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Default Genders
Magical Pessimism 2014

Default Genders — Magical Pessimism 2014 (July 14, 2014)

 Default Genders — Magical Pessimism 2014

 ιι      Změny názvu svých projektů pomáhají Brooksovi vytvářet svět, ve kterém se mu lépe daří schovat dovnitř sebe sama. Zvukově je to však pohřbeno pod vrstvou nesčetného roštu elektronického šumu. Texty zveřejněné na YouTube ukazují, že se jedná o milostné písně odlehlé rezervace, kde se zřejmě dva lidé společně snaží “rezervovat” od všech keců. Nechal jsem se přesvědčit až poslední Everything Can Stop Us Now Part 2. V přímém a okamžitém srovnání dvou alb je James Brooks mnohem propracovanější, než Christopher Willits s jeho “Surf Boundaries”.
ιι      “I had a dream that
one day i showed up
at where you work and i paid
all your student loans off
like it was nothing
oh, like it was nothing”   (v písni Sophie)
Location: Brooklyn, NYC
Album release: July 14, 2014
Record Label: self~released 
Duration:     45:06
01. Everything Is A Lie And Everyone Is Completely Full Of Shit     3:56
02. The World Ends With You     3:46
03. Everything Can Stop Us Now Part 1     4:49
04. Sophie     4:27
05. Negotiating With Demons     3:46
06. Omerta     3:26
07. Stop Pretending     3:38
08. The Trees In The Driveway     4:30
09. Words With Friends     3:32
10. Kairosis In Real Life     2:39
11. On Fraternity     3:46
12. Everything Can Stop Us Now Part 2     2:51
ιι      Creted by James Brooks
ιι      Mastered by Recycle Culture
ιι      This is a post where i tell you that i have officially changed the name from “Dead Girlfriends” to “Default Gender”.
ιι      The name sort of had an effect i didn’t want, and it took me a little while to think of another phrase i could use that contained words that start with D and G so the artwork with claire’s drawing would still make sense. it doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily but thematically it makes more sense i guess
ιι      I’m in the process of changing all the URLs and stuff that it’s possible to change, changing the name in the actual artwork and website header and stuff will take me longer and i can’t do anything about the press that’s already out there with the old name, but it will probably come out in the wash eventually.
ιι      I apologize to anyone who’s inconvenienced by this but especially to anyone who was upset or offended or grossed out by the old name, and to the other band that was using the name first. Thanks, James
BY HARI ASHURST, 17 JULY 2014, 13:58 BST; SCORE: 9/10
ιι      So far, James Brooks’ solo artistic career has been uncomfortably lived out online. ιι      Under the moniker Dead Girlfriends (inspired by feminist Andrea Dworkin) he released an EP titled Stop Pretending in 2013, only to be tailgated by a flurry of negative thinkpieces and tumblr blogs regarding “On Fraternity”, an anti~rape culture song Brooks penned using the second~person pronoun ‘you’.
ιι      Many felt because of that Brooks was trying to speak for them on a sensitive, important subject when they really didn’t need him to. The narrative became not about the music on Stop Pretending, but instead Brooks found himself cast as that week’s online newscycle victim — with all the backbiting, hyperbole and outrage that involves. ιι      He swiftly changed the name of his project to Default Genders and disappeared as quickly as the online furore unspooled.
ιι      Almost a year to the day later Brooks uploaded Magical Pessimism 2014 to Bandcamp and sent a few tweets announcing the release of his first full~length record. ιι      It was an understated unveiling of what is a startlingly well~realized album that true to the concept it twists in name (Magical Realism) creates a world within a world to hide in.
ιι      Opener “Everything Is a Lie and Everyone is Completely Full of Shit” introduces the blown~speaker, hyper~romantic sound that characterizes the record — the song’s gorgeous mid~section of strings and faraway pianos has a sense of Disney wonder to it while Brooks buried vocal longs for escape.
ιι      Lyrically the record is unerringly honest and personal, but it has a way of feeling like it could speak directly to the heart of anybody alive in 2014. Lines like “I had a dream that, one day I showed up, at where you work, and I paid all your student loans off, like it was nothing” on “Sophie” is probably the sort of boring fantasy a good portion of young people might have but not tweet about. Same goes for the almost drab admission on “The Trees in the Driveway” that “You have to take out your piercings before you go to work, but otherwise they’re pretty cool about the way that you dress”. That plainspoken quality is interjected by the music’s complete otherworldliness, throwing itself between fits of violent breakbeats and noise, and an almost orchestral beauty (especially on “Omerta”, an instrumental that props up the middle of the album).
ιι      The visceral drums here mark a return to the sound Brooks explored under his Elite Gymnastics moniker on the Ruin EP back in 2011. That EP also had two sides (on the vinyl edition) of the same songs with different arrangements, something Brooks returns to as an idea for the two~parted “Everything Can Stop Us Now” on Magical Realism 2014. The two tracks have some of the records best moments too — the first part exchanging sudden, cutting drum breaks with submerged textures, and the second part placing a hard~pitched vocal on top of a steely piano and ruffled beat that almost calls to mind 90s rap records like Reasonable Doubt.
ιι      The 2014 tag at the end of Default Genders’ album title places this record firmly within the right now, and as such that’s the world Brooks explores lyrically — with its mundanities, dramas and all. For a project so internet based (there are no plans for a physical or traditional release) it feels like an apt addendum and curiously makes this record feel like two completely polar objects; one, a piece of hyper~modern ephemera that could be recycled as quickly as a tumblr post. At the same time Brooks debut album also feels like a state of the world address like no other, one that creates a shelter and wants to be there for you in a time where the constant flicker of new media and ‘content’ could loosen even the firmest grasp of reality.
Fortaken: http://www.thelineofbestfit.com/
Bandcamp: http://magicalpessimism.bandcamp.com/album/magical-pessimism-2014
Twitter: https://twitter.com/elite_gz
Website: http://defaultgenders.com/
Tumblr: http://defaultgenders.tumblr.com/
Website: http://www.mtv.com/artists/james-brooks/
:: http://www.spin.com/articles/default-genders-james-brooks-on-fraternity-controversy-response/ 

Default Genders
Magical Pessimism 2014




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