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Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah Diaspora

Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah — Diaspora (June 23rd, 2017)

  Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah — Diaspora (June 23rd, 2017) Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah — Diaspora (June 23rd, 2017)≡★≡   Christian Scott, also known as Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah is a two~time Edison Award winning (2010 and 2012) and Grammy Award nominated jazz trumpeter, composer and producer.
≡★≡   The Fall of 2015 marks Christian’s debut release on Ropeadope titled Christian Scott Stretch Music. The album demonstrates of Stretch music compositions that is sure to be an impactful statement of the genre.
≡★≡   Featuring Sarah Elizabeth Charles, Elena Pinderhughes, Lawrence Fields, Luques Curtis, Kris Funn, Joshua Crumbly, Cliff Hines, Corey Fonville, Joe Dyson Jr., Weedie Braimah & Chief Shaka Shaka
Born: March 31, 1983, in New Orleans, Louisiana
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Album release: June 23rd, 2017
Record Label: Stretch Music/Ropoadope
Duration:     49:09
01. Diaspora [Feat. Elena Pinderhughes]      4:57
02. IDK [Feat. Braxton Cook]      4:18
03. Our Lady of New Orleans (Herreast Harrison)      3:45
04. Bae (Interlude) [Feat. Lawrence Fields]      2:11
05. Desire and the Burning Girl      5:36
06. Uncrown Her      3:53
07. Lawless [Feat. Braxton Cook]      4:00
08. Completely [Feat. Elena Pinderhughes]      6:19
09. New Jack Bounce (Interlude)      3:01
10. No Love      6:10
11. The Walk [Feat. Sarah Elizabeth Charles]      5:19
•••         The second record in The Centennial Trilogy, Diaspora is set for release June 23, 2017. The term diaspora is used here by Christian in the broadest sense possible. He is referring to the WORLD Diaspora – All peoples, oneness & love. While Ruler Rebel identifies who is speaking, Diaspora identifies the listener — WHO is being spoken to. Growing up in the Upper Ninth Ward of New Orleans, Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah was keenly aware that people of different histories and cultures were enduring the same experiences and challenges. Despite this commonality, they accepted the notion that they we’re not kin and therefore nemesis. Topical ideas like race, religious purview, sexual preference & perceived economic standing ultimately stunt the growth of community, which in turn stunts the growth of Cities and Municipalities, States and Provinces, Nations, and finally our world. A deliberate stretching of styles and genres speak to this fundamental issue and offers a path forward. A path to break down perceived barriers and work together to build a lasting future.
•   Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah — Trumpet, Siren, Sirenette, Reverse Flugelhorn, SPD~SX, Sampling & Sonic Architecture
•   Elena Pinderhughes — Flute (tracks 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 11)
•   Lawrence Fields — Piano, Fender Rhodes (tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11)
•   Kris Funn — Bass (tracks 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11)
•   Cliff Hines — Guitar (tracks 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 10)
•   Corey Fonville — Drums, SPD~SX (tracks 1, 2, 3, 4 6, 7, 10, 11)
•   Joe Dyson Jr. — Pan African Drums, SPD~SX (tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11)
•   Weedie Braimah — Djembe, Bata, Congas (tracks 1 & 9)
•   Chief Shaka Shaka — Dununba, Sangban, Kenikeni (tracks 1 & 9)
•   Special Guest: Sarah Elizabeth Charles — Vocals (track 11)
•   Diaspora written by Christian Scott, (Stretch Music Publishing — SESAC), Lawrence Fields, (Khameleon Music — BMI)
•   IDK written by Christian Scott, (Stretch Music Publishing — SESAC), Lawrence Fields, (Khameleon Music — BMI)
•   Bae written by Lawrence Fields, (Khameleon Music — BMI)
•   Uncrown Her written by John Key Jr., (One John Key LLC — SESAC)
•   Lawless written by Christian Scott (Stretch Music Publishing — SESAC)
•   Lawrence Fields, (Khameleon Music — BMI)
•   The Walk written by Christian Scott, (Stretch Music Publishing — SESAC)
•   Lawrence Fields, (Khameleon Music — BMI)
•   Sarah Elizabeth Charles, (Sarah Elizabeth Charles Music — ASCAP)
•   Produced by Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah & Chris Dunn
•   Executive Producers: Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah & Louis Marks
•   Recorded April 16~21, 2016 by Matt Grondin and Nick Guttmann at The Parlor, New Orleans, LA
•   Mixed by Nick Guttmann at The Parlor, New Orleans, LA
•   Mastered by Paul Blakemore, Cleveland OH
By Kevin Press, Published Jun 21, 2017 / Score: 9
•   Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah is aiming high this year. New Orleans’ best young trumpeter has three albums planned to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first jazz recordings back in 1917. The Centennial Trilogy launched with a well~received LP this past March called Ruler Rebel; Diaspora is its followup. Promising “a sobering re~evaluation of the social political realities of the world through sound,” the 34~year~old superstar has produced a slick, sophisticated record.
•   The man GQ called “the future of jazz” is having a bit of a moment at the moment. There is a long line of jazz artists who’ve incorporated the finer elements of electronic, neo~soul and other urban music into their recordings, and Adjuah is at the front of that line. Nobody — at least not yet — can match his delicate balance of nightclub cool and jazz club real.
•   Flautist Elena Pinderhughes contributes a striking centrepiece to one of the album’s best tracks, “Completely,” while other highlights, “Diaspora” and “New Jack Bounce (Interlude),” showcase Weedie Braimah on djembe, bata and congas and Chief Shaka Shaka on dununba, sangban and kenikeni. Then, just as the album is about to close, Sarah Elizabeth Charles drops a vocal on “The Walk” that ranks up there with the best of Robert Glasper’s Black Radio collaborations.
•   Of course, there’s no question who the star of this show is, though. Adjuah’s trumpet is as hot as New Orleans pavement in August. “No Love” places him in Miles Davis territory; it really is that good. And that’s not even the half of it. The bandleader’s list of contributions includes siren, reverse flugelhorn, SPD~SX, sampling and something he calls “sonic architecture.” Do not miss this one.   •   http://exclaim.ca/
Label: https://ropeadope.com/
Bandcamp: https://christianscott.bandcamp.com/album/diaspora

Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah Diaspora



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