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Editors — In Dream (October 2nd, 2015)

Editors — In Dream (2nd Oct, 2015)

                          Editors — In Dream (2nd Oct, 2015) Editors — In Dream (2nd Oct, 2015)•  Podle Toma Smithe, nahrávání je řízeno přesvědčením, že “hudba může být zároveň pop a současně experimentální.” Kapelu od konkurence jasně odlišuje právě jeho hlas a relativně experimentální elektronické prvky v jinak přímočarých písních, přičemž každá si udržuje potřebné napětí. Přesto je stále cítit, že Christopher Dominic Urbanowicz už v kapele není. S ním odešlo 9 nástrojů: Rickenbacker 620, Fender Jazzmaster, Fender Jaguar Baritone Special HH, Gretsch Brian Setzer Black Phoenix, Omnichord, microKORG, Roland Juno−106, Minimoog Voyager, Rickenbacker 330/12. Jednoznačným tahákem je kontinuita s původní tvorbou (“At All Costs”) a spolupráce s Rachel Goswell v písni “The Law”. Těším se na rozšířenou verzi alba, 4 alternativní verze z CD 1 a 2 nové.                                        © Editors, Gashouder Amsterdam
Location: Stafford, Staffordshire, England
Album release: 2nd Oct, 2015
Record Label: Play It Again Sam
Duration:     51:22
CD 1
01. No Harm     5:08
02. Ocean of Night     5:07
03. Forgiveness     3:46
04. Salvation     5:04
05. Life Is a Fear     4:26
06. The Law (ft. Rachel Goswell)     4:53
07. Our Love     5:20
08. All the Kings     4:55
09. At All Costs     4:56
10. Marching Orders     7:47
CD 2
01. alternative : Forgiveness
02. alternative : No Harm
03. Oh My World
04. alternative : Our Love
05. alternative : Life Is a Fear
06. Harm
•  Tom Smith vocals, guitar, piano, keyboards. Notable instruments: Fender Telecaster Custom, Gibson ES–335
•  Russell Leetch bass, synthesizer, backing vocals
•  Edward Lay drums, percussion, backing vocals
•  Justin Lockey lead guitar
•  Elliott Williams Keys, synthesizers, guitars, and backing vocals
By James Glynn / September 24th, 2015
≡°≡  There was a point, in the intervening four−year period between their second and third albums, that Editors went from being experimental indie rockers with an identifiable retro edge to full−on ’80s pastiche band. The result, 2013’s The Weight Of Your Love was roundly criticised, but two years down the line the Birmingham band still don’t seem to have learned their lesson. While there is certainly more life to latest creation In Dream and, it must be said; a bit more depth, Editor’s stylistic insistence on a return to the glory days of synth−pop still sounds confused and indefinable as anything other than a testament.
≡°≡  The album’s appeal is largely derived from the presence of murky, shoe−gazing anthems like ‘No Harm’, ‘Life Is A Fear’, and ‘Salvation’, songs that offer an element of dark mystery, but are still capable of raising the drama levels. These tracks, along with the the devilishly dreamy ‘The Law’ and ‘Ocean Of Night’ (both done in collaboration with Rachel Goswell of SLOWDIVE) represent the record’s strongest section, and are the most in−tune with the album’s intended dream concept.
≡°≡  Beyond this though and things become far less interesting as In Dream begins to collapse in on itself. Attempts at radio−friendly pop ‘Our Love’ and ‘All The Kings’ sound kitschy and out of place, especially given the album’s overall theme. Similarly, slow numbers ‘At All Cost’ and ‘Marching Orders’ can’t help but descend into foot stamping, power−anthem parody. The fact that this is Editor’s first self−produced album suggests that this is a style they are happy to persevere with, and to say they are the worst offenders when it comes to recreating music from past eras would be wide of the mark.
≡°≡  As things stand In Dream, particularly at its sinewy, Violator−esque peak, is certainly an upgrade on the band’s last outing. Placed in the context of what proceeded it however, and it demonstrates a worrying dependence on its influences.
≡°≡  http://state.ie/
≡°≡  In Dream was recorded in Crear in the Western Highlands by the band and mixed in London by Alan Moulder.
≡°≡  Recorded on a remote part of Scotland’s west coast, IN DREAM represents yet another shift in Editors creative world. Permeated by atmospheric synths, dance club beats, stately keyboard runs and all manner of glitches and whirrs, along with the traditional guitar, bass, drums, and is an album driven, in frontman Tom Smith’s words, by a desire ‘to be both pop and experimental’. A superb new album that should please existing fans and critics alike.
Website: http://www.editorsofficial.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/editorsofficial
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/editorsmusic
Studio albums
≡°≡  The Back Room (2005)
≡°≡  An End Has a Start (2007)
≡°≡  In This Light and on This Evening (2009)
≡°≡  The Weight of Your Love (2013)
≡°≡  In Dream (2015) © Moscow. Credit: Спиридонов Денис

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