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Keine Oase In Sicht

Datashock — Keine Oase In Sicht (May 12th, 2014)

GER Flag          Datashock — Keine Oase In Sicht 
ι♠ι   Rozkvět prog/kraut/psychedelic rocku by mohl být už dávno pryč, ale tvrdohlavá nadčasovost má takovou moc, že si ji uvědomíš, alespoň pokud se zhmotní  v podobě rafinovaného a vyspělého ansámblu ze Saarlouis. Přijměte pozvání do kmenového stanu v poušti, kde vzduch je naplněn kořením, kadidlem a kde všude kolem písečné duny formuje nekonečný vítr. 
ι♠ι   Datashock from Saarlouis, a collective of multi~instrumentalists. Founded in 2003, they’ve been losing themselves in the wardrobes of their subconcious ever since and have never been frightened to play around with whatever they can find in there, trying out colourful sound~costumes and sending out psychedelic~experimental ‘Gruselkraut’ from the depths of this vast piece of furniture.
Location: Saarlouis, Darmstadt, Germany
Album release: 12 May 2014
Record Label: Dekorder
Duration:     83:06
01. Mudschahidin der Liebe    13:49
02. Keine Oase in Sicht       6:30
03. Der verschleierte Helm des Pharaooze       4:04
04. Obsidian Karavan und die acht Drachmen     11:46
05. Rubinregen aus der spirituellen Sphäre       6:45
06. Fanta Morgana       7:01
07. Ekstase der Wahrheit       3:40
08. Her mit dem Kelch, (das) hier muss es sein       4:42
09. Tod in der Saarvanne       4:24
10. Desert Lustgerte, Goldnougat Gobi       7:00
11. Vor den Toren von Gewas     13:25
ι♠ι   All tracks performed live by:
ι♠ι   Ruth-Maria Adam, Christian Berghoff, Sebastian Haas, Pascal Hector, Jan Stütz, Ronnie Oliveras, Jan Werner.
ι♠ι   Recorded Friday the 13th & Saturday the 14th January 2012 at the Oetinger Villa in Darmstadt by Jan Stütz.
ι♠ι   Mixed in the first quarter of 2013 by Ronnie Oliveras & Jan Stütz
ι♠ι   Logo: Cone The Weird
ι♠ι   Photos: Marion Meilgen & Daniel Fuchs
ι♠ι   Coverartwork: Daniel Fuchs & Pascal Hector
ι♠ι   There is no oasis in sight. What to do? Walk on. Slowly, perhaps, but steadily.    Unswervingly. Ten years after the invention of „New Weird America“ (D. Keenan) and the „return of the collective“ (D. Diedrichsen), Datashock, who are now in their eleventh year, are still exploring „the space of nomadic sounds“ and looking for old sources of fresh sounds, unfazed by contemporary musical mirages.
ι♠ι   The sun may still be burning down mercilessly in late capitalism, blinding our eyes and making our limbs heavy, but this horde from Saarland keeps on treading, doing their thing. They are incomparable, indescribable, incorruptible. Their eyes fixated on the eternally dwindling horizon, their antennae tuning in to the never~ending cosmos, they are moving forwards and upwards, leaving behind the remains of scenester to their left, and to their right the mummified bodies of the lost souls who followed false prophets on the wrong path to paradise. The beauty of the desert is deceiving, and to stand one's ground in it is no small feat, but the dirty dozen from the „Saarvannah“ is undeterred: they are aware of the dangers lurking behind the next dune and they are determined to continue their journey. Whereto? To the mecca of magic melodies, the shrines of mind~expanding sounds, to the sanctuary of musical friendship, and the Dionysian temples of love and excess!
ι♠ι   No oasis in sight? Not a problem. This cosmic caravan is ready and well-equipped with sounds and the knowledge of their elders to continue on their path full of deprivation. Datashock know where they are from, and they know where not to go in order not to lose their way. Even if you cannot see them, they are there. They are calling from the desert, can you hear them?
ι♠ι   Holger Adam (testcard / Phantom Limbo)
Translation: Heike Mißler
ι♠ι   Keine Oase in Sicht. Was tun? Weitergehen. Langsam vielleicht, aber stetig. Unbeirrbar. Im elften Jahr ihres Bestehens, 10 Jahre nach der Erfindung von „New Weird America" (D. Keenan) und der „Rückkehr des Kollektivs" (D. Diederichsen) durchstreifen Datashock noch immer den „Raum nomadischer Klänge" und suchen, unbeeindruckt von zeitgenössischen musikalischen Trugbildern, nach alten Quellen frischer Sounds.
ι♠ι   Mag die Sonne im Spätkapitalismus auch unbarmherzig niederbrennen, die Augen blenden und die Beine schwer machen: Die Horde aus dem Saarland zieht immer weiter, zieht ihr eigenes Ding durch. Unvergleichlich, unbeschreiblich, unbestechlich. ι♠ι   Den Blick auf den ewig schwindenden Horizont, die Antennen in den unendlichen Kosmos gerichtet: nach vorne, nach oben!
ι♠ι   Links lassen sie die Überreste geschäftiger Szenegeier liegen, rechts die mumifizierten Leichen der verlorenen Seelen, die, falschen Propheten folgend, paradieswärts zogen und in die Irre gingen. Die Schönheit der Wüste ist trügerisch, sich in ihr zu behaupten kein leichtes Unterfangen, doch das unerschrockene dreckige halbe Dutzend aus der Saarvanne weiß um die Gefahren hinter der nächsten Düne und setzt seine Reise unbeeindruckt fort.
ι♠ι   Wohin? Ins Mekka magischer Melodien, zu den Schreinen bewusstseinserweiternder Töne, zum Heiligtum der musikalischen Freundschaft und den dionysischen Tempeln der Liebe und der Ausschweifung!
ι♠ι   Keine Oase in Sicht. Kein Problem. Die kosmische Karawane ist gerüstet, auf dem Rücken ihrer Musik und mit der Hilfe des Wissens ihrer Ahnen den entbehrungsreichen Weg weiter zu verfolgen. Datashock wissen wo sie herkommen und sind daher hinreichend orientiert zu wissen, wo hin sie nicht gehen müssen, um ihren Weg nicht aus den Augen zu verlieren. Auch wenn ihr sie nicht sehen könnt, sie sind da. Sie rufen in der Wüste, könnt ihr sie hören?
ι♠ι   Holger Adam (testcard / Phantom Limbo)
— "Keine Oase in Sicht" 2xLP Gatefoldcover + Insert
— Album Download
— A2 Poster (you can choose between 2 designs, if you want both choose Bundle II)
ι♠ι   Posters are printed on 170gsm matt coated paper on A2 (59,4 x 42 cm /16,54 x 23,39 inch) in a 4color offset print.
ι♠ι   Each limited to 100 copies
ι♠ι   Postage is higher because the Posters will be send out rolled.
ι♠ι   Design by Daniel Fuchs
By Marc Masters; May 22, 2014; Score: 7.5
ι♠ι   Many bands call themselves “collectives,” but few make music that actually sounds communal and leaderless. In those rare cases, individual voices converge into shared vision, but strands in the resulting web stay distinct rather than blurring into anonymity: think of the natural waves of Japan’s Taj Mahal Travellers, the fuzzy trips of Germany’s Amon Düül, the free~flowing rock of Sweden’s Träd, Gräs Och Stenar, or the rattling jams of New York’s No~Neck Blues Band.
ι♠ι   It might be premature to rank German collective Datashock among those legends; even their own label has called them “young punks pretending to be old hippies.” But their work over the past decade suggests they could join that echelon. They frequently catch magic moments of emergence, as a patient assemblage of exploratory sounds grows into something transcendent. They’ll wander around with their heads pointed skyward until at some point — often one you don’t notice until they’ve already passed it — they shift into a higher gear.
ι♠ι   Moments like that abound on Keine Oase in Sicht (German for “No Oasis in Sight”), Datashock’s best effort to date. There are times when it feels like they’re toying with their own powers, meditating so long you start to think they’ll never uncover an epiphany — and, inevitably, a climax arrives to justify the group’s long mountain climb. ι♠ι   The album opens with the longest climb, the 14~minute “Mudschahidin der Liebe”, whose oscillating organ tones and rave~up crescendo resemble a stretched-out Spiritualized. “Rubinregen aus der spirituellen Spha¨re” waltzes stonedly to a peak in the vein of Bardo Pond or Eternal Tapestry, and “Her mit dem Kelch, (das) hier muss es sein” is practically funk — James Chance reimagined as a hippie. Even something as gaseous as “Desert Lustgerte, Goldnougat Gobi” ends in a miniature flash of rolling beat that retroactively reveals direction in the sounds that led to it.
ι♠ι   Compared to other groups who deal in this kind of slow~burning ascension, Datashock are rarely noisy or cacophonous. Instrumental music that’s largely improvised has the tendency to become clutttered, but Datashock express profundity within a clean, spacious sound. Every element is easily legible, but there’s still a dense atmosphere throughout, borne of keen communication and palpable dedication to a common cause.
ι♠ι   Much of Keine Oase in Sicht is mellow and soothing, but it’s never boring. Such accessibility could make Datashock the underground avant collective for people that like overground psychedelic rock — stranger things have happened — but external validation is, most likely, low on Datashock’s list of priorities. When you’re banded together toward a greater vision, the periphery isn’t a big deal. (http://pitchfork.com/)
Henning Lahmann, 16 Jun 2014
ι♠ι   The heyday of proggy psych rock might be long gone, but stubborn timelessness is a quality that we acknowledge, at least if it materializes as refined and mature as the music of Saarlouis~based Datashock. Pyramiden von Gießen, the collective’s 2011 work, was a massive collection of ‘shrooms~induced soundscaping inspired by long~forgotten netherworlds, arid and torrid with no end in sight. The group continue their cursed journey on the recently released follow~up Keine Oase in Sicht, and listening to the eleven contemplations that last up to almost 14 minutes, there’s indeed no oasis in sight, nowhere: Supplemented with faintly oriental motifs, Datashock's swirling arrangements are still virtually aimless, thrown into the world not through someone’s conscious decision but because music like this just is, and always has been, so all it need is a few devoted people to sit down, listen to the fervent winds, and channel the energy. Someone used the word ‘nomadic’ to describe Keine Oase in Sicht, and indeed, any peripherally desert~related metaphor is almost uncannily apt. Probably try re~reading Nietzsche while listening to this most existential work. It might help to finally understand both him and Datashock.
ι♠ι   This morning, we’re delighted to present the premiere of the video for the title track, which, curiously enough, does not feature footage of Sahara expeditions. It revisits (and, we reckon, questions) an orientalist perspective though, observing unfamiliar spaces with a certain aloofness, creating a distance that’s almost unsettling in this hyper~connected 21st century. Wherever you’re going, it’s a long way from home. (http://www.nofearofpop.net/)
:: http://weedtemple.net/post/85412957663/review-datashock-keine-oase-in-sicht
Website: http://datashock.de/track/keine-oase-in-sicht

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