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Cloud Cult
The Seeker (February 12, 2016)

Cloud Cult — The Seeker (February 12, 2016)

              Cloud Cult — The Seeker (February 12, 2016)
∩•∩  Minnesota–based collective whose bold, literate alt–rock weaves an earth–friendly message into songs of personal tragedy and loss.                                    © The Rehearsal Space (by Minnesota Public Radio)
Formed: 1995 in Duluth, MN
Location: Minnesota, Connecticut
Album release: February 12, 2016
Record Label: Earthology
Duration:     50:55
01 Living in Awe [Birth]     4:44
02 To the Great Unknown     5:37
03 Days to Remember     3:22
04 Chromatica     2:56
05 Come Home     3:29
06 No Hell     4:36
07 Everything You Thought You Had     4:27
08 The Time Machine Invention     3:57
09 The Pilgrimage     3:43
10 Three Storms Until You Learn to Float (Chromatica p.ii)     5:44
11 You Never Were Alone     3:56
12 Prelude to an End     0:59
13 Through the Ages     3:25
Group Members
∩•∩  Craig Minowa
∩•∩  Connie Minowa
∩•∩  Dan Greenwood
∩•∩  Mara Stemm
∩•∩  Matthew Freed
∩•∩  Saint Sarah Young
∩•∩  Scott West
∩•∩  Jeff Johnson
∩•∩  Arlen Peiffer
∩•∩  Daniel Zamzow
∩•∩  Jeff Johnson
∩•∩  Sarah Perbix
∩•∩  Shannon Frid
∩•∩  Shawn Neary                                                        © (photo by Cody York)
∩•∩  New York Times: “A sprawling kaleidoscopic invocation of the life force with songs that veer from jubilation to simmering prayerful meditation.”
∩•∩  Rolling Stone: “The instrumental arsenal of the Arcade Fire mixed with the gentle electronic throb of the Postal Service.”
∩•∩  Pitchfork: “Insane genius...Records this casually monumental are rare indeed.”
∩•∩  Los Angeles Times: “Deserving of loud, boisterous cheers.”
∩•∩  Denver Post: Top 12 Albums of the Decade- “It’s impossible to not be moved…”                                                    © Photo credit: Cody York
By Joseph Mathieu, Published Feb 10, 2016;  Score: 8
••••   Cloud Cult‘s tenth full–length album is also the soundtrack to their third movie; they’re both named The Seeker and both out on February 12.
••••   Craig Minowa, the octet’s frontman and founder, leads them through an orchestral indie landscape that tries to answer life’s big questions. The movie tells the story of a young woman afflicted by personal tragedy, only hinted at but not confirmed in the album.
••••   Somewhere between poignant and funny, where good advice, mythology and laughter all seem to collide, The Seeker finds that acceptance and love offer the real answer. Throughout, the troupe pair twanging banjo with dainty piano, cello with percussion and anthemic chants with rhythmic clapping while laying out their uplifting message.
••••   “Days to Remember” gives perhaps the most tangible answer to the persistent question of what to make of life: “Turn off the phone and throw away the clock / and the endless things you think you have to do.” ‘Carpe diem’ seems to be the unofficial motto of Cloud Cult, an independent band who have made art together over more than two decades and recorded their latest album entirely in their own solar–powered Earthology Records studio. The Seeker is a testament to the fact that good things take time. ••••   http://exclaim.ca/
Website: http://www.cloudcult.com/seeker                                                              © Arlen Peiffer (by Brendon J Sullivan)

Cloud Cult
The Seeker (February 12, 2016)



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