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DC Cardwell
Pop Art

DC Cardwell — Pop Art (2015)

Australia                       DC Cardwell — Pop Art
Ξ   Incredibly memorable tunes, clever words, affecting vocals, catchy hooks and inventive guitar playing. Smart, eclectic pop goodness à la the Beatles!
Location: North Ireland ~~ Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Album release: March 2015
Record Label: Madcar Records
Duration:     51:41
01. In The Cloud      4:15
02. Don’t Know Why      4:16
03. The Sun, The Moon, The Stars      5:22
04. Have I Got News For You      5:17
05. Magic For Everybody (Sam Phillips cover)      3:06
06. I Need A Manager      4:12
07. Serving My Time      3:30
08. Love Is Patient      5:11
09. Record Store Day      4:17
10. I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day      2:58
11. Birthday Present (acoustic 2015) [DIGITAL BONUS TRACK]      2:17
12. Know Me (uke’n’ bass version 2015) [DIGITAL BONUS TRACK]     3:10
13. In The Cloud (lead guitar version 2015) [DIGITAL BONUS TRACK]      3:50
© Copyright — Dc Cardwell / Madcar Records
Album Notes
Ξ   Pop Art is the long–awaited follow–up to DC's acclaimed "Some Hope' album. This time the album was co–produced by his son Samuel, who was often seen performing with him on his popular web concerts from his studio while the album was being made.
Ξ   Like his father, Samuel plays a number of instruments, and he shares playing credits with his father throughout these songs. DC's other son, Joel, an equally skilled musician, only appears once, but what an aching, emotive guitar solo he provides to the pensive coda of the country–rock tinged "I Need A Manager", a song which is not as jocular as its title might suggest!
Ξ   Having said that, DC's familiar wry sense of humour is ever–present, even on his most grave and serious songs, and this is one of the elements that provides a certain levity and life–affirming joy to all his material.
Ξ   His material ranges from kitchen–sink love songs to apocalyptic pleas to hold on loosely to our worldly possessions. Even the familiar, traditional Christmas song which closes the album is not just for Yuletide caroling. Legendary author Ray Bradbury, in his 1962 novel Something Wicked This Way Comes, described the carol as "immensely moving, overwhelming, no matter what day or what month it was sung."
Ξ   DC's distinctive and affecting voice is perfect for his songs which take an honest and often wry look at life, peppered with positivity and redemptive possibility. Combine that with his maddeningly catchy hooks, pop–smart arrangements and melodic lead guitar breaks and you have Beatlesque songs that you will want to hear again and again. Now based in Australia, he grew up in Northern Ireland and also spent some years in Canada.
Ξ   “He writes from the heart in the same way as Neil Young and applies similar poetic humour to Ray Davies. There ain't a bad song on this album... [it] is overflowing with damn good songs that Cardwell could publish and earn a good income from.” — Toxic Pete Brown
Ξ   “Now it's time for the world to discover his exceptional songwriting/performing gifts.” — Paul Freeman, Palo Alto Daily News
Ξ   “This guy is a blast, simple hooks with a powerpop touch that embeds humor catchy turnarounds and a sense of the 60's with a bit of the 80's. This is a fun guy you should check out.” — Loren Weisman, Brain Grenade
Ξ   “Seriously I have a great respect for your songwriting and style. You have a unique delivery that for the uninitiated conjures the vocal prowess of Thom York blended with the edge of John Lennon and a tip of the hat to Bob Dylan. Bravo DC!!” — Doug Mitchell (record producer/engineer)
Ξ   “DC Cardwell helps to prove my theory that the closer you get to Antarctica, the happier your songs sound... everyone from Crowded House to Midnight Oil, seems to have a knack for sweet melodies; and DC is no exception.” — Bruce Greenberg, LIVE365.com
Ξ   “Exceptionally fine songs, DC. Who knew that depression, bitter irony, loneliness and mistrust could be so much fun? I'm not saying that sarcastically. You dig deep with such gentle and humorous resignation it's impossible not to enjoy the bitter truths you unearth. I can't pick a favorite song. They're all my favorites.” — Christopher Morse (songwriter/publisher)
Ξ   “An album filled with publishable songs and potential television soundtracks perhaps for the likes of shows like 'Friends' or 'That 70’s Show'.” — Donna Greene (Global Thunda Network)
Ξ   “That's a beautiful cover [of Don't Do Anything, not on the Some Hope album]. The feel takes it to a different place that I really like.” — Sam Phillips
Ξ   “Occasionally you find something so awesome that you have to put it up. Browsing through the MySpace universe I happened to come across a Melbourne artist by the name of DC Cardwell. It's my first taste of his music and it's really really good.” — Baron von Hutch, Sandwich Club
Ξ   “Hey David that Birthday song is well cool, that's yours???? Probably the best birthday song out there. Thought it was a Beatles track, very good work Sir” — Hush Art (artist)
Ξ   “Listened to your stuff and absolutely loved it!! Beautiful touching melodies and lyrics. Birthday Present" is a heart felt song!!” — Tali Birenberg (singer–songwriter)
Ξ   “DC has a style that is cozily familiar yet has originality running thru its veins. Lyrics that will make you heart melt as well as stretch your mind to its limits. He has a voice that shines above all others these days.I myself have recently purchased some of DC's music & it only makes me want more.” — Richie Auriemma (singer–songwriter)
For fans of The Beatles, Crowded House, Neil Young, Ron Sexsmith, Sam Phillips, T–Bone Burnett, Bob Dylan, The Band, Elliott Smith, Jon Brion, Van Morrison, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, Larry Norman, Phil Keaggy, The Kinks, Ray Davies, The Mutton Birds, Nick Lowe, Dave Edmunds, Rockpile, Jellyfish, David Bowie, Johnny Cash, Gillian Welch, Richard Thompson, The Byrds, the Rutles, Randy Newman, Leonard Cohen, Elvis Costello, Mark Heard, Victor Stranges, The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson, Roy Wood, ELO
Fortaken: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/dccardwell3/from/www.cdbaby.com/cd/dccardwell3
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dccardwell
Website: http://dccardwell.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dccardwell

DC Cardwell
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