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Dr. John — Babylon (1969)

 Dr. John — Babylon (1969)

Dr. John — Babylon
"Right Place Wrong Time"
Birth name: Malcolm John Rebennack, Jr.
Also known as: Dr. John Creaux/Mac Rebennack
Born: November 21, 1940
Origin: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Location: Los Angeles, California
Album release: January 17, 1969, Re-issue 2011
Recorded: Gold Star Recording Studios, Hollywood
Record Label: Atco
Duration:     37:56    
1. Babylon     (5:24)
2. Glowin'     (5:39)
3. Black Widow Spider     (5:01)
4. Barefoot Lady     (3:10)
5. Twilight Zone     (8:16)
6. The Patriotic Flag-Waver     (4:52)
7. The Lonesome Guitar Strangler     (5:35)
≈  All songs written and composed by Dr. John, except where indicated.
≈  Dr. John (Mac Rebennack)  Keyboards, Primary Artist, Vocals, Composer
≈  Bernard Herrmann  Composer
≈  The winner of six Grammy Awards, Rebennack was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by singer John Legend on Monday, March 14, 2011.
Grammy Awards:
≈  1989 Best Jazz Vocal Performance, Duo Or Group - Makin' Whoopee
≈  1992 Best Traditional Blues Album - Goin' Back To New Orleans
≈  1996 Best Rock Instrumental Performance - SRV Shuffle
≈  2000 Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals - Is You Is, Or Is You Ain't (My Baby)
≈  2008 Best Contemporary Blues Album - City that Care Forgot
≈  2013 Best Blues Album - Locked Down
Website: http://www.nitetripper.com

The population of the city was 343,829 as of the 2010 U.S. Census.
The Census Bureau in July 2006 estimated the population of New Orleans to be 223,000; a subsequent study estimated that 32,000 additional residents had moved to the city as of March 2007, bringing the estimated population to 255,000, approximately 56% of the pre-Katrina population level. Another estimate, based on data on utility usage from July 2007, estimated the population to be approximately 274,000 or 60% of the pre-Katrina population. These estimates are somewhat smaller than a third estimate, based on mail delivery records, from the Greater New Orleans Community Data Center in June 2007, which indicated that the city had regained approximately two-thirds of its pre-Katrina population. In 2008, the Census Bureau revised upward its population estimate for the city, to 336,644. Most recently, 2010 estimates show that neighborhoods that did not flood are near 100% of their pre-Katrina populations, and in some cases, exceed 100% of their pre-Katrina populations.
V roce 2010 byl roční počet vražd 49,1 na 100 000 obyvatel, což bylo nejvíce ze všech měst v USA nad 250 000 obyvatel. Americký průměr pro rok 2010 činil 4,8 vražd na 100 000 obyvatel. 97% pachatelů byli černoši a 95% muži.
Website: http://www.nitetripper.com/
MySpace: http://www.nitetripper.com/
Review by Richie Unterberger
Dr. John's ambition remained undiminished on his second solo album, Babylon, released shortly after the groundbreaking voodoo-psychedelia-New Orleans R&B fusion of his debut, Gris-Gris. The results, however, were not nearly as consistent or impressive. Coolly received by critics, the album nonetheless is deserving of attention, though it pales a bit in comparison with Gris-Gris. The production is sparser and more reliant on female backup vocals than his debut. Dr. John remains intent on fusing voodoo and R&B, but the mood is oddly bleak and despairing, in comparison with the wild Mardi Gras-gone-amok tone of his first LP. The hushed, damned atmosphere and after-hours R&B sound a bit like Van Morrison on a bummer trip at times, as peculiar as that might seem. "The Patriotic Flag-Waiver" (sic), in keeping with the mood of the late '60s, damns social ills and hypocrisy of all sorts. An FM underground radio favorite at the time, its ambitious structure remains admirable, though its musical imperfections haven't worn well. To a degree, you could say the same about the album as a whole. But it has enough of an eerie fascination to merit investigation.
Battle with addiction:
Dr. John grew up with full exposure to the realities of New Orleans. Prostitutes, pimps, thieves and addicts all participated in the same nightlife scene that contributed to his development as a musician. He was introduced to marijuana, among other drugs, at a young age, ultimately gaining an addiction to heroin in his teen years. He recalls being "loaded" the first time while at high school, identifying the high he would chase for all of his life. Not so fondly, Dr. John looks back on the shortsighted moneymaking schemes he would devise through his teens and twenties, all to pay only for the next dose of heroin. During the 1950s, he sold narcotics, ran a whorehouse, and even opened a business offering abortions (illegal at the time). Drug-induced nightclub furies throughout Louisiana and Florida would result in frequent shootouts and altercations with the police, he picked up a list of arrests that finally led to prison time in Texas. His sentence ended in 1965 and he left for Los Angeles.
His characteristic, nameless genre of jazzy funk, emphasized with a flair of psychedelic rock, was a direct image of his drug habit throughout his hoodoo albums of the 1960s and up through the 1970s. He failed to heed the warnings of friends and paid no attention to his mother's concern; through the 1980s he continued his habit, failing to beat addiction after numerous stays at rehabilitation. Finally, after experiencing cardiac problems in New York, Dr. John exited his final rehabilitation stint, sober, in December 1989. He went on to struggle with psychiatric problems throughout the 1990s, but today is sober and mentally stable with the help of medication.
As leader:
Gris-Gris (1968) (Atco, SD 33-234)
Babylon (1969)
Remedies (1970) (Atco, SD 33-316)
The Sun, Moon & Herbs (1971) (Atco, SD 33-362)
Dr. John's Gumbo (1972)
In the Right Place (1973) (Atco, SD 7018)
Desitively Bonnaroo (1974) (Atco, SD 7043)
Hollywood Be Thy Name (1975) (UA-LA552G)
Cut Me While I'm Hot: The Sixties Sessions [Session Work Compilation] (1975)
City Lights (1978)
Tango Palace (1979) (Horizon, SP-740)
Dr. John Plays Mac Rebennack Vol. 1 (1981)
Loser for You Baby (1982)
Dr. John Plays Mac Rebennack Vol. 2 (The Brightest Smile in Town) (1983)
In a Sentimental Mood (1989)
ZuZu Man [Outtakes Compilation] (1989) (Trip Records TLP-9518)
Goin' Back to New Orleans (1992)
Television (1994)
Afterglow (1995)
Trippin' Live
Anutha Zone (1998)
Duke Elegant (1999) (Parlophone, 7243 5 23220 2 2)
Creole Moon (2001)
All By Hisself, Live At The Lonestar (2003) (Skinji Brim) recorded live Dec. 22 & 23, 1986
N'Awlinz: Dis Dat or d'Udda (2004)
Sippiana Hericane (2005)
Mercernary (2006) (Blue Note 54541)
The City That Care Forgot (2008)
Tribal (2010)
Locked Down (2012)

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