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Dommengang — Love Jail (26 Jan., 2018)

Dommengang — Love Jail (26 Jan., 2018)

                Dommengang — Love Jail (26 Jan., 2018) Dommengang — Love Jail (26 Jan., 2018)Location: Los Angeles, California
Genre: Road Trip. Head Trip.
Style: Psychedelic Rock
Album release: 26 Jan., 2018
Record Label: Thrill Jockey
Duration:     40:09
01. Pastel City     3:19 
02. Lovely Place     4:40 
03. Lone Pine     4:13 
04. Stealing Miles     5:14 
05. Love Jail     2:48 
06. I’m Out Mine     4:41 
07. Going Down Fast     3:33 
08. Dave’s Boogie     4:32 
09. Color Out Of Space     2:31 
10. Stay Together     4:38
:::>>>     BRIAN MARKHAM
:::>>>     ADAM BULGASEM
:::>>>     SIG WILSON
:::>>>     Bass, Vocals — Brian Markham
:::>>>     Drums, Percussion — Adam Bulgasem
:::>>>     Guitar, Vocals — Sig Wilson
:::>>>     Mastered — Josh Bonati
:::>>>     Recorded — Tim Green
by Stephen M. Deusner, JANUARY 30 2018 / Score: 7
:::>>>     The trio’s second album buffs away some of its debut’s grime and distortion for a set of knotty, pummeling rock that sounds vintage but feels current.
:::>>>     The heavy~rock trio Dommengang hail from a little bit of everywhere. Guitarist Dan “Sig” Wilson has been gigging around the Pacific Northwest psych scene for years now, occasionally sitting in with Castanets and Scout Niblett, among others. With roots in Oregon and Alaska, drummer Adam Bulgasem and bassist Brian Markham settled over in Brooklyn, roughly 3000 miles away from their bandmate. After touring together as the backing band for Portland’s Holy Sons, they recently moved out to Los Angeles together, marking the first time all three of them have ever lived in the same city. Rehearsing and recording must be a lot easier.
:::>>>     From these places these three musicians bring different concerns, different influences, and different ideas. Each of them bashes his instrument like he’s playing lead, but the music retains an arid austerity, like it might have been left in the sun too long. The trio’s 2015 debut as Dommengang, the mostly instrumental Everybody’s Boogie, combined heavy riffs with thrashy punk and spacey psychedelia to create a hyperactive form of guitar rock; their follow~up, which was produced by Tim Green of the Fucking Champs, buffs away some of that grime and distortion. Love Jail, despite its crummy title, sounds cleaner and more focused, its heavy sound rooted in the classic rock of bargain~bin denizens like Free, Rory Gallagher, and Humble Pie.
:::>>>     Perhaps due to their proximity, they’ve become a tighter combo, more inventive in their pummeling and more resourceful in their references. Bulgasem plays all fills behind Markham’s sludgy bass and Wilson’s contorting riffs, especially on instrumental jams like the title track and “Lone Pine.” They still can’t muster up anything as nimble as an actual boogie, even when they title a song “Dave’s Boogie,” but even at their stiffest, Dommengang prize tension and release, which lends even their most meandering jams a sense of purpose. “Stealing Miles” sneaks in a country~rock chorus that may be the album’s strongest hook, but the song nearly runs into a ditch as they navigate one knotty jam after another. “Color Out of Space” sounds like the tweaked desert pop of the Meat Puppets, morphing seamlessly into the compelling aimlessness of the instrumental “Stay Together,” which sounds like that title was a musical command.
:::>>>     In that regard, the band’s scattered origins can be especially compelling. Dommengang understand they’re going nowhere — not, of course, in the professional or musical sense. The roads they travel in these songs have no real destinations. “Lovely Place” opens with a cocksure strut along a desert highway, and gradually the band ratchets up the tempo and the tension. “The country is torn,” Wilson snarls, perhaps understating things. “It’s still a lovely place to be, with the windows rolled down and the sun in my hand.” Then they break into a wide~open jam, careening across the bridge like they’re drag racing Golden Earring.
:::>>>     The resurgence of heavy rock may be linked to a nostalgia for a time when crunchy guitars and the dudes who played them enjoyed a more prominent place in pop culture, but Love Jail goes beyond a mere glance in the rearview mirror. It sounds vintage, but it feels current. Dommengang find some potential for escape in this music, some freedom in that absence of a destination. They can go anywhere, bashing out in all directions until they find solid ground between the darkness of our torn country and the sun in their hand.   :::>>>     https://pitchfork.com/
:::>>>     Dommengang, guitarist Dan “Sig” Wilson, bassist Brian Markham, and drummer Adam Bulgasem, recorded their sophomore album Love Jail shortly after relocating to Los Angeles. It was not just a coast shift for two of the members, but the first time the band were together in one city. The sophomore album reflects the openness of their new surroundings as well as the energy and experience of being reunited and playing together in the same place. Dommengang have adapted to the arid climates, and imbued their particular brand of rock with a heavy dose of the best of 1970’s rock aesthetics, including at least one ballad. The album was produced by The Fucking Champs guitarist and engineer Tim Green (Joanna Newsom, Howlin’ Rain, Sleepy Sun, Fresh and Onlys) who perfectly captured the band’s sound while creating the space of older analog recordings. Love Jail includes Dommengang’s most melodic and lyric~heavy songs to date — a great road trip record, and a dynamic listen that is of the moment, organic and earthy with a heavy nod to the clear, lean recordings of a time long before any of its members were born.
:::>>>     Over the course of ten songs, Dommengang draw widely from the American rock music lexicon, primarily influenced by electric blues. The band draws from the guitar~driven sounds of the blues as much its energy and sense of freedom. The clash of Sig Wilson’s psychedelic roots and the punk~tinged backgrounds of Markham and Bulgasem, gives Love Jail its grit. From the earth~scorching passages of “Pastel City” to the spaced~out flourishes of “Dave’s Boogie,” to the dirty funk of “I’m Out Mine,” the album is a desert driver’s dream. The guitar and vocal interplay of “Color Out of Space,” or the anthemic choruses of “Going Down Fast” are rock the way it used to be: no heavy effects, just bass, drums, and guitar, great songs of love and lust, all with a healthy dose of guitar solos. In short Love Jail is Dommengang at their catchiest. Shimmering with the clarity of Tim Green’s engineering, the album’s live, in~the~room energy perfectly translates Dommengang’s core ethos: rock and roll will never die.
Bandcamp: https://dommengang.bandcamp.com/album/love-jail
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dommengang
Label: http://www.thrilljockey.com/

Dommengang — Love Jail (26 Jan., 2018)



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