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♠ Chick Corea & Béla Fleck — Two (2015) ♠

Chick Corea & Béla Fleck — Two (September 11th, 2015)

   Chick Corea & Béla Fleck — Two (September 11th, 2015)Chick Corea & Béla Fleck — Two (September 11th, 2015)♠    “Lightning would strike, and things would happen that we never could have planned.” — Béla                                                                           Born: Armando Anthony Corea in Chelsea, Massachusetts on June 12, 1941
Born: Béla Anton Leoš Fleck, July 10, 1958, New York City, United States
Notable instruments:
♠    Deering Crossfire electric banjo with custom pickups and synthesizer pickup
Q: Have you thought about what you’re going to play on these tours?
CC: I know that whatever we do is going to be musical. It’s my favorite way to perform. Which is causally, like hanging out. You get the audience into that relaxed demeanor, they feel comfortable, they can listen, they can respond. And then things start rolling, then the creativity starts to become less and less constrained.
BF: Every night will have its own personality, and follow the energy of the room, the space and the audience that’s there, and how we’re feeling. We’ll build on what we did the night before, go to the next place. That’s the fun part of it.
Location: New York, NY
Album release: September 11th, 2015
Record Label: Concord Jazz
Duration:     114:40
Disc: 1
01. CC's Intro
02. Señorita
03. Menagerie
04. BF On The Waltse
05. Waltse For Abby
06. CC And BF On Joban
07. Joban Dna Nopia
08. The Climb
09. Mountain
Disc: 2
01. Brazil
02. The Enchantment
03. BF On Bugle Call
04. Bugle Call Rag
05. CC And BF On Dutilleux
06. Prelude En Berceuse (From Au Gré Des Ondes
07. Children’s Song No. 6
08. CC And BF On Spectacl
09. Spectacle
10. Sunset Road
11. Armando’s Rhumba
•   Brian Alexander Piano Technician
•   Ary Barroso Composer
•   David Bendett Management
•   Marc Bessant Cover Design
•   Paul Blakemore Mastering
•   Kris Campbell Tour Manager
•   Chick Corea Composer, Liner Notes, Piano, Producer
•   C. Taylor Crothers Photography
•   Mike Delevante Package Design
•   Henri Dutilleux Composer
•   Béla Fleck Banjo, Composer, Liner Notes, Mixing, Producer
•   Josie Hoggard Photography
•   Bernie Kirsh Engineer
•   Joel Malizia Photography
•   Billy Meyers Composer
•   Dan Muse Package Coordinator
•   Jack Pettis Composer
•   Bill Rooney Management
•   Julie Rooney Package Coordinator
•   Sidney Russell Composer
•   Elmer Schoebel Composer
•   Brian Vibberts Mixing
•   Armando Antonio Zacone Liner Notes                                                      •••   Chick Corea & Béla Fleck, two master songwriters, musicians, and band leaders meet once again in a historic duet of piano and banjo. The Grammy–winning duet, combine Corea and Fleck s classic tunes with the music from their Grammy–winning album The Enchantment! With a mix of jazz and pop standards, crossing a myriad of genres, from jazz, bluegrass, rock, flamenco and gospel, this album captures the casual, intimate playing by both legends from different musical worlds. Fans of legendary jazz pianist Chick Corea and bebop/bluegrass banjo virtuoso Béla Fleck are well aware of the pair's previous collaborations (Corea guests on two Flecktones albums, and Fleck appears on Corea's Rendezvous in New York DVD), but on their full–length release in 2007, The Enchantment, the two went into the project with an intense seriousness of purpose.
•••   On Two, they continue to push each other in a live setting, adapting their instruments to genres (bluegrass, country, Latin, ragtime, classical, blues, and world) normally outside their idioms, Corea playing 'grassy banjo patterns on the piano on Fleck's mournful "Mountain" and Fleck stretching on Corea's suite–like "Joban Dna Nopia." With few exceptions, the compositions are only frameworks for vast improvisation, which might be expected. But instead of setting each other up for extended solos, Corea and Fleck join together with breathtaking precision and verve, weaving and intertwining through remarkable contrapuntal excursions, only to break and meet up again in perfect sync.                                                                  Chich Corea
•••   Renowned Pianist–Composer Chick Corea
•••   A Prolific Explorer Of Jazz And Classical Music
•   A DownBeat Hall of Famer and NEA Jazz Master, 22–time Grammy winner, and keyboard virtuoso, Chick Corea has attained living legend status after five decades of unparalleled creativity and an artistic output that is simply staggering.
•   Chick is the fourth–most–nominated artist in the history of the Grammys, with 63 nominations. He's also earned 3 Latin Grammy Awards, the most of any artist in the Best Instrumental Album category.
•   From straight ahead to avant–garde, bebop to fusion, children's songs to chamber music, along with some far–reaching forays into symphonic works, Chick has touched an astonishing number of musical bases in his illustrious career while maintaining a standard of excellence that is awe–inspiring. A tirelessly creative spirit, Chick continues to forge ahead, continually reinventing himself in the process.
•   “He completely devastated the landscape. It was like scorched earth — so musical, so powerful, so incredibly virtuosic.” — Sting
•   “Ranks among the top few in his mastery of jazz dialects. One of the first players to fully exploit the potential of electric instruments.” — All About Jazz
•   “Chick is my guy — the musician I would want to play with, if there was anybody I could play with, or learn from.” — Béla FleckAllMusic Review by Thom Jurek
•   Béla Fleck credits Chick Corea as a major influence on his genre–defying improvisational abilities. The pianist guested on two Flecktones recordings, and Corea invited the banjoist to play on his Rendezvous in New York DVD. It wasn't until 2006, however, that they became duo partners. They collaborated on The Enchantment, issued the following year — it won a Latin Grammy in 2008. Many tours followed over the next seven years. They cemented a playing relationship that stretched each man musically. As a result of their nightly high–wire act, they became close friends. That relationship is reflected on Two. It was compiled from listening to over 55 shows from that seven–year period. Ten performances are of tunes from The Enchantment, all of them radically reworked. An additional ten tunes on this two–disc set are individual compositions and standards they performed. The Enchantment's opening track, "Señorita," is also the kickoff here, but this version weaves through slippery blues, darkly tinged improvisation, flashy counterpoint, and scalar exploration before the nuevo flamenco melody emerges. On "Waltse for Abby" the pair dialogue through various folk styles, creating a sunny, open country feel. Corea’s signature knottiness is replaced by tender lyricism. Fleck’s solo piece “The Climb” is brief but powerful, digging through country blues yet leaving nothing but a skeleton as he emerges with a series of arpeggios and modes that come through Andalusian and North African music.

•   Corea’s “Joban Dna Nopia” uses Latin syncopations and Spanish melodies in a fleet dialogue that revolves around classical counterpoint and jazz harmonies. In the Flatt & Scruggs standard “Bugle Call Rag,” bluegrass is turned inside out to reveal elemental swing. Corea’s “Children’s Song No. 6,” the set’s longest track, commences with a long, complex, captivating piano intro before Fleck enters in sharp counterpoint; the conversation moves from inquisitive to incendiary. Fleck’s “Sunset Road” — also quite long — comes out of the blues, but Corea digs into his piano, yanks hard on the bass strings, then shifts the focus to post–bop; the result recalls the dialogue of Bill Evans and Jim Hall. Two provides the listener with an aural snapshot of brilliant musicians engaged in egoless, intimate communication. They share clarity, focus, and inspiration simultaneously. In most of these tracks, they deliver a sense of what is possible in the moment of creation when this openness occurs. •   http://www.allmusic.com/
Website: http://chickcorea.com/corea-fleck/ 
Website: http://belafleck.com/


♠ Chick Corea & Béla Fleck — Two (2015) ♠




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