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Cloud Eleven
Record Collection

Cloud Eleven — Record Collection (4 Aug., 2015)

   Cloud Eleven — Record Collection (4 Aug., 2015)Cloud Eleven: Record Collection (August 4th, 2015) NOMINATED ALBUM♦♠   '60s & '70s style psych pop that often evokes the classic imprints of The Beatles, Brian Wilson, XTC & Burt Bacharach; sometimes within the same song.
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Album release: 4 August 2015
Record Label: West Coast Records
Duration:     40:34
01. Record Collection      3:59
02. The Mystic's Mistake      4:05
03. Along With You      4:34
04. High as the Rising Sun      3:21
05. Too Soon Was Yesterday      4:27
06. 40 Below      5:20
07. What If I Found You      2:33
08. Indian Guru      3:10
09. As You Are      1:55
10. A Sadness in Sorry      3:18
11. Let Us All Find Peace      4:14
© Rick Gallego / West Coast Records (685450494502)
Album Notes
♦♠   The first self–titled album by Cloud Eleven was released on Del–Fi Records in 1999. Prior to that release, Rick Gallego, under the moniker Jiffipop, had released one album called Demolicious in 1996.
♦♠   Since that time, Cloud Eleven has released another three albums that are often hailed as pop classics — Orange and Green and Yellow and Near in 2002, Terrestrial Ballet in 2004, and Sweet Happy Life in 2006.
♦♠   Record Collection can, and should, be called Cloud Eleven's "come back" album, as it has been nearly 9 years since the last release. Welcome back Cloud Eleven!!
CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/cloudeleven6
♦♠   Cloud Eleven (aka Rick Gallego) has been a reliable figure in power pop since the late ’90s, and although he’s mellowed he remains a potent talent. Rick honors his musical heroes (and his collection of vintage vinyl) on this new obviously–named album. Nelson Bragg drums on all the songs, and we’ve got assists from a top–tier crew with Probyn Gregory, Seth Swirsky and Rick Hromadka among others.
♦♠   The Beatles–Beach Boys styled opening track with horns and swirling organs on the title track talks about the effort of the artist just hoping to be “played once in a while.” While this is catnip to a power pop fan, it leads to the dream–like melody of “The Mystic’s Mistake” full of subtle psychedelics and layered instrumentation. “Too Soon Was Yesterday” is an obvious nod to the Burt Bacharach’s heyday and the echoing piano melody “40 Below” adds Seth Swirsky’s solid guitar solo. “Indian Guru” is exactly what you think it is — full of sitar, bongos, and tabla drum, but my favorite track is “A Sadness In Sorry,”  a Zombies styled melody with a gorgeous harmony–filled hook. Highly recommended, and worthy of your music collection
Website: http://www.cloudeleven.com/
♦♠   Cloud Eleven is a band led by L.A.–based pop music aficionado Rick Gallego. Rick grew up listening to music legends such as The Beach Boys and The Beatles, and began his own musical journey in the late '70s as a bass player in various cover bands, including a couple of college jazz ensembles. Quickly evolving into writing his own songs and switching to guitar, he formed his own award winning bay area bands in the '80s (The Singles, Rickardo’s Bandoleros). This led him to the Los Angeles area in the late '80s to pursue his goal of being an R&B songwriter for other artists. When that career choice quickly faded, he decided to return to his love of melodic pop music, bought a cheap eight–track recorder and began recording a bunch of demos, singing and playing all the instruments himself. Those demos turned into the 1996 album Demolicious, which was released under the band name Jiffipop. The album garnered rave reviews and got the ball rolling for the next phase of his career….Cloud Eleven. ♦♠   LA–based label Del–Fi Records (Ritchie Valens, Bobby Fuller Four) got a hold of Rick’s next batch of songs, which was originally intended to be the follow–up Jiffipop album. Released in 1999, the self–titled Cloud Eleven album (the name was changed to avoid a lawsuit from the popcorn company), also received stellar reviews.
♦♠   Since then, Cloud Eleven has released three additional albums that are often hailed as pop classics...Orange and Green and Yellow and Near in 2002, Terrestrial Ballet in 2004, and Sweet Happy Life in 2006. The new album, Record Collection, was released in early August 2015.
♦♠   Cloud Eleven’s music has been used in various television shows on ABC, NBC and Fox in the USA, and in various foreign markets as well.                                           ♦♠ “Shimmering pop that will put sunshine in your heart...” — Dan Epstein, L.A. Weekly
♦♠ “Beautiful kaleidoscopic pop with strong '60s influences...” — Shindig Magazine
♦♠ “"Tokyo Aquarium" has just the right mix of sweetness and grit to rank amongst the classics of power pop...” — Eric J. Lawrence, "Dragnet" Show, KCRW
♦♠ “Cloud Eleven's inspired, passionate, and soulful pop will make you remember why you love music so much in the first place...” — Ben Szporluk, Vendetta Magazine
♦♠ “Rick's overdubbed harmonies are totally incredible, this smoothly delicious album is a real treat...” — Babysue.com
♦♠ “Cloud Eleven takes you 'Out There' with a smile...” — Scott Laurence, Immedia Wire Service
♦♠ “Rick Gallego is in the same class as the very best pop song makers over the past 20 years...” — Seth Swirsky, Hit Songwriter


Cloud Eleven
Record Collection




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