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Distance, Light And Sky
Casting Nets

Distance, Light And Sky — Casting Nets [November 21st, 2014]

BelgiumNetherlandsUnited States Distance, Light And Sky — Casting Nets

 Excellent album Distance, Light And Sky — Casting Nets was nominated for 8th Tais Awards 2015!!!
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia/Seattle, WA, USA, Netherlands, Belgium
Album release: November 21st, 2014
Record Label: Glitterhouse
Duration:     47:55
01. Son      6:20
02. Still On The Loose      4:54
03. Cold Summer Wood      4:28
04. This Place      6:03
05. You Were Done      4:52
06. Distance, Light & Sky      4:14
07. Souls      3:00
08. Riding Shotgun      5:36
09. Western Avenue      4:09
10. 50'S Song      4:19
♠   Chris Eckman
♠   Chantal Acda
♠   Eric Thielemans
Contact: Eline Müller —
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/distancelightandsky
»   "Classic and sublime songs seperate artists like Distance, Light & Sky from the mainstream. Their wonderful debut album consists of 10 amazing tracks analogue recorded in the Sono Studios in Prague with legendary producer Phill Brown (Talk Talk — «Spirit of Eden«). Songwriter Chris »   Eckman knows how to tie on to the best times of The Walkabouts but Distance, Light & Sky is not a solo–project. Not either a side–project it is truly a band of its own. Alongside Chris Eckman you'll see the adorable female singer and songwriter Chantal Acda from the Netherlands/England. »   Chantal is well known for her work with the band the Isbells and recorded her last solo album „Let Your Hands Be My Guide“ with Nils Frahm and Peter Broderick („Exquisite. As soft as snow“ — MOJO 04/05, „Starry–eyed beauty“ — Uncut 08/10). Next to her and Chris there's percussionist and composer Eric Thielemans of the EARR Ensemble who's famous for his work with the legendary Sun Ra saxophonist Marshall Allen. You'll see that Distance, Light & Sky consists of 3 musicians coming from a different backround connected by a common musical vision. Their debut „Casting Nets“ is a melancholy but optimistic album made of quiet and calm sounds, multifarious and nuanced, shaped by its composers and their various characters Eckman, Acda and Thielemans and the unique recording technique of producer Phill Brown. It's a true pleasure to listen to the duets of Chantal Acda with her female voice and Chris Eckman with his sonorous baritone voice.»   Most fascinating of all is the fact that these 3 totally different artists made the grade to bunch their varied influences into a homogenous and harmonic sound construct called „Casting Nets“. Distance, Light & Sky explore new horizons and they'll help you to escape the drab monotony of everyday life. „Casting Nets“ is an unspectacular but truly wonderful album for the cold seasons of the year. We're very happy to welcome this amazing band at Glitterhouse Record."
»   Un superbe premier album de ce trio aux origines diverses!
In deutsch:
»   Zeitlos und erhaben kommen die Songs von Distance, Light & Sky daher. Ihr Debütalbum nahm die Band um Chris Eckman in den analogen Prager Sono Studios auf, produziert hat Phill Brown (Talk Talk). Eckman knüpft mit seinem Songwriting an die besten Zeiten der Walkabouts an, wobei das hier kein weiteres Solo–oder Seitenprojekt des Amerikaners ist, im Gegenteil: Distance, Light & Sky sind eine Band, eine Einheit. Zu Eckman gesellen sich die niederländisch–britische Singer–Songwriterin Chantal Acda, die 2013 mit dem Album "Let Your Hands Be My Guide" für Furore sorgte. Dritter im Bunde ist der belgische Percussionist und Komponist Eric Thielemans (u. a. EARR Ensemble). Auf "Casting Nets" herrschen die ruhigen Töne vor. Nuanciert, detailreich und geprägt von drei unterschiedlichen Charakteren, entwickelt sich eine wohltuende Spannung, melancholisch und doch stets mit optimistischem Unterton. Distance, Light & Sky eröffnen neue Horizonte, ziehen einem die Grauschleier des Alltags von den Ohren und erfüllen nicht nur die Herbst– und Winterabende mit wohliger Wärme.


Distance, Light And Sky
Casting Nets




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