” was written on the road and first hashed out with hand drums and hums. Grabbing your attention with declamatory opening chords, followed by a laid back, jazz–funk groove, “Road Trip” carries a funky back beat while leaving room for the aggressive melody to breathe in and out of expansive harmonic pillars of sound so elegantly assisted by warm live horns.
♠   “Cheryl Ann” follows with a smooth jazz groove that makes you just want sing. This mellow tune written by Chelsey’s father, for her mother, is an easy going tune full of colorful expression and optimistic character.
♠   Chelsey Green and The Green Project’s interpretation of “People Make The World Go ‘Round” comes next and is sure to be a version that reminds you of The Stylistics and their classic sound. Reminiscent of solid grooves and synthesized sounds of years past, The Green Project sets the stage and delivers a great rendition of this classic tune including subtle improvisatory nuance by the lead violin and supported by rich live strings in the background.
♠   Putting the violin down for a while, Chelsey warms up the record with her voice in the fifth track, “Autumn Leaves.” Chelsey’s calming contralto vocals set the tone on the classic standard that is later interrupted unexpectedly with a rhythmic surprise making this arrangement fresh and catchy.
♠   Illustrating her broad compositional style, “Party Song” is her instrumental interpretation of contemporary dance music. As its title indicates, this song is influenced by Baltimore club and party music showcasing affected violin techniques with a driving kick from beginning to end.
♠   Inspired by R&B and Soul slow jams of past and present, “1am” is a quintessential intimate and soulful instrumental slow jam that speaks volumes through soft and nuanced violin whispers. This track surely sets the mood for a relaxing evening with that special someone.
♠   “My Favorite Things” follows and serves as a direct rhythmic variation to what precedes it. Energetic from the downbeat, The Green Project’s twist on this standard tune will certainly become one your favorite things to listen to.
♠   “Pizzicato Part III” has special significance radiating from Chelsey’s heart as this tune was written in tribute to her family members that have passed on. A third remix to a tune released on her first album, Still Green: The EP, this transformed version speaks to the soul by way of a melody that flows in and out of thick and thin musical textures and ends in a robust vamp full of harmonic twists and turns.
♠   “My Tribute (To God Be the Glory)” serves as a fitting close to this album as Chelsey, strong in her faith, gives all praise and thanks to God for her gift of playing music and speaking through the violin.
♠   Fully embodying the mind, heart, body and soul which they so passionately put into their music, Chelsey Green and The Green Project welcome you into “The Green Room.”

By susanfrancesny, BLOGCRITICS.ORG
♠   Published 10:00 pm, Friday, October 3, 2014
♠   Violinist, viola player, and vocalist Chelsey Green bounces from funky dance tracks with R&B seasonings and bopping grooves to classically–twined silhouettes on her full-length debut album The Green Project. The collaboration of chamber strings and guitars are trellised in the twinkling notes of the piano and keyboards as horns flare vibrantly with a rhythm section that supports the free flowing ruminations. Classic pop tunes like Thom Bell and Linda Creed’s “People Make the World Go Round” are accented by chamber music trimmings, and original numbers like Green’s “Road Trip” are driven by uninhibited strings climaxing with an electric guitar solo that soars with uncharted spontaneity. The chic décor woven by a traipsing violin and nimble horns in the latter track form refined expressions that magnetize audiences.
♠   Green’s violin has a sleek strut in “Party Song” setting the track’s cool dashing stride, displaying influences of melodic pop and ambient electronica. Her move into contemporary dance music is a natural leap and one which shows her flexibility as a violinist and a composer. The smooth jazz gait of “1am” is contoured in fluttering strings and whispering synths that create a serene atmosphere, instantly likeable and succoring. The marching syncopation of the strings which open Richard Rodgers’s “My Favorite Things” fluidly transition into the familiar pirouetting motifs as Green embellishes the track with her stylistic nuances. It’s an interpretation which would impress Rodgers.
♠   “Pizzicato Part III” radiates with elegance and allure as Green’s strings weave majestic patterns taking the listener through imaginative sequences. The melody moves through a maze of sparse calms and robust showers keeping the harmonious flow a constant. The contemplative musings of the violin meandering along “My Tribute (To God Be the Glory)” permeate an ethereal aura as notes reach heavenward and twine gracefully, wrapping the listener in pure solace.
♠   Green gives listeners a taste of her accoutrements as an expressive musician and a gifted composer. She has a multi–faceted discography which includes recordings in various genres with artists such as: Paul Carr (jazz), Ted Garber (Americana), Anthony Walker (gospel jazz), Tyler Sherman (jazz/classical contemporary), Maimouna Youssef (R&B/soul), Lori Williams (jazz), Macheeste (contemporary gospel), Carolyn Malachi (urban contemporary), Femi The DriFish (hip hop/spoken word), The Sweater Set (folk traditional), and Aaron Hardin (jazz). Her debut recording shows influences which can be traced to her experiences as a live performer, having honed her talent as an impressive artist. :: ::
By Esther Callens | Birmingham Times | October 9, 2014 |
♠   Violinist extraordinaire Chelsey Green, along with her ensemble, The Green Project has released their sophomore CD. The Green Room (ReservedGreen Project Music) is Chelsey and company’s first full album. Showcasing a wonderful mixture of jazz, gospel, funk and R&B tunes that encompasses the true Chelsey Green style, it is uniquely music par excellence!
♠   The set opens with the lively notes on a tune entitled “Da Funk”.  Chelsey makes the strings literally sing on this track. It is exhilarating! “Cheryl Ann” is wrapped in an all–around mellow groove which is way beyond fantastic! An infectious beat takes center stage in “Party Song” — the vibe is smoking on this track. Chelsey lends her beautiful vocals to “Autumn Leaves” which is backed by a marvelous arrangement. The album closes on a magnificent note as honor is given on “My Tribute” which is Chelsey’s version of Andre Crouch’s “To God Be The Glory”. Additionally, included are breathtaking interpretations of “People make The World Go ‘Round” and “My Favorite Things”. Chelsey Green is an innovative artist. She is the consistent go to for fantastic music!
♠   Houston, Texas native Chelsey Green hails from a long line of musicians. By the tender age of 5, she was playing the violin. During her early years, her focus was on classical music. Eventually she received a scholarship to the University of Texas (Austin) to study classical viola. After graduating Summa Cum Laude, she obtained a Master’s degree in Viola performance from the Peabody Conservatory of John Hopkins University. The University of Maryland College Park is where she is currently a Doctoral candidate. Rueben Studdard, MC Lyte, Denyce Graves are just a few of the artists she has shared the stage with. Likewise, Carnegie Hall, Essence Music Festival, the John F. Kennedy Center are just a small listing of the many venues where she has had the privilege of performing . ::

Chelsey Green & The Green Project
The Green Room