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Destroyer Destroyer’s Rubies
Merge Records Jan. 24, 2006/2014 remastered vinyl

Destroyer — Destroyer’s Rubies (Jan. 24, 2006)     Destroyer — Destroyer’s Rubies (Jan. 24, 2006/2014 rem.)  Destroyer — Destroyer’s Rubies (Jan. 24, 2006)•★••     Písně od Destroyer jsou charakterizovány abstraktními, poetickými texty a idiosynkratickými vokály. Diskografie kapely čerpá z různých hudebních vlivů, což vede k albům, které jeden od druhého mohou znít výrazně odlišně — dle Bejarových slov: “To je můj cíl: začít od nuly.” Dan Bejar started Destroyer as a solo home~recording project in the early to mid~nineties. Exploring and overturning genres such as glam, MIDI, yacht rock, & even underground Spanish independent artists, Bejar was proclaimed “Rock’s Exiled King” by The Fader.  His is a body of work that consistently flouts convention in favor of musical leaps of faith, statements of purpose cloaked in subterfuge, and the joyous refrain of an optimist’s heart cloaked in cynicism.Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.                                                              © •★•• Destroyer Live On KEXP
Formed: 1995 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Location: Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Styles: Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock, Chamber Pop
Album release: Jan. 24, 2006
Record Label: Merge Records
Duration:     53:45
01. Rubies     9:25 
02. Your Blood     4:15 
03. European Oils     4:54 
04. Painter in Your Pocket     4:10 
05. Looters’ Follies     7:26 
06. 3000 Flowers     3:46 
07. A Dangerous Woman Up to a Point     6:02 
08. Priest’s Knees     3:08 
09. Watercolours into the Ocean     4:46 
10. Sick Priest Learns to Last Forever     5:53
♣      The large band assembled by Bejar (including Nicholas Bragg, Tim Loewen, Ted Bois, Scott Morgan, Fisher Rose, Joseph Shabason, and John Collins.
•★••    Daniel Bejar — vocals, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitars, tambourine, monster riffs on European Oils and 3000 Flowers
•★••    Ted Bois — piano, wurlitzer, organ
•★••    Nicolas Bragg — lead guitar, lead acoustic on Painter In Your Pocket
•★••    Tim Loewen — bass guitar, electric guitar on European Oils, back~up vocals on Looters’ Follies
•★••    Scott Morgan — drums, baritone sax
•★••    Fisher Rose — vibraphone, trumpet
•★••    John Collins — Shaker, Vibraphone
••    Recorded, produced and mixed sporadically May 30 to July 23 at JC/DC by JC/DC
••    Mastered at Suite Sound Labs by Jamie Sitar
••    Cover photo by Tara Rudnikas
••    Band photos by Ted Bois
••    Tim’s photo by Sydney Hermant
••    Design by Maggie Fost
••    Ali Giampino Booking
••    Paul Cardillo Marketing Coordinator
••    Lyle Hysen Video
••    JC/DC Engineer, Mixing, ProducerFotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.AllMusic Review by James Christopher Monger; Score: **** 
••     Supporters of Destroyer mastermind Dan Bejar have been regaled with enough material over the previous two years to keep even the smallest fan site busy. Between the New Pornographers’ 2005 Bejar~heavy Twin Cinema and the Destroyer/Frog Eyes EP Notorious Lightning and Other Works, the hyper~literate, Bowie~loving Canadian has been on a roll. Destroyer’s Rubies, his fifth full~length offering, is an amalgam of Streethawk: A Seduction’s glam rock posturing, This Night’s guitar~heavy psychedelia, and Your Blues’ apocalyptic wordplay. Bejar’s imagery is as impenetrable and volatile as ever — “Dueling cyclones jackknife/They got eyes for your wife and the blood that lives in her heart” — but musically, he’s forged a solid enough foundation to ground it. Part of Bejar’s charm comes from his innate ability to balance sadistic verse, music geek grandstanding, and bawdy refrains with enough major seventh chords to score a full season of Brady Bunch segues — “A Dangerous Woman Up to a Point”’s pre~chorus crescendo declares “Those who love Zeppelin will eventually betray Floyd/I cast off those couplets in honor of the void” before exploding into “I pictured heaven on earth made of clay, as your form dictated.” Rubies is heavy on pop craft, with standout cuts like “European Oils,” “3000 Flowers,” and the manic title track echoing 2005’s “Broken Breads” and “Streets of Fire,” but it’s more than just the art~house theater to the Pornographers’ Twin Cinema, it’s the absinthe~drunk projectionist reveling in the sheer hedonism of it all.   ••    https://www.allmusic.com/
Bandcamp: https://destroyer.bandcamp.com/album/destroyers-rubies  Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.                                                                        © •★•• Cat’s Cradle © Dan Kulpa

Destroyer Destroyer’s Rubies
Merge Records Jan. 24, 2006/2014 remastered vinyl



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