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Dom La Nena & Rosemary Standley (Birds On A Wire) — Rosemary's Songbook [2014]

 Dom La Nena & Rosemary Standley (Birds On A Wire) — Rosemary's Songbook [2014]

BRA Flag FRA Flag Dom La Nena & Rosemary Standley (Birds On A Wire) — Rosemary's Songbook

♣   “... a sound that is both gentle and haunting”
♣   A poetic and musical journey from the profane to the sacred, is presented by Moriarty singer Rosemary Standley and cellist Dom La Nena, including baroque music, songs by Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, John Lennon, Dylan and Fairuz.
♣   “I am so inspired! I was impressed with how flawlessly she sang in so many different languages. And they had such a great rapport.” — Maryam Montague, USA/Marrakech
♣   “It just made you smile from beginning to end.” — Michelle, USA
Birth name: Dominique Pinto
Born: 1989, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Location: Paris, France
Album release: 31 mars 2014
Record Label: Six Degrees Records
Duration:     56:41
01. Blessed Is The Memory (Leonard Cohen)       4:37
02. Passacaglia della vita (Stefano Landi)      3:35
03. Duerme Negrito (Trad.arr. Latino lullaby)       2:42
04. The Man Who Looks Like Me       2:22
05. All The World Is Green (Tom Waits)       6:47
06. Jamaica Farewell / Sambinha       2:42
07. Ô Solitude (Henry Purcell)       6:19
08. Le chant des oiseaux       6:22
09. Bird On The Wire (Leonard Cohen)       2:58
10. Fair & Tender Ladies       4:08
11. Arriba Quemando El Sol (Violeta Parra)       2:29
12. Panis Et Circences       3:45
13. Ya Laure Hobouki       2:33
14. Sega Jacquot       2:24
15. Oh My Love (John Lennon)       2:59
BIRDS ON A WIRE (Rosemary’s songbook):
•   Avec Rosemary Standley (voix)
•   Dom La Nena (violoncelle et voix)
•   Lumieres : Anne Muller
•   Son : Lucie Laricq ou Anne Laurin
•   Costumes : Elisa Ingrassia
♣   Rosemary Standley s’est échappée de Moriarty, le temps de feuilleter un songbook fantasque et gourmand, de Claudio Monteverdi a Leonard Cohen en passant par Purcell, Fairouz, John Lennon ou Tom Waits. Voix de moire et de velours, elle suit les chemins de traverse de sa mémoire et de ses plaisirs en compagnie de Dom La Nena, violoncelliste et chanteuse. Dominique Pinto de son vrai nom, balance entre Europe et Amérique latine. Avec Jane Birkin ou dans Le Condamné a mort de Jean Genet avec Jeanne Moreau et Étienne Daho ou avec Piers Faccini, cette toute jeune musicienne a amplement démontré l’ampleur de ses dons et de son jeu.
♣   Son nouvel album « Ela » aux mélodies délicates et a la musicalité fluide et naturelle, sorti en 2013 chez Six Degrees Records connaît un magnifique succes a l’international, en passant par la France, le Canada, le Brésil et les Etats–Unis.
♣   Voici deux femmes en liberté qui explorent un répertoire de tous les temps qu’elles livrent avec une irrésistible légereté. Rien de plus émouvant...
♣   Un "songbook" tres éclectique mais fort agréable a écouter. Recommandé.
   The universe of the young American Rosemary Standley is musically rare: she is a bohemian 'traveller' who wanders the great musical spaces of our planet. Originally inspired by this Beat generation quest and by the 'hobo' myth of Kerouac and Dylan, Rosemary Standley has great knowledge of the roots of American tradition, from folk to blues to country. From there, she finds her way into other musical horizons, lyrical or classical, from Monteverdi to Henry Purcell. This constitutes a veritable Songbook, a kind of intimate musical journal into which this show, created for the Cité de la Musique in Paris, offers an insight.
   Cellist Dom La Nena impresses with the accuracy of her ear and the grace of her playing. Before she was 20 years old, she had accompanied Jane Birkin as well as Piers Faccini, as well as setting to music Jean Genet's The Prisoner Condemned to Death by Etienne Daho and Jeanne Moreau. She has also worked with Camille, Sophie Hunger and Coming Soon. From her native Brazil to France by way of Argentina, she easily overcomes the obstacles separating classical and popular music.
   And so these wandering musical troubadours lead us on a path that is poetic, fragile, intimate and profound, full of the charm of a unique musical moment.
The Concert:
   Tonight’s performance by Rosemary Standley and Dom La Nena epitomised the essence of the Sacred Music Festival, bringing together disparate musical styles seamlessly and joyfully, showing the universality of music.
   Standley, who is the lead singer for the band Moriarty, also crossed multiple borders with her language abilities singing in French, Arabic, English and Spanish.
Accompanied ably by Dom La Nena — a successful musician in her own right — the concert showed two free spirits exploring a timeless repertoire performed with irresistible lightness and humour.
   The performance began with both women wearing cloaks of gold, Standley pacing a slow circuit through the audience as she sang of love in French. The cloaks came off in the second piece to reveal quirky costumes of green dresses with scalloped wired hems and red detailing.
   The second song was Leonard Cohen’s signature number Bird on the Wire from which the ensemble derives its name.
“Like a bird on the wire,
Like a drunk in a midnight choir
I have tried in my way to be free…”
   Sung sweetly, this simple country song then switched to a baroque piece by Claudio Monteverdi — setting the scene for an eclectic medley of music interpreted with their own signature style. We had embarked on a musical pilgrimage with an unknown destination.
   To illustrate the diversity of the music covered in ‘Rosemary’s Songbook’, Standley went from Kingston Town by Harry Belafonte, to O Solitude by Henry Purcell, to Duerme Negrito (a popular Latin American folkloric lullaby), via Tom Wait’s All the World is Green, through Come All You Fair and Tender Ladies/Little Sparrow (an American folk music ballad, originating from the Appalachian region) to an encore number of Everyday by Buddy Holly, and this is by no means an exhaustive list of all that was performed.
   Simply listing the songs does not do the performance justice however, with both women displaying a range of musical talents on a variety of instruments such as the cello, drums, mouth harp and even a tambourine beaten with a plastic banana!
   The inclusion of a plastic banana perfectly illustrates the humour that infused moments in the show, to which the crowd responded with amusement. They were equally responsive to the more poignant moments too, faces enraptured as Standley’s voice, pure and clear, perfectly matched the achingly beautiful cello of Dom La Nena.
   La Nena showed great innovation in the way she played her cello, at times plucking the strings or banging her bow across them, using the soundboard as a drum, or using live looping to layer sounds to great effect. At the end of the set Standley walked off stage still singing and La Nena surprised the crowd by standing and walking away with her cello still playing — a loop she had just recorded.
   “Thank you for this evening, it is marvellous to be here, at this festival, thank you very much,” Standley said, prompting a standing ovation from the audience.
   The women returned for their final numbers and finished by getting the crowd to participate by clapping with two fingers as they meandered slowly through the audience singing “Every day it’s getting closer, going faster than a rollercoaster” before disappearing out the back door…
A rollercoaster of musical styles it was indeed.
Text and photographs: Vanessa Bonnin (http://riadzany.blogspot.com)
Website: http://madamelune.com/artistes-et-productions/rosemarys-song-book/
   Rosemary Standley is the lushly imaginative Franco–American lead singer of the enormously creative band Moriarty. The instruments they play reads like a recipe list for the best possible musical feast: xylophone, thumb piano, spoons, tambourine, scotch–tape trumpet, double–bass, music box, suitcase drum, chromatic and diatonic harmonicas, kazoo, drilling machines, Jew’s harp. Their latest album The Missing Room came out last Spring. The band’s maverick spirit leads them to play incongruous venues such ‘a mental institution, a prison, a transatlantic ship, a ruined castle in Tuscany, the streets of Paris, and a night train’.  Being the bohemian vagabonds that they are, they tour extensively.
   Rosemary chante avec son pere depuis l’âge de huit ans un répertoire folk country traditionnel américain. Ensemble, ils forment le duo Wayne and Rosemary. En 1999, elle devient la chanteuse du groupe Moriarty.? Le groupe sort récemment deux albums : Gee whiz but this is a lonesome Town en 2007 (Naive & Cie Deschamps Makeiev) et The Missing Room en avril 2011 (Air Rytmo — label anagramme de Moriarty).
   En dehors de ses activités avec Moriarty, Rosemary collabore a de nombreuses créations. Elle la chanteuse live du projet Private Domain, créé et dirigé par Laurence Equilbey. Elle enregistre un morceau de Gershwin « It ain’t necessarily so » sur le disque Songs de l’ensemble Contraste en 2010. Elle participe a la création du spectacle « Memories from the missing room » d’apres l’album The missing room mis en scene de Marc Lainé a la Ferme du buisson avec Joffrey Carré. En 2010, elle participe a la création « Les Françoises » avec Olivia Ruiz, Camille, la Grande Sophie, Jeanne Cherhal, Emily Loizeau au Printemps de Bourges. Elle fonde le groupe Mazo avec la chanteuse Marjolaine Karlin sur des reprises de chansons maloya créoles du poete réunionnais Alain Peters.
♣   La violoncelliste Dom la Nena (de son vrai nom Dominique Pinto) impréssione par la justesse de son écoute et la grâce de son jeu tous ceux qu’elle accompagnera (de Jane Birkin pendant une longue tournée internationale a Piers Faccini en passant par la mise en musique du Condamné a Mort de Jean Genet par Etienne Daho et Jeanne Moreau, des collaborations avec Camille, Sophie Hunger, Coming Soon,…) alors qu’elle n’a meme pas 20 ans. Ce qu’ils ignorent alors, c’est que Dom va bientôt se révéler tout aussi mature dans l’art de la chanson. Est–ce parce qu’elle a grandi en volant a tire-d’aile d’un pays a un autre, depuis son Brésil natal jusqu’a la France en passant par l’Argentine ? Ou encore parce que, trop indépendante pour intégrer un orchestre, elle a franchi sans difficulté ni préjugés la frontiere séparant le classique et la musique populaire ? Toujours est–il que cette vive hirondelle s’est forgé un esprit vagabond et bien trempé propre aux apatrides, qu’on retrouve dans ses ritournelles en portugais et en espagnol, d’une musicalité si pure qu’elles échappent a la tyrannie des genres et qui disent la profondeur d’etre simple et la richesse d’etre sans attaches.
♣   Son premier album réalisé avec la complicité de Piers Faccini sortira courant 2012 par le label Américain Six Degrees Records.
23 rue Boyer
75020 Paris
01 43 66 28 89
Diffusion et production — Sonia Bester

• Administration — Marie Ben Bachir

Website: http://domlanena.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/domlanena
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DomLaNena
Press: (France) / (USA)
By JIM FUSILLI; Jan. 9, 2013 4:51 p.m. ET
♣   “"Ela" is a warm, charming recording with a vague sense of melancholy that features Ms. La Nena's sweet, breathy voice and cello, and Mr. Faccini's folk and electric guitars, kora, xylophone and light percussion; both musicians played acoustic and synthesized keyboards. They layered their voices to create vocal harmonies: At times, the music sounds as if it were produced by a young Brian Wilson.” — The Wall Street Journal
Moriarty: http://www.moriartyland.net/
Interview by Melissa Unger:
•   http://magazine.seymourprojects.com/2012/04/rosemary-standley-the-magnetic-mademoiselle-moriarty/

Dom La Nena & Rosemary Standley (Birds On A Wire) — Rosemary's Songbook [2014]




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