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Christine Owman Little Beast (2013)

 Christine Owman — Little Beast (2013)

Christine Owman — Little Beast
¶  "I don’t have to stand out of the crowd. I just don’t want to be a part of it." Christine Owman
¶  ”Robert Plant said he liked what he heard when I supported him at a gig in Stockholm. As a Zeppelin fan this was a big moment for me... ” - Christine Owman
Location: Malmö, Sweden
Format: CD/2LP
Album release: January 24, 2013
Record Label: Glitterhouse Records/Revolving Records
Duration:     37:25
01. Wait, No    (2:57)
02. One Of The Folks    (4:06)
03. Fear & The Body    (3:29)
04. Familiar Act (Feat. Mark Lanegan)    (3:35)
05. Deathbed    (3:42)
06. Day 1   (4:11)
07. I'm Sorry I    (4:31)
08. Devils Walk    (3:36)
09. I'd Rather Die Than Play Dead    (4:08)
10. Your Blood    (3:10)
Genre/Style: Indie, Avant-Garde, Film, Experimental, Art
¶  Christine Owman on the cello, the ukulele, the saw, the guitar, the bass, the piano, the banjo, the contra bass, the violin, melodica, noise and vocals
Mark Lanegan on guest vocals
Website: http://christineowman.com/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/christineowman
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/christineowman
Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/christineowman
Sonicbids: http://www.sonicbids.com/2/EPK/?epk_id=229975
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/henrikhulander/8461811575/
¶  There's so much you have to do when you're alive. I hate the conventional part of me who struggles with keeping up with what the ideal woman is supposed to look and be like, what latest innovation that'll make me happy or what a happy life is supposed to be like. I struggle with convention every day. It feeds me with unnecessary cravings and makes me compare myself with unrealistic visions. Living today, at least in my generation equals to the eternal search and race towards getting acknowledgement from others. Getting seen. There once was a saying "I think, therefore I am.” Todays version of that is "You see me, therefore I am".
¶  I don't have to stand out of the crowd. I just don't want to be a part of it.
Paul Kerr, Monday, 11 March 2013 (Editor rating: 6/10)
¶  Twilight ramblings enlivened by appearance from Mark Lanegan.
¶  Almost a Swedish one woman band, Owman produced and plays cello, ukulele, guitar, bass, violin, percussion, piano, melodica, glockenspiel and saw on this intriguing album. She uses these instruments to create a shifting, spectral backdrop to her often multitracked vocals which are similar to that of Julee Cruise as arranged by Angelo Badalmenti although she doesn't have the hushed essence of innocence invoked by Cruise.
¶  While some of the songs embrace the timbrous effect of the cello, others are dominated by a rather dated electro-pop sound such as on "Death Bed" which could have been hidden away on a Depeche Mode album. Perhaps the ethereal minimalism of "I'm Sorry" might offer solace to wounded teenagers moping in their bedrooms especially if they are of a Goth inclination this, along with the sub Siouxie "Devil's Walk" has been done before and better.
¶  There are some moments that do stand out. "I'd Rather Die Than Play Dead,", apart from being a perfect contender for the soundtrack of the next big Hollywood teen vampire flick, utilises the cello and violin to good effect while Owman's vocals do sound as if she is singing from beyond the grave. Then there are two songs where Owman is accompanied on vocals by Mark Lanegan (who seems to be making a living these days by adding his gravelly gravitas to vulnerable sounding damsels). "One of The Folks" plays on the lyrics of Blue Suede Shoes on a song that doesn't really go anywhere. "Familiar Act" however stands head and shoulders above the other fare here. Owman's cello doggedly runs throughout the song which is peppered with odd effects as Lanegan and Owman trade verses in best Lee Hazlewood fashion while the lyrics seem to allude to what could be a questionable sado-masochistic set up. Perhaps a possibility for the soundtrack if they ever make a movie of the popular supermarket porn novel, Thirty Shades of Gray.
Fortaken: http://www.americana-uk.com
¶  De l'indie pop délicate et vaporeuse par une jeune suédoise, avec la participation de Mark Lanegan sur 2 titres. Une petite bete a découvrir...
Juno Records: http://www.juno.co.uk
Music emissions: http://www.musicemissions.com
Christine Owman
¶  This young lady has started to build up a reputation of explosive live shows: headbanging to obscure movie projections from the 20s & 30s, playing the saw, the cello, the ukulele and singing through effect pedals.. Born in Sweden but Christine Owman lived a couple of years in the States as a child. She started playing the cello at the age of five, started to sing before she could speak and write songs before she knew how to spell. The sound found me this time. After the release of her first album Open Doors (Revolving Records, 2003) Christine Owman  started experimenting with sounds, noise, instruments, effect pedals and different ways to record. The flaws and restrictions she encountered in that process became the strength of her sound and a contrast to the flawless, super-produced, and compressed MP3s of today. She is known for her captivating and unconventional performances and music that is a dichotomous blend of dreamy folk and raw distortion, reverb, bass and noise expressed through clever, uninhibited lyrics. Owman is a young woman eager to express herself without the limitations of conventional boundaries.

Christine Owman Little Beast (2013)




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