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Walls and Dimensions

Deadbeat — Walls and Dimensions (November 20th, 2015)  Deadbeat — Walls and Dimensions (November 20th, 2015)  Deadbeat — Walls and Dimensions (November 20th, 2015)♦↑♦   “Deluxe gatefold triple LP version. Scott Monteith’s tenth Deadbeat album, Walls & Dimensions, sees Monteith showcasing his wide–ranging musical interests with a striking sense of gravity and cutting lyricism not heard in his previous works. The album features vocal contributions from a diverse range of Berlin–based artists, and, for the first time, vocals from Deadbeat himself. “A wise old curmudgeon once said that all great art is born of great suffering, and if that sentiment holds true this album has had plenty of fuel for its proverbial fire,” says Monteith of the writing process. “The last month of 2014 and first half of this year were not kind to me and my family to say the least. Thankfully I was able to turn to music and writing to work through those feelings over the last year, and found some absolutely lovely people to voice them when I wasn’t up to the task of expressing them myself.” Featuring guest vocal contributions from Fink, Delhia de France, and Elif Biçer, as well as cello performances by Maarten Vos, Walls & Dimensions sees Monteith exploring all facets of his musical interests with deadly focus and passion, from pure ambient drones to heartfelt reggae blues and dubbed–out late–night club bangers.”Location: Kitchener, Ontario ~ Montreal, Québec, Canada ~ Berlin, Germany
Genre: Dub Techno, Ambient
Album release: November 20th, 2015
Record Label: BLKRTZ
Duration:     41:45
1. Ain’t No More Flowers (Feat. Fink)      7:03
2. I Get Low      6:53
3. Rage Against The Light (Feat. Delhia De France)     7:16
4. Tired People Get Up      6:47
5. Stekker Forever! (Feat. Maarten Vos)      6:03
6. Keep On Pushing      7:07
7. Got To Carry On (Featuring Elif Biçer)     5:58
8. Lights For Lele      15:16Review
By Chad Barnes, Published Nov 18, 2015; Score: 9
♦↑♦  Walls & Dimensions marks Scott Monteith’s tenth full–length release as Deadbeat. Reportedly, this album apparently arose in the wake of multiple tragedies in Monteith’s life that included both personal and professional traumas. When an album emerges from such circumstances, it’s reasonable to expect that the compositions will reflect the hardships endured by the artist, but while this latest Deadbeat release preserves a certain defining dark undertone that many have come to associate with the artist, it’s far from doom and gloom — quite the opposite, in fact.
♦↑♦  Wall & Dimensions is a gorgeous, expansive release whose dark side is more pensive than melancholic. Multiple compositions including “Stekker Forever!” feature cello parts played by Maarten Vos that assist Deadbeat in further exploring dimensions only hinted at on previous releases. The pulsing, deep, often foggy beats steadily maintain an upbeat momentum that would be well suited to even the most discerning, snobbish dance floors. Monteith has insisted that the album was born from loss, but the most defining characteristic of the album is its consistently hopeful theme and tone prominently featured on tracks like “Keep On Pushing” and “Got To Carry On,” among others.
♦↑♦  Walls & Dimensions is easily a highlight of the year, an album that demands repeated listens in order to be fully appreciated and experienced. ♦↑♦  http://exclaim.ca/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Deadbeat-Music-130901630273506/timeline/
By Dimitri Nasrallah, Published Aug 01, 2006
♦↑♦  http://exclaim.ca/music/article/scott_monteith-deadbeat_crackhaus
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/deadbeat
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♦↑♦  Everyone who lives in Montreal is super nice, even the local politicians, but Deadbeat is just that bit nicer. If you make it out to the annual Mutek festival you’ll see what we mean. Anyway, Scott Monteith, aka Deadbeat, makes his own type of dub–laden, minimal–leaning electronics on several labels but has also been known to dress up like a farm hand and charge around a stage in the mighty two–man electronic barndance ensemble known as Crackhaus with good friend Steve Beaupre. ♦↑♦  Scott’s double life must be something to do with the extreme Montreal weather — they’re all huddled together eating fondue one week and dancing naked in hot summer rain the next. Monteith talks minimal techno awakenings, making production as loud and goofy as possible, and more in his 2006 lecture for Red Bull Music Academy.                                               © Delhia de France

Walls and Dimensions



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