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Cut Copy — Free Your Mind (2013)

 Cut Copy — Free Your Mind (2013)

Cut Copy — Free Your Mind
¬  An Australian dance trio that blends tight electronic pop with vintage disco and commercial pop influences.
¬  Zonoscope won ARIA AWARDS 2011 as Best Dance Release, as Album Of The Year was Nominated.
Formed: 2001
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Album release: November 5th, 2013
Record Label: Loma Vista/Modular Recordings
Duration:     50:54
01. Intro     0:21
02. Free Your Mind     5:18
03. We Are Explorers     4:18
04. Let Me Show You Love     5:56
05. Into the Desert     1:28
06. Footsteps     4:42
07. In Memory Capsule     4:40
08. Above the City     0:32
09. Dark Corners & Mountain Tops     5:07
10. Meet Me in a House of Love     6:09
11. Take Me Higher     5:52
12. The Waves     0:45
13. Walking in the Sky     3:31
14. Mantra     2:15
Group Members:
•  Dan Whitford — vocals, keyboard, guitar
•  Mitchell Scott — drums
•  Tim Hoey — guitar, sampler
•  Ben Browning — bass guitar
•  Cut Copy release new album, Free Your Mind on November 5th via Loma Vista/Modular.
•  Free Your Mind follows 2011's Zonoscope and marks the Australian outfit’s fourth full-length album. It was recorded in the band’s hometown of Melbourne and self-produced by Dan Whitford with mixing by Dave Fridmann (Tame Impala, MGMT, the Flaming Lips) in upstate New York.
•  The 14-track effort was influenced by San Francisco’s Summer of Love in 1967 and Britain’s Second Summer of Love in 1988. As the album’s press release notes: “The concept of freedom is one that’s universally positive and timeless, and whatever each person’s version of that freedom is, it’s a good thing to be reminding people or even just ourselves to be ‘free.’”
Fortaken: http://consequenceofsound.net/
Rating: ****½
•   http://consequenceofsound.net/2011/02/album-review-cut-copy-zonoscope/
Artist Biography by Stewart Mason
•   Bright Like Neon Love Australian indie electronic group Cut Copy take many of their cues from contemporaries like Air, Daft Punk, and LCD Soundsystem, but with a distinctly pop sensibility that draws on classic AM radio pop singles from the 1970s and '80s, with elements of vintage disco and synth pop that appeal to song-based listeners as well as the club kidz. Cut Copy started in 2001 as a solo project by songwriter, producer, and DJ Dan Whitford, who released the single 1981 and the EP I Thought of Numbers before drafting in other members to fill out his synth and sample-based sound. Bassist and guitarist Tim Hoey and drummer Mitchell Scott debuted on Cut Copy's first full-length album, Bright Like Neon Love, released in the summer of 2004. •   After several successful singles were spun off the album (including Saturdays, Future, and Going Nowhere), Universal's Island Records imprint picked up the trio's international distribution in 2006. Following an inventive Whitford live DJ mix that was released in 2006 as Fabriclive.29 (including such unexpected delights as Ciccone Youth's noisy deconstruction "Into the Groove(y)" and Roxy Music's suave "Angel Eyes" alongside the usual Goldfrapp and Soulwax), the band proper returned in early 2007 with a new single, Hearts on Fire. Cut Copy's third album, In Ghost Colors, debuted at the top of Australia's ARIA charts in 2008 and was placed on a number of publications' year-end lists. After adding a fourth member, bassist Ben Browning, the group released its third studio album, Zonoscope, in 2011.
¬ Bright Like Neon Love  (5 April 2004, Modular)
¬ In Ghost Colours  (22 March 2008, Modular)
¬ Zonoscope  (4 February 2011, Modular)
¬ Free Your Mind  (5 November 2013, Modular, Loma Vista)
¬ I Thought of Numbers (2001, Modular Recordings)
¬ Hearts on Fire (2007, Modular Recordings)
¬ Far Away (2008, Modular Recordings)
¬ FabricLive.29 (2006, DJ mix compilation, Fabric)
¬ So Cosmic (2008, DJ mix, Modular Recordings)
¬ "1981" 7" (2001, Modular Recordings)
¬ "Drop The Bomb" (2001, Modular Recordings)
¬ "Glittering Clouds" (2001, Modular Recordings)
¬ "Rendezvous" (2001, Modular Recordings)
¬ "Saturdays" (2004, Modular Recordings)
¬ "Future" (2005, Modular Recordings)
¬ "Going Nowhere" (2005, Modular Recordings) IRE No. 48
¬ "Hearts on Fire" (2007, Modular Recordings)
¬ "Lights & Music" (2008, Modular Recordings) AUS No. 64, AUS Dance No. 8
¬ "Hearts on Fire" (2008 Edit), (2008, Modular Recordings) AUS No. 98, AUS Dance No. 9, BEL No. 70
¬ "Far Away" (2008, Modular Recordings)
¬ "Where I'm Going" (2010, Modular Recordings)
¬ "Take Me Over" (2010, Modular Recordings)
¬ "Need You Now" (2011, Modular Recordings)
¬ "Blink And You'll Miss A Revolution" (2011, Modular Recordings)
¬ "Sun God" (2012, Modular Recordings)
¬ "Let Me Show You" (2013, Self-released)
¬ "Free Your Mind" (2013, Modular Recordings)
¬ Lino: "Auger Well" (2001, Virgin Records Australia)
¬ Noonday Underground: "The Light Brigade" (2003)
¬ VHS or Beta: "Night on Fire" (2004, EMI)
¬ Midnight Juggernauts: "45 And Rising" (2005, Cutters)
¬ Love Of Diagrams: "No way out" (2005, Unstable Ape)
¬ The Presets: "Girl and the Sea" (Resets, 2006)
¬ Van She: "Kelly" (2006)
¬ Midnight Juggernauts: "Dystopia" (2007)
¬ Maroon 5: "This Love" (2007)
¬ Cansei De Ser Sexy: "Move" (2008, Warner Music UK)
¬ Mercy Arms: "Kept Low" (2008)
¬ Fleetwood Mac: "Never Forget" (2008)
¬ Kaiser Chiefs: "Never Miss A Beat" (2008)
¬ Ladyhawke: "Paris Is Burning" (2008, Modular Recordings)
¬ Munk: "You Never See Me Back Down" (2009, Gomma Dance Tracks)
¬ The Juan Maclean "Happy House" (2009, Popfrenzy)
¬ Death Cab for Cutie "Doors Unlocked and Open" (2011)
¬ The Rapture "Sail Away" (2012)
Website: http://www.cutcopy.net/
MySpace: https://myspace.com/cutcopy
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UClL93XdC3tpplPnpwhL0cfQ
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cutcopy
Press: US — , /// UK — (print), (digital) /// Aus —
Agent: North/South America — /// Australia — /// EU/Asia — &

Cut Copy — Free Your Mind (2013)




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