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David Sancious — Forest of Feelings (1975, Remastered 2014)

David Sancious — Forest of Feelings (1975, Remastered 2014)

United States         David Sancious — Forest of Feelings 
Ξ≡Ξ Sancious was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the E Street Band on April 10, 2014. Sancious also joined Springsteen and the current lineup (along with Vini Lopez) for a performance of three songs.
Location: New York, NY
Release info: Instrumental Studio Recording
Catalog: #ECLEC 2457
Album release: July 29, 2014
Record Label: Esoteric Recordings
Duration:     47:29
01 Suite Cassandra     8:48 
02 Come On If You Feel Up to It... (And Get Down)     4:44 
03 East India     4:35 
04 Dixie: March of the Conditioned Souls/Civil War of the Souls     6:16 
05 The Forest of Feelings     7:52 
06 Joyce #8     2:22 
07 Crystal Image     3:31 
08 One Time     5:42 
09 Futher In the Forest of Feelings     3:04 
10 Promise of Light     2:35
Review overview:
Voice: ****½ 
Lyrics: ***** 
Music: ***** 
Originality: ****½
Delivery/Presentation: ***** 
Summary: 4.8
Ξ  Bob Black Equipment Coordinator
Ξ  Ted Brosnan Assistant
Ξ  Paschal Byrne Digital Remastering
Ξ  Gerald Carboy Bass
Ξ  Ernest Carter Drums, Percussion
Ξ  James Carter Drums
Ξ  Billy Cobham Producer, Timpani
Ξ  Chris Faustmann Equipment Coordinator
Ξ  Tim Geelan Engineer
Ξ  Hugh Gilmour Package Design
Ξ  Fred Lombardi Photography
Ξ  Mark Powell Coordination, Research
Ξ  Vicky Powell Project Coordinator
Ξ  David L. Sancious Arranger, Chimes, Clavinet, Composer, Guitar (Electric), Moog Synthesizer, Organ (Hammond), Percussion, Piano, Piano (Electric)
Ξ  Sid Smith Liner Notes
Ξ  Samuel Varnedoe Original Cover Photography
Ξ  Tom Werman Original Liner Notes
Ξ  Lee Yates Assistant
Review by Thom Jurek
Ξ    Forest of Feelings is keyboardist/guitarist/ composer David Sancious‘ debut solo effort after leaving Bruce Springsteen’s employ. He not only played keyboards on Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J. and The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle and the title cut on Born to Run, but also arranged them. A musical polymath, Sancious never met a musical style he didn’t like — or couldn’t master. Here he is fully under the sway of jazz–rock fusion and progressive rock. Produced by Billy Cobham, Forest of Feelings features Sancious on an army of keys — Hammond B–3, clavinet, Moog, acoustic and Rhodes piano, etc. — but also on guitar (on which he is just as proficient, if not better). His bandmates are drummer Ernest Carter and bassist Gerald Carboy. Cobham makes a guest timpani appearance on the opening stunner, “Suite Cassandra,” a tune that takes inspiration in equal parts from Bach, Yes, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and Return to Forever, but isn’t derivative of or beholden to any of them. The playing here is as fluid as it is knotty. “Come on If You Feel Up to It… (And Get Down)” is screaming funky jazz–rock, with Sancious displaying his guitar heroics while the rhythm section breaks the tune’s architecture all the way down before sending it soaring. Without at all being patronizing, Sancious reinvents “Dixie,” thoroughly reharmonizing and recontextualizing it in a brief two–part suite that carries within its expansive reach all the historical and social darkness that greeted its melody in the civil rights era. The title track, with its legato phrasing and raging argpeggios on acoustic piano (before the wall of electronic keys kick in), reveals his command of jazz language as it meets rock head–on. “One Time,” with its precise serpentine melody, contains a deep funk backbone, a jazzman’s sense of syncopation, and rock & roll dynamics. The guitar solos are both meaty and spiraling. Closer “Further in the Forest of Feelings” has a rhythmic intensity that recalls Mahavishnu Orchestra on Inner Mounting Flame and the emotionally soulful expressiveness of Santana during the Caravanserai era. Forest of Feelings is an auspicious debut that delivers not only a mastery of various musical genres, but a holistic view of them. Just as the whole fusion thang was moving toward an increasingly irrelevant technician’s language devoid of any cultural connection other than its own, this culturally advanced, spiritually open set hit the shelves. This music sounds as refreshing and life–affirming in the 21st century as it did in 1975.
The Esoteric reissue has been beautifully remastered by Paschal Byrne and contains new liner notes with Sancious quotes by Sid Smith and a bonus cut played on solo piano, entitled “Promise of Light.”
Artist Biography by Alex Henderson
Ξ    David Sancious is a very difficult musician to categorize. The highly versatile keyboardist/guitarist/composer genuinely appreciates everything from classical to rock, jazz, blues, and funk, and while that may intimidate some marketing people — who like musicians to fit neatly into one category — it has earned Sancious the respect of everyone from Sting to Bryan Ferry. Born in Long Branch, NJ, on November 30, 1953, Sancious was only in his late teens when, in the early '70s, he was hired as the keyboardist for Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band. After appearing on Springsteen's first three albums (Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ, The Wild, the Innocent and the E Street Shuffle, and Born to Run), Sancious left the E Street Band in 1975 and signed with Epic as a solo artist. A radical departure from the type of earthy, Bob Dylan-influenced roots rock he had played with the Boss, Sancious' own albums found him exploring progressive rock and instrumental jazz fusion. Sancious' first solo album, Forest of Feelings, came in 1975, followed by Transformation and Tone in 1976. The following year, he left Epic for Arista, recording Dance of the Age of Enlightenment in 1977, True Stories in 1978, and Just As I Thought in 1979. After 1982's The Bridge on Elektra Musician, he waited 18 years before recording as a leader again. Not until 2000's unaccompanied Nine Piano Improvisations — which Sancious released on his own Not By Sight label and sold over the Internet — did he provide another album. But he was hardly idle in the 1980s or 1990s; between The Bridge and Nine Piano Improvisations, Sancious kept busy backing everyone from Sting, Peter Gabriel, and Bryan Ferry to African pop artist Youssou N'Dour. Most of Sancious' 1970s recordings are out of print, although One Way was scheduled to reissue True Stories and Just As I Thought on CD in early 2001. :: http://www.allmusic.com/
David Sancious & Tone:
Ξ    Forest of Feelings (1975)
Ξ    Transformation (The Speed of Love) (1976)
Ξ    Dance of the Age of Enlightenment (1977)
Ξ    True Stories (1978)
Website: http://davidsancious.com/

David Sancious — Forest of Feelings (1975, Remastered 2014)




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