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Civil Twilight — Story of an Immigrant (Acoustic) (June 2, 2016)

Civil Twilight — Story of an Immigrant (Acoustic) (June 2, 2016)

 Civil Twilight — Story of an Immigrant (Acoustic) (June 2, 2016)
♦♠♦   Civil Twilight’s third album, Story of an Immigrant, blended typically U.S. and U.K.–sourced rock with lush rhythms of the quartet’s South African homeland, channeling everyone from the Verve, to Nirvana to Paul Simon and some South African artists like Johnny Clegg. Now on a new acoustic version of the album, premiering exclusively with Billboard, all that instrumentation is gone as the songs have been totally stripped down.
♦♠♦   “It was a lot of fun breaking these songs down to their core, stripping them naked and giving them a new outfit,” singer Steven McKellar tells Billboard. “To see what else we could bring out of them and what else they could say. These versions allow the listener a closer look and hopefully a more intimate experience of the original album. We hope you enjoy.”Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Album release: June 2, 2016
Record Label: Wind–up Records
Genre: Alternative, Indie, Acoustic
Duration:     50:07
01. Oh Daniel     3:52
02. Holy Dove     3:36
03. When, When     3:27
04. Story of an Immigrant     4:10
05. Let It Go     3:54
06. River Child     3:46
07. All My Clothes     3:40
08. The Other Side     4:01
09. Didn’t Know When to Stop     2:57
10. Only for a Time      4:24
11. Letters from the Sky     4:29
12. Save Yourself     4:05
13. Dancing with Myself     3:46
♦♠♦  All tracks are acoustic versions.
Comprised of brothers:
♦♠♦  Steven and Andrew McKeller (lead vocals/bass/piano and guitar, respectively),
♦♠♦  Richard Wouters (drums) and
♦♠♦  Kevin Dalley (keys/guitar),
♦♠♦  Civil Twilight have already established themselves as a dynamic and introspective alt–rock outfit; seeing and hearing them in such a stripped–down setting only highlights their immense talents even more.
♦♠♦  “‘Story of an Immigrant’ was one of the first songs written for this new record and the song that got the writing process going,” Wouters tells us. “This performance is a broken–down version of the song, much like the way it was originally written and conceived.”                                       © Andrew, April.16. 2015. Andrew McKeller
↔   “What am I to build, if my hands are broken, if I’m not the chosen one?” sings Steven McKellar of Civil Twilight on “Story of An Immigrant.” The foursome are living proof of what happens when you stop worrying about being the chosen one and make music built on both the roots that grew you and the love that keeps you thriving every day. Civil Twilight’s songs embrace every corner of human emotion, balancing delicate, poetic lyrics with sweeping arrangements that touch all the senses: a phrase to make you think; a rolling drumbeat you can feel in your bones; a guitar vamp as illustrative as a picture; a shimmer of keys whose light can nearly be seen and heard. When you listen to Civil Twilight, from their self–titled debut, to 2012’s widely lauded Holy Weather to now, it’s easy to understand why the band has topped five million YouTube views and reached historic success with film and television syncs — because it’s music you can’t shake, that translates experience into moments and creates melodies that become imbedded deep under the skin. We’re all immigrants, in some way, and Civil Twilight’s singing our national anthem.
↔   Originally hailing from Cape Town, Africa, Civil Twilight is an alt–rock outfit that draws parallels to Muse, Pilot Speed, and other like–minded bands with impassioned vocals and stirring, alt–rock songcraft. Brothers Andrew and Steven McKeller were raised in a musical household, having explored their father’s jazz collection at a young age while listening to their classically trained mother play piano. In November 1996, Andrew launched a teenaged band with help from his high school classmate, guitarist Richard Wouters. The two scheduled an inaugural rehearsal for the following month; in the interim, Andrew discovered that his younger brother, Steven, could sing and write songs. The three musicians subsequently banded together, with Steven agreeing to master the bass and Wouters giving up the guitar (which Andrew also played) to learn drums. Civil Twilight spent several years practicing in local church halls and garages before graduating to the local club scene, where they steadily became a well–respected act. Having finished their education, the bandmates then moved to Los Angeles in August 2005; shortly thereafter, they signed with the indie label One October and co–produced their debut record, Human. The album arrived in 2007 and received an extra boost when several songs were featured in prime–time television shows, including One Tree Hill, House, and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. ♠   As their profile mounted, the musicians relocated to Nashville and signed to the Wind–Up label, who released Civil Twilight’s self–titled second album the following year. Live dates with Evanescence and Three Days Grace, as well as a slot in the 2011 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, continued to grow the band’s fan base. Touring also served as a creative force, changing the musicians’ perspectives on life and inspiring their third full–length, Holy Weather, which arrived in spring 2012 along with new bandmember Kevin Dailey. In March, 2015 the band released “Story of an Immigrant,” the first single from the LP of the same name, which dropped later that June.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CivilTwilight/
Website: http://www.civiltwilightband.com/ 
Label: http://www.winduprecords.com/                                       © 6 4 2015 Civil Twilight (Photo Credit: Mason Poole)

Civil Twilight — Story of an Immigrant (Acoustic) (June 2, 2016)



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