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Damien Jurado — Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son (2014)

 Damien Jurado — Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son (2014)

 Damien Jurado — Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son

♦♦  Largely acoustic indie folk singer/songwriter with an ear for a haunting melody.  
Location: Seattle, Washington, United States 
Album release: January 21, 2014
Record Label: Secretly Canadian
Duration:     34:43
Track Listing — Disc 1
01 Magic Number     3:10
02 Silver Timothy     3:17
03 Return To Maraqopa     2:48
04 Metallic Cloud     3:26
05 Jericho Road     3:41
06 Silver Donna     6:07
07 Silver Malcolm     3:22
08 Silver Katherine     3:25
09 Silver Joy     3:07
10 Suns In Our Mind     2:10
Track Listing — Disc 2
01 Plains To Crash
02 Return To Maraqopa
03 Silver Timothy
04 Metallic Cloud
05 Silver Malcolm
06 All For You
07 Jericho Road
08 Silver Katherine
by STEPHEN THOMPSON; January 05, 201411:00 PM
♦  It’s a testament to singer–songwriter Damien Jurado’s versatility that he’s made nearly a dozen albums of largely inward–looking folk and rock music, and yet has never made two records that sound the same. He’s released collections of sad solo acoustic music, hard–charging up–tempo rock, subtle psychedelic wanderings, and even painfully intimate messages he’d found left behind on thrift–store cassette tapes — and they all either sound like him or, in the case of the answering – machine tapes, perfectly reflect his sensibilities.
♦  Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son is intended as a sequel to 2012′s Maraqopa (Feb. 21, 2012: http://www.allmusic.com/album/maraqopa-mw0002284285) — both were produced by the terrific Richard Swift, who’s made fine records of his own — but it’s far from a rehash of old ideas. Both records reflect on ideas of alienation, disappearance and the pursuit of self, yet Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son takes them further, while enshrouding Jurado’s voice in arrangements that alternately sparkle and search.
♦  Jurado isn’t one to provide a linear path to easy answers, but he does let Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son coast to a landing on the strength of a few surprisingly light and lovely songs. In contrast to the billowy and mysterious arrangements that preceded them (both here and on Jurado’s most recent records), “Silver Katherine,” Silver Joy” and “Suns in Our Mind” close down the proceedings with moments of straightforwardly quiet grace. “Suns in Our Mind” even injects a bit of humor, complete with playful snoring noises — yet another unexpected wrinkle from an artist who never stops surprising. (http://www.npr.org/)
Discography (only LP´s):
Waters Ave S (Sub Pop — January 1997)
Rehearsals for Departure (Sub Pop — March 1999)
Ghost of David (Sub Pop — September 2000)
I Break Chairs (Sub Pop — February 2002)
Where Shall You Take Me? (Secretly Canadian — March 2003)
This Fabulous Century (Burnt Toast — October 2004)
On My Way to Absence (Secretly Canadian — April 2005)
And Now That I'm in Your Shadow (Secretly Canadian — October 2006)
Caught in the Trees (Secretly Canadian — September 2008)
Saint Bartlett (Secretly Canadian — May 2010)
Live At Landlocked (Secretly Canadian — April 16, 2011)
Maraqopa (Secretly Canadian — February 21, 2012)
Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son (Secretly Canadian — January 21, 2014)
Website: http://www.damienjurado.com/
Label: http://www.secretlycanadian.com/
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/damienjurado
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jurado.damien?ref=ts&fref=ts
Press: publicity // lucy at secretly canadian

Damien Jurado — Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son (2014)




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