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Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band — Big Machine (Deluxe Version)

Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band — Big Machine (Deluxe Version)

 Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band — Big Machine (Deluxe Version, 2 cd)  Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band — Big Machine (Deluxe Version) (2CD, 3 Feb. 2017)Ψ•♠   Pioneering English traditional folk powerhouse, Eliza Carthy, first assembled the Wayward Band in 2013 in order to explore and celebrate her long and varied career in folk music; ‘the last truly underground music scene’.
Location: Yorkshire, UK
Album release: 3 Feb. 2017
Record Label: Topic/Proper
Standard CD
Disc: 1
01. Fade & Fall (Love Not)     4:22
02. Devil in the Woman     3:27
03. The Fitter’s Song     3:40
04. Jack Warrell’s (Excerpt)/Love Lane     4:38
05. Hug You Like a Mountain (feat. Teddy Thompson)     5:08
06. You Know Me (feat. MC Dizraeli)     4:23
07. Great Grey Back     2:58    
08. Mrs Dyer the Baby Farmer (Roud 2347)    5:40
09. I Wish That the Wars Were All Over (feat. Damien Dempsey/Roud 2036)    7:56
10. The Sea     4:31
11. Epitaph     2:55
Deluxe CD 2
Disc: 2
01. Three Day Millionaire (Fiddle)     1:55
02. Three Day Millionaire (Vocal)     1:43
03. Peckitt’s Black Mary     5:24
04. Sunny Afternoon     4:15
05. The Fitter’s Song (Original Demo Version)     3:38
06. Stingo     5:22
07. Aleppo in the Sun As It Was     3:26
08. Poor Mary Ann     1:51
The English Electric EP 
01. Fade & Fall (Love Not)      4.22
02. The Fitter’s Song      3.40
03. Devil in the Woman      3.26
04. Aleppo in the Sun As It Was (Remix)      3.26
♠   Tracks 1, EP1 words Caroline Norton, music Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band;
♠   Tracks 2, EP3 words trad., music Lucy Farrell;
♠   Tracks 3, 16, EP2 Ewan MacColl;
♠   Track 5 Rory McLeod;
♠   Track 18, EP4 MC Dizraeli, remix by Ian Carter;Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.Musicians:
♠   Eliza Carthy, vocals, fiddle;
♠   Sam Sweeney, fiddle;
♠   David Delarre, guitar;
♠   Barnaby Stradling, bass guitar;
♠   Saul Rose, melodeon;
♠   Beth Porter, cello;
♠   Lucy Farrell, viola;
♠   Andrew Waite, piano accordion, keyboards;
♠   ‘Dearest’ Willy Molleson, drum kit;
♠   Laurence ‘Loz’ Hunt, percussion;
♠   Nick Malcolm, trumpet;
♠   Adrien ‘Yen~Yen’ Toulouse, bass trombone
♠   Teddy Thompson, vocals [5];
♠   MC Dizraeli, vocals [6];
♠   Damien Dempsey, vocals [9]
♠   Produced by Jim Sutherland;
♠   Recorded at Real World and Rockfield Studios in early 2016.Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.Product Description
♠   Pioneering English traditional folk powerhouse, Eliza Carthy, first assembled the Wayward Band in 2013 in order to explore and celebrate her long and varied career in folk music; ‘the last truly underground music scene’. To do this Eliza put together a team of hugely talented people from across the UK, and set out on the road to promote her ‘Best Of’ compilation, Wayward Daughter (Topic Records), which coincided with a biography of the same name. Since then the band has become a festival favourite, and Eliza has been awarded the MBE for services to folk music. Eliza and the Wayward Band loved playing together so much it seemed natural and inevitable, as well as characteristically ambitious, that this 12~piece would set about recording an album. Early in 2016 they did just that. ‘Big Machine’ is the result and the renowned Real World and Rockfield Studios are where it all happened. ‘Big Machine’, produced by Jim Sutherland, will be released by Topic Records in February The material represents a healthy slice of everything good that is happening in traditional music now, across a sparkling spectrum of sound. The album features three contemporary songs; Eliza’s own “You Know Me” about the migrant crisis and notions of hospitality (featuring MC Dizraeli), a powerful cover of Ewan Maccoll’s Radio Ballad “The Fitter’s Song” (at the behest of Peggy Seeger ~ and the song which inspired the album title) and an affectionate reworking of “Hug You Like a Mountain” (Rory MacLeod), re~imagined here as a duet with Teddy Thompson. There are also several examples of the Broadside ballad collections housed in Chetham’s Library in Manchester given a new twist with music by Eliza and the band. This follows an acclaimed programme Eliza presented for Radio 4 about the Manchester Ballads last year, covering everything from songs about and caused by domestic abuse (“Devil in the Woman”, “Fade and Fall (Love Not)”), to love of the seafaring life (“The Sea”). Added to that a couple of searing instrumentals, a song about dying from custard poisoning and a heartbreaking traditional ballad “I Wish that the Wars were all Over” (performed live with the band onstage in Real World Studios’ Studio One and featuring Irish superstar Damien Dempsey), and you begin to get the picture. A very Big picture, a Big Machine firing on all cylinders. ‘Big Machine’ is one of Eliza Carthy’s most adventurous and accomplished works to date ~ and given that Eliza is the most passionate and groundbreaking English traditional singer of her generation, ‘Big Machine’ is an album you really won’t want to miss. The plush deluxe 44 page hardbook version of the album includes an 8 track bonus CD featuring two solo tracks recorded by Eliza for the Hull Truck Theatre performance of Janet Plater’s ‘The Gaul’ play; 3 demo tracks from the original Big Machine prep sessions; a sublime take on The Kinks’ ‘Sunny Afternoon’; full band track, ‘Stingo’ and MC Dizraeli’s spoken word, ‘Aleppo in the sun as it was.’Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.Review
Robin Denselow, Thursday 2 February 2017 18.45 GMT / Score: *****
?  Four years ago, Eliza Carthy assembled a folk big band of distinguished friends to help promote her Wayward Daughter project. They gave some memorable concerts, and now ~ at last ~ all 12 have recorded an album together. It’s remarkable as much for the quality and range of her singing as for the inventive arrangements. Most of the songs are traditional, and include a furious, edgy treatment of Devil in the Woman, a story of domestic abuse now driven on by brass and electric guitar, to the gently emotional, fiddle~backed lament I Wish That the Wars Were Over, or the grand and brooding Fade & Fall (Love Not). Then there’s a jaunty jazzy setting for Ewan McColl’s The Fitter’s Song, and Carthy’s You Know Me, an angry and timely but uplifting folk~rock hip~hop response to the refugee crisis, on which she is joined by MC Dizraeli.   https://www.theguardian.com/
Eliza Carthy:
¶  Eliza Carthy is undoubtedly one of the most impressive and engaging performers of her generation. Twice nominated for the Mercury Prize and winner of innumerable other accolades over a 15 year career, Eliza has performed and recorded with a diverse array of artists including, Paul Weller, Rufus and Martha Wainwright, Nick Cave, Patrick Wolf and Bob Neuwirth. More than most, Eliza Carthy has revitalised folk music and captured the most hardened of dissenters with intelligent, charismatic and boundary~crossing performance.
¶  Eliza grew up immersed in the world of traditional music. She still divides her time between touring and recording with her legendary parents, Martin Carthy and Norma Waterson as well as engaging in numerous pioneering solo and band projects, including work with Pere Ubu and Melanie Challenger, an artist in residence in Antarctica. In what has become something of a parallel career, Eliza has co~presented the BBC Radio 3 World Music Awards, been a regular guest~presenter on the BBC Radio 2 Mark Radcliffe Show and has made many appearances on BBC TVs ‘Later with Jools’. In her own right, Eliza has been the subject of an hour long ITV documentary (‘Heaven & Earth’) and ‘My Music’ on Channel 5. Comedian and writer Stewart Lee describes Eliza as “Not the Messiah, but a very naughty girl”.
Eliza Carthy Biography
¶  If there is one musician who embodies the dynamism and vitality of the current English folk revival, it’s Eliza Carthy. Beloved of staunch traditionalists and iconoclasts alike, Eliza’s music effortlessly crosses boundaries of genre and style. Whether performing a centuries~old ballad or a self~written song, her powerful, nuanced voice, fiercely beautiful fiddle playing and mesmerizing live performances have influenced a whole generation of young musicians.
¶  Describing herself simply as a “modern English musician”, Eliza Carthy is one of the most recognisable faces in British folk. Launching head-on into the scene in the early 90s, she quickly became one of its great innovators. She has spearheaded the re~emergence of English traditional music as a vibrant, exciting genre that could stand proud next to other world musics. At 39, with a wealth of experience under her belt, Eliza’s talent has matured and is flourishing. She continues to bring new audiences to English folk through well~judged collaborations, recordings and performances.
¶  Born into a formidable musical dynasty, Eliza grew up steeped in the folk traditions of England. Her mother Norma was one of The Watersons, whose tight harmony arrangements of traditional songs became one of the defining sounds of the 1960s folk revival. Her father, Martin Carthy, is a hugely significant singer and guitarist, who influenced the likes of Bob Dylan and Paul Simon. As a youngster Eliza was profoundly inspired by the incredible range of traditional and contemporary musicians who were part of the Waterson/Carthy world. But far from being a copyist, Eliza began from an early age to develop her own, unique approach to traditional music. This was at least partly because of her own vastly eclectic tastes: she is knowledgeable about and interested in musical traditions from all over the world, which continue to fuel her creativity to this day.
¶  Championed from an early age by the likes of John Peel, Andy Kershaw, Billy Bragg and Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis, Eliza has rarely stood still artistically. From the purest unaccompanied traditional songs to original music incorporating myriad influences, she has moved through English folk music like a force of nature, both stirring it up and putting it back on the map through television, radio and live performance.
¶  Eliza’s musical knowledge and ability is also well respected outside of the folk world: she has been a judge at both the Q Awards and the Ivor Novello Awards, and in 2005 co~presented the BBC Radio 3 World Music Awards with Benjamin Zephaniah. Her achievements have been acknowledged with numerous BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, two Mercury Prize nominations, and in 2003 she was the first English traditional musician to be nominated for a BBC Radio 3 Award for World Music.
¶  After more than a decade based in Edinburgh, Eliza is delighted to be back home in Yorkshire. Mum to two young daughters, Eliza looks forward to the next two years in her new role as Folkworks Artistic Associate at The Sage Gateshead, following Northumbrian piper Kathryn Tickell into this prestigious post. Her new role will involve a number of curated performances, research, education, international collaboration, and large-scale legacy projects. Never one to sit still for long, she has released two new collaborative albums: The Moral of the Elephant (2014) with her father, Martin Carthy, and Bottle (2015) with American traditional musician and singer Tim Eriksen (Cordelia’s Dad).
♠   BBC Radio 2: Eliza Carthy’s Anglicana (four~part series on the history of English folk music)
♠   ITV: Heaven and Earth (hour long documentary)
♠   Channel 5: My Music (hour~long documentary)
♠   BBC Radio 2: The Sony Award~winning Mark Radcliffe Show (regular co~presenter)
♠   BBC 2: Later…With Jools Holland (multiple appearances)
♠   BBC Television: In Search of English Folk Song (directed by Ken Russell)
♠   NBC’s Late Night with Conan O’Brien (music guest)
♠   BBC 4’s Folk Britannia Season (featured artist)
♠   English Folk Dance and Song Society — Vice President
♠   Whitby Folk Week — Patron
♠   Cheltenham Folk Festival — Patron
♠   The Vagina Monologues — Ambassador
♠   Resonance FM — Ambassador
Awards and Nominations
♠   BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards (8, including Best Album, Best Traditional Track and Folk Singer of the Year)
♠   Mercury Prize nominations (2, for Red Rice and Anglicana)
♠   Paul Hamlyn Award for Artists
♠   June 2105 — Eliza was awarded an MBE in the Queens Honours List, for services to Folk Music.
Producing Credits
¶  9 acclaimed solo albums, plus Gift, her collaboration with Norma Waterson, for which she also provided arrangements and most of the instrumentation, and The Moral of The Elephant, recent critically acclaimed duo album with her dad, Martin Carthy.
Notable Collaborations and Guest Appearances
¶  Billy Bragg & Wilco, Mermaid Avenue vols I and II (winners of 2 Grammy Awards)
¶  Welcome Songs, a collaboration with Robert Hollingworth and community choirs for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad
¶  Hal Willner’s Rogues Gallery project, alongside Brian Ferry, Sting, Johnny Depp, the McGarrigle family, Richard & Teddy Thompson and Tim Robbins
¶  Patrick Wolf’s critically~acclaimed album The Bachelor
¶  The Imagined Village (a World music and English trad adventure, featuring members of The Bays, Transglobal Underground and AfroCelt Sound System)
¶  4 Meltdown Festivals at the Southbank (curated by Nick Cave, Patti Smith, Hal Willner and Richard Thompson)
¶  Work with Paul Weller, Jools Holland, jazz legend Bill Frisell, seminal Scots Latin/trad fusion band Salsa Celtica, Finnish Lord of the Rings composers Vartinna, Joan Baez, Cerys Matthews, 90s dance pioneers Red Snapper and many more.
¶  BBC Radio 6 Music Festival 2015 — Commissioned to write new music and live appearance with KATE TEMPEST (rapper).
Website: http://www.eliza-carthy.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/elizacarthy
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elizacarthy/
Mainly Norfolk: https://mainlynorfolk.info/Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.

Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band — Big Machine (Deluxe Version)



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