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Diagrams — Chromatics (January 19, 2015)

                       Diagrams — Chromatics
Location: London, England, United Kingdom
Album release: January 19th, 2015
Record Label: Full Time Hobby
Duration:     41:57 +
01. Phantom Power     3:28
02. Gentle Morning Song     3:54
03. Desolation     3:37
04. Chromatics     4:33
05. You Can Talk To Me     3:19
06. Shapes     4:32
07. Dirty Broken Bliss     3:27
08. Serpent     3:34
09. The Light & The Noise     3:08
10. Brain     5:19
11. Just A Hair’s Breadth     3:06
Disc 2
01 Phantom Power [Instrumental]
02 Gentle Morning Song [Instrumental]
03 Desolation [Instrumental]
04 Chromatics [Instrumental]
05 You Can Talk to Me [Instrumental]
06 Shapes [Instrumental]
07 Dirty Broken Bliss [Instrumental] 
08 Serpent [Instrumental]
09 The Light and the Noise [Instrumental]
10 Brain [Instrumental]
11 Just a Hair's Breadth [Instrumental]
Harriet Gibsone, Thursday 8 January 2015 22.15 GMT;  Score: ****
≡   Sam Genders, formerly of folk experimentalists Tunng and now making indie–electronica as Diagrams, sees the world in ornate detail. His perspective is symbolised neatly in the artwork for his second album — a hand delving into the unknown depths of a rectangular prism — suggesting an introspection that goes beyond Chromatics’ surface theme of relationships. The music moves from musings about “spectral mist” and existential despair on Serpent (“Going to climb outside myself/ Burn my worries, leave my fears/ Evaporate and disappear”) to more earthbound woe and wonder on Brain (“Pigeons outside, eating the seeds that you threw/ I want to know, what did I do?”). Foreboding as his lyrics often are, there is enormous hope at the heart of this music, and its gentle, almost Elbow–like melodies transform his worries into a warm, soft sanctuary. :: http://www.theguardian.com/
≡   Black Light      (2012)
≡   Chromatics      (2015)
Website Tunng: http://www.tunng.co.uk/
Facebook Tunng: https://www.facebook.com/thisistunng
Label: http://www.fulltimehobby.co.uk/main/
MySpace: https://myspace.com/samgenders     © Sam Genders of Diagrams @ End Of The Road Festival 2011 with the emergency vodka that was a Xmas present from his Father many years ago.
Tim Jonze, Monday 5 January 2015 11.08 GMT
•   Have a listen to the brilliant new album from former Tunng man Sam Genders and let us know your thoughts!
•   It’s a brand new year — time for a fresh start and a wiping clean of the slate! So what better way to celebrate than with an album that deals in regret, materialism, imperfect lovers and dark nights of the soul? Hooray!
•   Diagrams is Sam Genders, formerly of folktronica group Tunng, and those still shaking off that NYE hangover will be relieved to know that he deals in far more than just emotional torment.
•   Take Brain which is, in Genders’ own words, “a song of gratitude for having a person in your life which extends out into a wider gratitude for everyone in your life and the whole strange experience of life.” Hardly a bleak message, right?
•   And then there’s the music, which counterbalances the complex themes on offer here with skewed pop melodies. Opening track Phantom Power — a song about trying to get a grip on your own subjective reality — sets the tone, whereas You Can Talk To Me might be the loveliest thing Genders has ever written. :: http://www.theguardian.com/





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